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Jose and Karen Escamilla appeared and showed their footage of RODS on the Geraldo Rivera TV show June 3, and they were on the Peter Boyles show, KHOW, in Denver Colorado on June 6.

The Founder of the DENVER ART BELL CHAT CLUB, Tim Cannon, was in Sequin Texas April 8 at the NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS OF MUFON.

He presented never seen new footage video tape from Jose Escamilla -- RODS AND NASA SHUTTLE UFO FOOTAGE.

By Jose and Karen Escamilla (picture)
PICTURES OF RODS (placed by permission of Jose and Karen Escamilla) CLICK for 1
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We have recently acquired footage that appears to be evidence that the Rods may be an unknown species that exist among us!

This is the the footage we, Jose and Karen Escamilla, and others, have been waiting for. For the past three years, we have been accused of hoaxing the Rods with a computer. This is not true, as we have proof from videos taken with broadcast cameras while certain unrelated events were being filmed.

The first evidence was taken in a cave in Mexico in 1990, on a program called, "The World's Greatest Stunts." In the clip, a stuntman, (B.J. Worth), took a death defying leap into the 1400 foot deep hole located in the Sierra Madres Mountains in Mexico.

In this clip, we found large Rods passing by, as if the stuntman was jumping into their habitat. There were so many white and dark Rods flying about, it seemed in slow motion that he had jumped into an aquarium environment.

Although there is no mistaking what appears in the clip, and even though the sun is shining "down" on the Rods, giving them more detail in contrast to the cave's darkness, the clip could always be discounted as an insect or bird passing close to the lens. Even though the objects were plainly shown to be other than an insect or bird, still, we didn't have a decisive photo that would prove it.

In 1996, another team of professional cameramen set out to the same cave to capture base jumpers making free-fall dives into the deep hole. I saw the clip on "REAL TV" and there was a rod. I contacted the owner of the footage. At first he was not only skeptical about the rods I had referred to, (The Rods) but he was very direct in stating that he "didn't believe in that crap." I asked him to review the BJ Worth footage, which he said he had a copy of, and two weeks later I called him and he was excited about what he found on his footage! He apologized for being abrasive with me, and it's evident he is now "into the Rods phenomena."

The footage reveals an object, in close up passing by the base jumper, in about twelve frames. The photos are more detailed than any other rod shot so far. A white rod is revealed with appendages flying in from the upper right of the screen. When you first see the action, it seems that it could only be an ordinary rod shot, but what makes this clip a decisive one, is that as the rod flies by, it enters a portion of the scene where the shadow being cast by the rim of the cave above, "covers most of it's torso, while part of the tail is still being hit by sunlight"!

If it were an "insect or bird" there is no way such a shadow could be cast along such a small bodied creature. The object is definately of some size for the shadow to be cast along its torso the way it clearly details.

The video was shot on a Sony VX-1000 digital camera at 500 lines of resolution, so the detail is impeccable. Dr. Jack Kasher has the clip and feels it is astounding footage. On April 4, 1997, a group of Scientists in Biology, Entomology and Zoology looked at our presentation. This video was seen on mainstream media, USA TV, the Geraldo Rivera Show.

What we are pressing for is for the scientific community to view the rods not as UFOS, but with the possibility that they are a species that defies all the known principles of flight in nature. The implications of such a species existing, which grows from four inches in length upwards to about 100 feet, that can seemingly appear out of nowhere and travel at extremely high velocities, is extraordinary.

We have now gathered evidence of where they are known to appear: New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Indiana, California, Hawaii, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Colorado, New Jersey, Georgia, Louisiana, and Vancover-Canada.

What we know is that they are real. What they are we can only speculate upon, for now. However as we all know, in nature everything is possible.

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They have spoken at the Denver Chapter of the Art Bell Chat Club.

They have interviewed on the Art Bell show.

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