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>>> I would bet Dan Kettler would suggest you not listen to
>>> me about spam...

Since you obviously delibertly lie about it, or are suffering
from delusions about it, of course I suggest that.

Any intelligent person, reading the following, can see that
this is the fact about your references to "spam"...


I find a great deal of humor in this writing.

>>>but I suggest you at least look at the FAQs I suggested.
>>>Dan Kettler is a known Net Abuser...

Where, and when, have I been cited for abuse of the net?  Is
it so often that I'd be "known" well for it?

>>> ... liar and all round trouble maker.

DK: "Liar"?  Where is the quote, and date, that I lied?

DK:  ... "trouble maker"?  You make trouble.  You brew
     and stir the pot of trouble... and you are getting plenty
     of it now...  with the TRUTH!  Don't say you did
     not ask for this one.

>>> Dan will walk the line on net abuse, He keeps track of
>>> the BI for the message and manages to avoids being
>>> spanked by his ISP...

No, hardly "walking the line," as my posts are _far below_ spam
thresholds, not to the limit.

>>>Listen to Dan...

Yes, listen well, and read "Bob Officer" part 1, without a part
number referenced.  See, exactly, who and what Bob Officer is.

This is in depth character study.

>>>Watch his posting style of mix mastering of "Canned
>>>Screeds" and see Real Abuse of the Net in action...

In your dreams or delusions!

>>> BTW, I killfiled Dan Kettler a few months ago...
>>> He isn't worth my time...


That's nearly _ALL YOU DO_!  You write of me constantly, and
then write I am not "worth... [your] time"! ? ? ? ? ? ?

For god sakes!  BO   Get REAL will you?

Just a few drops of reality would do you some good.

BO: ...and he hasn't written any new in months...

DK:  I have written new material for years, including
     these past weeks.


    Psychics, Astrologers, UFOs,
    Mysticism and the Newsgroups
          What's happening?


This is ludicous!

You actually wrote that you don't believe I am "worth your time,"
and you "killfiled" me, yet you write about me in post after post.

What are you, "blind"?  Do you have amnesia?  Can you not remember
what you wrote a few hours ago, a few days ago?

For the most part, I've ignored you.  I've seen your silly
and inaccurate remarks about me, but I wrote nothing of you.

In spite of my ignoring you, you have continued in post after
post after post to write of me day after day.

Are you obsessed?

BO:  Isn't it surprising how many admins followed
BO:  these discussions a few months back. Kettler is
BO:  watched, real close.

DK:  I'm watched?  You are watched.  As you wrote earlier,
DK:  you were asked to quit posting about the subject.
DK:  As I wrote today in "Bob Officer" part 1, I quoted
DK:  that someone wrote they were not going to cancel
DK:  my posts, no matter how much you argue with them
DK:  about it.  Yeah, someone is sure being watched,
DK:  and it is _not_ me.

DK:  Details of the above...

DK: I'm getting kind of tired of seeing your obsessive
DK: nasty writing about Edmond Wollmann:

      Edmond seems to be a sick man, He may be hiding
      from the authorities.

DK:  Where in that "mind" does the above writing come from?

     It seems  his distributions of copyright materials
     in the form of MP3s and Real Audio files might have
     been his downfall.

DK:  I have a fax referenced in answer to your accusations
     about my supposed "thievery" of writing.  The fax
     is from the publishers.  It is linked from the
     above referened WEB SITE.

     To intelligent and rational people who examine your
     writing -- denigration of character, and bragging
     of your supposed "accomplishments" you have ZERO
     credibility.  Because of your repeated and constant
     denigration of character with lies, I am going to
     MAKE GOOD AND SURE that you maintain that ZERO

     This is not hatred, it is defense.  It is to defend
     everyone you attack with lies.  They can reference
     your attacks, and your complete lack of credibility
     to defend themselves.  When I get done, they can
     find your lies, proven as such, and reference them
     by referring to a URL page with quotes from you,
     and your writing is indefensible.  It consists
     of denigration of character that the DEJANEWS
     archives show are lies.

