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EHW: If  you are familiar with Astrology, you are probably aware of the
>tremendous insight   about yourself and others this complex subject
>affords once mastered. A horoscope properly prepared for the time, date
>and place of one's birth, can be the most useful tool of understanding
>when applied and understood properly. It cannot be delineated through a
>newspaper sunsign column or a 1-900 phone number!

BO: Assumption 1.
Edmond's astrology is any better or more accurate then a 1-900 number
or newspaper column. He has only demonstrated his ability to use big
words and talk down to people. He ever claimed special insight, but
has never shown even common insight. He has however shown his own
un-professional behavior by publishing email sent to him without prior
permission. He has also shown he doesn't know how to separate his
private life and his business practice, by the reports of him trying
to seduce a married woman who thought she was a client

EHW: Astrology is the study of the synchronistic interaction of the psyche
>and it's reflection in the physical world. Inner and outer are one. The
>horoscope allows us to see the factors in both realms to understand how
>we are creating what we are creating.

BO: Assumption2.
Edmond has never shown we are creating anything, his own actions, and
reactions to the world around him goes on to show he really doesn't
believe in the self-creation.

EHW: When blended with other paradigms of the helping professions it becomes
>a powerful tool of insight, and guide to remediation psychologically
>towards the redefinition and reframing of psychic material on all

BO: Misdirection 1.
Edmond is trying to give the impression he is some sort of
professional counselor. In the state of California the Law requires
all persons entering into a counseling business to be tested by the
state. the minimum requirement for the test is a Masters Degree in
some related field. Edmond doesn't have a masters degree. Evidence
presented would give one the impression Edmond only has a 25 year old
GED Diploma and AA degree.

BO: Misdirection 2.
This is most often seen by ISPs. Edmond will write complaints and use
the address in an attempt to scare ISP into
giving him more than a laugh in reading his bogus complaints.

EHW: Astrology combined with psychology assists us in taking responsibility
>for the creation of our reality through the recognition and
>understanding of how these projected versions of our psyche and
>experience have been created, through our choices in belief and
>definition of the self.

Contradiction 1
This is the Edmond's beginning slide on a slippery slope. Edmond has
never taken responsibility for his own actions. He tells us he was
instrumental in killing his best friend in an auto accident, but it
was his friends choice to die.

DK:   Life consists of many paradoxes (seeming contradictions) but
         the mentality and spiritual bankruptcy of Bob Officer is evident
         by his inability to comprehend this.
BO: Edmond set himself on fire when someone
else splash gasoline in him. Edmond was riding his motorcycle and had
an accident, someone else's fault. Nothing negative in Edmond's life
is his fault. Also the last several years Edmond has been living on
student loans. while operating a business. I am currently
investigating this because the current student loan and grants rules
forbid business operators/owners from getting student loans.

EHW: The horoscope can be likened to a photograph of the solar system
>(geocentric perspective of the heavens) at the time of your birth from
>the place of your birth of the positions of the planets against the
>backdrop of Constellation configurations, or division of the equinox
>(areas of space). It reflects a web or matrix of vibrational frequency
>(explained as wave-forms in holographic terms), which is then
>interpreted by the astrologer or psychologist.

BO:  Misdirection 3
Which is questionable Edmond is actually qualified to do either. He is
not licensed by the state as a psychologist, and in the community
where he resides, astrology is not an allowed practice.

EHW: The Horoscope is a map of the mathematical relationship of the planets
>to the earth and each other at the time of our birth. It reflects
>individuality and identity, it does not cause it. The planets reflect
>the archetypal references (existing as ideas) that are inherent in the

Contradiction 2 and 3

Edmond has often else where has said the universe in balanced between
good and evil. But then he also said in the same paragraph the
universe is inherently good. Edmond just spews out stuff without being

>Multiverse (many layered universe) holographically. These archetypes
>were refined in delineation by the noted psychologist, Carl Jung. These
>"ideas" are reflected in all that we see around us because we are one
>with the universe and are that reality. Physical reality is a
>projection-a version of consciousness in material form.

BO: Assumption3.
No one has ever shown evidence of a multi-layer universe. It is a
contradiction in terms to use the word multi verse in reference to the
multi-layers universe. the prefix UNI means all encompassing. the
totality. or All.

>Perhaps this is where superstitious and uninformed beliefs about
>astrology being a mechanistic cause rather than a synchronistic
>reflection-comes from.

BO: Edmond just lives buzz words borrowed from people he doesn't
understand. Jung Used the words and so they must be proven. Actually
Jung's theory of astrological reflection and synchronicity was
disproved by Jung.

DK:  The above about Jung is an outright lie.  I proved that in the copy
         of my dialogue with Bob Officer, here on the "Bob
         Officer" pages.
Using Jung's own data on married couples Jung found
there was no astrological influence on the state of the marriage with
any astrological observation. This hap-pened after Jung had
prematurely announced his discovery as proof of astrological influence
in marriages.

