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                                                        Bilderberg Meeting - Ottawa Canada

Alex Jones went to Canada to obtain news about the Bilderberg conference June 8, 9 and 10th 2006.  He was detained 15 hours by Canadian Authorities.  The Bilderbergers have been meeting, mostly in secret, once each year for about a half century.  They are the "movers and shakers" of the New World Order.  Obtain more info at infowars.com  Alex gave, an uninvited, and evidently unwanted, bull horned speech to the Bilderbergers  Bilderberg meeting New World Order participants received a warning and reprimand from the FREE people of the Earth, and from The Creator Of the Universe, through Alex Jones.

There was a loud echo as the speech was given. The building that housed the Bilderberg Meeting participants had two sections facing each other. They were also having meetings in a big outside tent during the speech.  Many of them came out to look at Alex.  Alex said he felt an evil like he'd never felt it before, and that he's been in the presence of a number of these so-called "elite," having seen some, like Janet Reno, face-to-face, and he had been present at Satanic rituals of Bohemian Grove.  Alex said, on air, the week after June 10:

"I never felt the evil radiating, the cold darkness of hell, like I did there..."

For the 9 minute audio of Alex Jones' speech to the Bilderbergers on June 10, 2006, click here.

Here is the video you can link to.

The following portions of the 9 minutes can be heard here, as follows:

Declaration of Independence
The people of the planet are free.  Humans, since the beginning of civilization, have struggled against tyranny.  We are here with a new Declaration of Independence, a Declaration of free people on the Planet Earth, resisting your tyranny.  We do not want your American Union.  We do not want your European Union.  We wish to live in peace and be free.

Click here to hear the above.

Many know what you are doing
Free humans everywhere know what you are doing.  The people have woken up to what you are doing.  You are attempting to shut down the internet, and the free press.  You are failing.  The cat is out of the bag.  The truth of your world government has now been exposed.  We will expose the New World Order.  We will expose the Global Crime Syndicate

Click here to hear the above.

We are free, and not your slaves
To David Rockefeller, to the Rothschild representatives here, to the Queen of the Netherlands, to all of you, we tell you, you are not our queens, you are not our kings, you are not our gods. We do not belong to you.  We are not your slaves.  We stand as free humans and spirits since the beginning of time, against the strongmen, against the thugs, against the bullies.

Click here to hear the above.

Satan has deceived you
You are being led by a very dark force.  You have been manipulated and deceived yourselves.  You know at the end of your days now, many of you, that all the evil and all the power has not filled you, no matter how many wars and how much evil and wickedness you engage in.  You feel more and more hollow every day.

Click here to hear the above.

We will defeat you through The Creator of the Universe
We are here telling you that we will resist the New World Order. We will defeat your world government.  We will defeat world taxation.  We will defeat your control grid.  God is on our side.  I stand before the Creator of the Universe, and I ask the Creator of the Universe, as our founding fathers did in 1776, to lead, guide, and direct us, and to give us the power, and the foresight, and the understanding, and the will to stand against your entire agenda, including your final plan of world population reduction of 80 percent that Henry Kissinger penned in 1973.

Click here to hear the above.

Scattered bits of information about the Bilderberg Conference this year.  For more detailed information, see American Free Press and the Alex Jones site.
Information about the conference, and what attendees had to say to each other, was not gained from the Bilderberg Attendees, nor were any reporters allowed inside.  For years, they have utilized a variety of methods to gain information.

The Queen of the Netherlands, David Rockefeller, the Rothschild representatives, and others were in attendance.

Quoting part of a list obtained from American Free Press June 26, 2006:

Franco Bernabe -- I, Vice Chairman, Rothschild Europe
Henry A. Kissinger  -- USA Charman, Kissinger Associates
Thierry de Montbrial -- F, President, French Institute for Int'l Relations
Craig J. Mundie -- USA CTO Advanced Strategies and Policy, Microsoft
Otto Schily -- D, Member of Parliament
Schioppa Tommaso Padoa -- I, Minister of Finance
James P. Tucker, Jr. of American Free Press wrote in the June 26, 2006 issue:
Bilderberg's futile attempts to keep its meetings totally secret - with zero publicity - is understandable.  Good works are performed in the sunshine; evil in the dark of night.

To save our sovereignty and our nation, it is essential to educate Americans about our peril.  This is difficult, because most Americans are apathetic and slightly less than half read even one newspaper a day.  But the effort must be made, so we will remain citizens of the United States and not the coming world government, which is at the heart of the group's secretive agenda.

There is a division within the Bilderbergers about whether to invade Iran.

James B. Tucker, in the American Free Press - June 26, 2006 issue, writes:

"European Bilderbergers said they would have no part in an invasion of Iran, something Bush says is an 'option on the table.'  Although NATO is helping by adding 9,000 troops in Afghanistan, expect no help if Iran is invaded, they said.  'We will not help you fight a war for Israel,' one said."

The Bilderbergers have great concern about President Chavez of Venezuela.

The media coverage, from all over the world, was extensive, far more than it has ever been.

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