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From: Dan Kettler <>
Subject: The Compuserve Account -- "spam"
Date: 27 Aug 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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I suspect that if Compuserve has an objection to the veracity of
the content, they will say so.

Compuserve, AOL, and other large INTERNET SERVICE
PROVIDERS, regularly read

For purposes of clarification, my reference, here to
the word "skeptic" in no way means I do not respect
skeptics, or the skeptical viewpoint.

I expose the misuse of the word, "skeptic," by
fanatics (so-called "skeptics") who seek unreasonable
control (through deception) of newsgroup activity.



From: "BlueAce69" <>
Newsgroups: alt.paranormal
Subject: Repost
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 01:31:49 -0400

DK:            What is "skepticult"


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(this allegation had been
 crossposted to a.a. by
 another person -- so I'm
 placing a.a. here)

In the future, when replying to the inane repetition
of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF) about this subject, I will
probably just refer to the DEJA reference of this post, or this URL page,
and not type any more.

> "DK:  In my time here, I started with a University Account, then to
>      Compuserve (same account I have now) then Netcom.  None of the
>      above were terminated. "

I started on USENET with 72711.707, a Compuserve account, towards the
end of 1995.  The 72711.707 had started in 1989.  I have used this
account on USENET as recently as 1 month ago.

This is verifiable by the use of DEJANEWS with the
72711.707 ID on USENET:

As I wrote, above, none of these accounts were _terminated_,
neither the University account, the PCI Systems, the Netcom,
or any that I've voluntarily discontinued for a variety of
reasons.  I've discussed this in greater detail, why each one
was discontinued, and I'm not going to get into all that now.
Readers can use DEJA.

Temporary deactivation and termination, obviously,
are not the same.

I have written, also on USENET, that the Compuserve account
was deactivated for about 1 week due the ill-founded complaints
of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF), and that once the truth of the
matter was examined at higher levels of management, it was

During that 1 week, two numbered designations were assigned
to me, temporarily, by Customer service.  One was discontinued
(as explained below) for about 2 days.

At the end of the 1 week, my service was permanently restored.


Compuserve had, years ago, been severly
limited in its access to INTERNET RELAY
CHAT by those who have authority on the
Much of this is due to allegations that
Compuserve had, in the past, neglected complaints
against "spam" and other objectionable activity.

After my account was restored, I felt an
obligation to protect Compuserve by announcing
they had repremanded me for "spam."  They had.

They are, obviously, concerned about
"spam" and they do take action against it.
After all the widely disseminated misinformation
from fanatics about Compuserve and my alleged
"spam," I did not want Compuserve hurt my the
restoration of my access to the INTERNET.

        DK: "I have been reprimanted
                 about spam by Compuserve."

That did not, in fact, mean I'd "spammed."
It was alleged "spam." I know what "spam"
is, and so do the higher levels of management
who will take the time to more carefully
investigate such allegations when brought
to their attention.

"Spam" is defined in a number of FAQS posted
in  They are
linked to from...

There had been no "spam cancels" of my
posts when the e-mail assault from hordes
of fanatics were brought to bear on

I know of the numbers of sock-puppets,
phony accounts, etc. who had e-mailed
complaints, because I was in telephone
and e-mail contact with my WEB PROVIDER,
and another account administrator of
DIMENSIONAL. Even they had received
multitudes of complaints though I'd
previously discontinued the account.

The phone call I received from
DIMENSIONAL actually had the sound
of DISTRESS in the voice -- the
complaints were so numerous.


           These fanatics, truly, are
           sick and obsessed people.

           ADMINS are becoming more
           aware of that fact as time
           goes on and their fanatical
           raving to ADMINS becomes evident...

           One example of exchanges with ADMINS is here...


           The true nature of such fanaticsm is shown



In fact, the 72711.707 account, which could not
be restored by lower levels of management, was
restored.  When I had been inactive on Compuserve
for years, I had attempted to resore 72711.707 and
that was not permitted by the customer service personnel
because their access to accounts did not allow it.
Computers are programmed to allow certain changes
only by certain personnel.

After the fanatics forced me to bring this matter to
upper levels of management, the 72711.707 account
was restored.  I have PSF (fanatics) to thank for this.

It is a common practice of PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (PSF)
who's posts predominate alt.astrology and alt.paranormal,
to attempt to discredit proponents of these subjects.

More about these fanatics at...

It is because I expose such fanatics, on USENET, that
I am attacked so vehemently by them.  They think they
can discredit my exposure of them through such attacks.
Normally, other advocates of the paranormal and
astrology are just ridiculed.

> "You people even canceled an account I had not used in 2 years:
> 72711.707" -Dan the spamming account luser

Actually, when I had first contacted
Compuserve after the complaints, I found
that the 72711.707 could not be restored,
since everything linked to my name was
blocked.  So, the above use of "cancelled,"
was not quite correct.  "Blocked"
would be more accurate.

The use of the word "account" and "cancel"
should be clarified. Obvlously, over a period
of time, I've used "account" and "cancel" in
a number of ways that I now consider inaccurate.

For purposes of clarification, here,
the number 72711.707 will be considered
one account.  The reason for that,
obviously, is that COMPUSERVE DOES

I will consider that number an
"account." I will also consider my
name, the only name I've used with
them, which is on record in
Compuserve, to be the designation
of an "account."

Compuserve starts up new numbered designations
when they restore a cancelled person's account.
They have to, because at all levels of management, (as
far as I know) they must do so because their computer
will not permit them to do otherwise.

It is a misnomer, of mine, to have referred
to a variety of temporarily assigned numbers
as my "accounts."

It was also alleged on USENET, by the
fanatics, that I'd conned Compuserve
into starting another account, only to be
discontinued once my true identity was
discovered.  My access was discontinued
for _2 days_ because the fanatics could
not give their assault on Compuserve a

This is a lie from the fanatics.  In each
event, I had been known by customer service
as the person who's account was deactivated.
> ""It was canceled...." -Dan the spamming account looser
> You LIE like a... <snip>

I have, on numerous occasions, pointed out that
you PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS (most of you) are

You are, and have been proven, BY DEJA RECORDS
OF PAST POSTS to be.  Use DEJA and find "liar"
in the subject area in posts from me.  Then
investigate DEJA further, and you will find
my accusations to be accurate.

You are bothered by my exposure of you, aren't

> "DK:  I never lost the Compuserve account."

Which, obviously, from the explanation and cited
proof, above, is true.  The above, as usual, is
taken out of context by you deceitful degenerates.
> "Yes, Sherilyn writes flames - insults.  She sees my post with
> Compuserve headers without any violations, with two posts,
> and gets me knocked off again -- more "control." " -Dan the spamming
> account luser

Yes, as explained above, she/he/it, and others, did
again find I'd gotten another numbered designation,
and evidently falsely accused me (to Compuserve at the
lower levels of management) of doing so fraudulently.
Customer service had restored my access, (after further
investigation of the facts) and Sherilyn again caused
that to cease.

It was only when I stopped talking to Customer Service,
and I went to higher levels of management, so that no
further deactivation occurred from customer service.


           These people are obsessed, censoring, fanatics!



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