     When you write that the behavior of a certain
     person consists of certain facts, and the records
     show the facts are contrary, you are left without

     You put the rotten stuff in the pot and cooked it.
     I'm going to stir it well and make a good brew.

     You made this kettle of soup, so take a good sniff,
     because you are going to stink to high heaven, and
     people on USENET and the WEB are going to be
     disgusted with the STINK.

     Don't ever say you did not bring this on yourself.
     Let the record show, Bob Officer cooked his own a*s
     real good.

BO:  Many admins now see Kettler's abuse of the net as
     real abuse.

DK:  People reading the following will see you as either
     deluded or a liar for the above statement...

DK:  People checking DEJANEWS will see you did write certain
DK:  things.  They will see that others did write certain
DK:  things.  They will know that the above page is accurate.

>>               Bob Officer - Dan simply can't
>>               believe that's his real
>>               name...
>>               ...makes a big fuss about it.

DK: I never wrote that it was definately not
DK: his real name.  I questioned it.  I made
DK: no "fuss" about it.

BO: He went NUTs for several months... This is more
BO: than just a mention.

DK: Again, problems with the truth, with reality.  That's
DK: BO, cannot get the facts straight.  You have, supposedly,
DK: months of posts about it?  You have, supposedly, something
DK: to indicate me going "nuts" about it?

DK: What is the "skepticult" of which Bob Officer is a
DK: proud member?


    Psychics, Astrologers, UFOs,
    Mysticism and the Newsgroups
          What's happening?


Okay, Bob Officer, you exceeded, by far, the threshold of
obsession, consistent denigration of character, and
obvious lies.  That warrants a WEB PAGE, in your "honor."

You earned it.

I ignored you, and now I see this denigration of character
has extended to Amos Keppler, again to Edmond Wollmann
though he has not posted about you or anyone else in
months, and lately to Pete Stapleton.

You made the most ludicrious statement that I was not "worth
your time," yet you referred to me again and again, week
after week, though I'd not written of you at all.

When any of those people you have attacked wish to reply to
you, they can add the following, or anything similar,
in their post...

           " More about Bob Officer, with
             proven references that COMPLETELY
             DISCREDIT HIM...



Those you write about can even just copy and paste the
above, and write NOTHING.  Just think of all the
time they will save, not having to answer your lies.

How's that, Bob Officer?  Your kettle of rotten soup.  You
cooked it, stirred the pot, now roast for years in it!

Stinks, doesn't it!  It is filled with the rottenness of
your writing.  That's why!

Or, as Raymond Karczewski would say, "hell, isn't it"?

Others have been roasting in their own "kettles", so now
it's your turn.  Funny, though, how "kettle" is so similar
to Kettler.

You want to write lies, lie in them!

You want to write nasty, then wallow in the stink!

             "Belvedere" <>

            Re: Phoenix Green Earth
            Date:  Sun, 17 Oct 1999 09:50:19 +0100

Belvedere writes:

           I just did a search on Bob Officer.
           You are unlikely to get a coherent answer from
           him, just bitterness, nonsense and half-formed

            Bob's pattern is

            1: Abuse.

            2: More abuse.

            3: Killfile.

            4: Using other posters posts to snipe
                 from behind his killfile.

            5: Netcop you for non-existent spam.



CFA, understood clearly through this link, writes in response to the above obvious fact:

          I did a search on "Lucianarchy". You are
          unlikely to get a coherent answer from him/her,
          just paranoia, hysteria, distortion, fear,
          and loathing.

Lucianarchy writes the TRUTH.

I do not need a DEJANEWS search, as I've witnessed CFA's writing
often enough.  He denigrates the character of PROPONENTS OF THE

He defends Bob Officer and others obvious liars like him.  CFA writes
obvious falsehood.

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