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Alex Jones and Naomi Wolf Interview
NOTE: The following is not word-for-word correct.  Not all that was said is written here.  Listen here for the interview.

AJ: Prescott Bush was actually the head Nazi agent in the U.S. and the McCormack Dickstein Committee exposed this.  The guy who was about to be the Marine Corps Commandant wasMajor General Smedley Butler.  They tried to hire him to overthrow the U.S. Government and set up a fascist dictatorship.  So, to see Bush calling it "Homeland Security" was much like "Fatherland Security" there.  Homeland Security here was Gestapo/SS there.

NW:   There was a scheme in the 30's and Prescott Bush was one of the leaders who admired fascism, and thought it a good idea to have a coup in the United States.


NW: I have skirted the issue as I've been waiting to get enough research that is sound, to have a public conversation about it, but you have very bravely dragged the subject out into a public conversation, and I'm not confident enough of the data...

AJ: I made a 3 hour film, and the last hour is about it.

NW: Are you serious?

AJ: ...The London Guardian has reported.  The BBC has reported...


AJ: Webster Tarpley, about 12 years ago, did the main research, and then I interviewed Mr. Buchanan in the film.  He went to verify, and we went with him to the National Archives.

NW:  Oh my God!

AJ: Since then, we've gotten the actual clips of newsreels from the McCormick Dickstein Committee.

NW: We've got to get this out.  I have a friend who's standing to make a viral film about this...

AJ: Prescott Bush was the main bagman on the board of directors...