>Here are a few of the unsubstantiated assumptions about astrology;
>1) Astrology is a subject that one either "believes" in or not.

Exactly and this belief is what the law respects. Edmond's astrology
is based on the non-belief, therefore can be regulated and banned. It
isn't religious in nature and unprotected by constitutional law.

>Astrology is not a religion or cult. Therefore faith is not required for
>it to function. It is a subject that can be known and is operationally

But it doesn't work, this has been shown time and time again. As long
as Astrology stays with vague and iffy readings, it seems to work,
when one comes down to the brass tacks it is no better than random

>obvious once it is learned. Hence the concept of believing in it is an
>effect of the mis-perception of what it is. We cannot believe or not
>believe in something that we know nothing about anyway. The sciences are
>belief systems it is acknowledged (See Thomas Kuhn and "The Nature of
>Scientific Revolutions", University Chicago Press, 1962).

BO: I have studied astrology for excess of 30+ years. I have often show to
myself that astrology is no better than random guessing. the real
exploitation for astrology lies in the study of statistic science.
Astrology is found to be a Type One Statistical error. This type of
error is often called APOPHENIA. Seeing patterns where there are no
real or lasting patterns.

>2)  Astrology must be an Art or a Science.

It is an art and should be used only for entertainment.

<snipo the screed cleaner>

>3) Astrology must be proven scientifically before we can accept it as

It has been proven time and time again to be a Type One Statistical

<Garbage removed>

>4)  Astrology influences human behavior.
>This myth is the most difficult for everyone. We create our experiential
>reality utterly and only as the end product of what we believe or have
>been taught to believe is true.

Another false assumption (what number are we up to now? 4 or 5?)

>However, it must be stated emphatically

Stated but never proved.

EHW: The horoscope "causes" nothing.

BO:  Hey we agree here. the horoscope is therefore meaningless.

Now, here is where Bob Officer lets his utter stupidty shine
brightly, like a neon sign: "I am stupid, look at me!"
EHW: It is a synchronistic reflection of other aspects of the self and
>definitions of reality at any given moment. A vibrational frequency

BO:  LOL, edmond jumps from trying to tell you a horoscope is

DK:   Stupidty, just like so much of the rest of Bob Officer's writing.
          Where does EHW write astrology is nothing?  EHW wrote
          that it causes nothing.
BO: the next line Edmond tells you the horoscope is reflection.
How can that be he just told us it was nothing. Folks this is both
a contradiction and misdirection.
DK:  The only contradiction here is when Bob Officer writes as if
he had some degree of intelligence and reading comprehsion ability,
while in the same writing he shows he obviously has neither.
EHW: ...determination based on the self's definitions. The illusion of external
>reality is just that, real while you are focused and oriented to it-but
>an illusion none-the-less "All That Is" or God is all that is, and we

BO:  Reality is. if it wasn't reality it would be called fantasy or

DK:  Pseudo-Skeptic-Fanatic mind-set.  It's either-or.  It's
         simply this, or it's that.  This mind-set is that of simpletons.
BO: More shrinks call people that actively follow self
definitions of  delusional, often these delusions can cause a person
to have a label applied to their behavior as sociopathic because they
refuse to take responsibility for their actions and the results of
those actions.

<snip of garbage>

DK: See page 3 of my writing of the "why" of pseudo-skeptic-fanatics.
It covers the sociopathic tendency of the pseudo-skeptic-fanatic, and
shows the exagerrated simplicity of an unrealistic fundamentalism.
>Astrology's best use, is for the enhancement of awareness, alleviation
>of self imposed limitation, and the promotion of self actualization and
>empowerment through self discovery and positive individuation.

BO:  Edmond feels astrology is best used to make money...

DK:   Again, the cynical PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATIC sick
          mind-set.  According to this dogma, everyone earning
          money at this is a thief and a deliberate fraud.
...he has written and self published such a book in an feeble attempt to make
money using astrology. the only trouble is the book is rife with errors, spelling
and punctuation is often wrong. The poorly written piece of taste has
been pan by every person that has had the honor of buying and reading
Edmond's self published book.

Snip and removal of more garbage.

>Edmond H. Wollmann
>Astrological Consultant
>Posting with these basic understandings is greatly appreciated. This FAQ
>is located at;
<URL of commercial site removed>

BO: Edmond this posting happens to be in violation of the alt.paranormal
charter. Boiler plate articles are limited to one every six months.

DK: The only real charter was approved by the founder, Steve
Reiser.  PSEUDO-SKEPTIC-FANATICS, in an effort to control
the content of newsgroups, to censor proponents of these subjects,
write phony charters and other control freak writing.
Bob Officer
"Woodenheaded thinking="assessing a situation in terms of preconceived
fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting any contbary signs" (Tuchman,
1984, p. 7)." Edmond Wollmann's self description of his thought process