Do you want to become an activist in Huerfano County?  Here's one of the first things you can do.  Take a video camera to a county commissioner, or commissioners.  Ask them about:

                     “NORTHCOM plays a vital role in disaster response in support of state and local officials,”

Ask them of contingency plans for "state and local officials" in regard to emergencies, especially those involving forced vaccinations.  Tell them you are concerned for yourself, and others in the county, and you don't want outside forces to bring tyranny to this county.  See article linked from this page.

Write letters to your Sheriff about this matter.

Do you want to become an activist in Huerfano County, or anywhere else for that matter?  Here's another thing you can do.  Many preachers have been employed by FEMA.  They are telling people that they must obey government, no matter what they are told to do, because it is supposedly "of the lord."  They have been trained that in the event of martial law, they are to tell their followers to go to FEMA camps, give up their property, and give up their guns.

Go to church after church each time they have a public gathering.  Bring recording equipment, and send us the audio if they preach anything like what is written above.