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Amy Goodman Interviews Naomi Wolf about Fascist America

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As many of the people on this planet, year by year, have steadily been moved from reality into fantasy, those of us who are conscious, who remain in the real world, have been telling others they do not see what is actually happening.  There is no polite way to say it.  Controllers behind the scenes have been playing with their minds.

It is a fantasy that the President of the United States fulfills the position the U.S. Constitution describes.  The reality is that he is a puppet of foreign interests, and struggling over getting some party into office is a waste of energy.   Deluded people think they have significant influence over the U.S. Federal Government, while Congress rules against the majority will.  They tell people “terrorists” hate their freedoms, and they do. The fantasy is that the “terrorists” are from distant lands.  The reality is the terrorists are those in power.  The terrorists have been taking your freedoms, and they will take your property, your guns, and your lives, if you do not wake up quickly.

Eyes and ears plug into “idiot boxes” called television, and humanity’s once clear thought forms turn to muddy waters.  The conditioning causes people to become unnaturally insensitive to the misfortune of others, and to feel isolated from them.  The addiction increases in intensity as the hours in trance go up.  Too many Americans hardly ever read.  The so-called “elite” run the educational systems and teach lies, so the people think they are becoming smarter while they become more stupid.  The distortions of reality jammed into their minds turn them into delusional cult fanatics.  Some students even advocate the eradication of 90 percent of the earth’s human population, imagining that so many people are bad for the earth.

Many people are like laboratory rats in cages they were born in.  They never witnessed the reality outside the cage.  The controllers give them drugs - called “medication” -  to make them feel good, so their increasingly miserable lives remain tolerable.  Slow-kill mass poisoning numbs their brains, so they don’t notice their fellow rats’ drastic increase of disease and death, and they wouldn’t care if they knew.

The relationship between men and women was radically changed through social conditioning by the globalists.  The core structure of society, the family, was almost completely destroyed.  Increased meddling into family affairs by government has further deteriorated the fabric of society, making the people more vulnerable to their control.

If all of this seems strange to you, it’s because society has been engineered toward the fantasy that the globalists have created.  George Orwell wrote, “In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act.”  So, this writing may seem radical to you.  It doesn’t matter what it seems.  It is only important that documentation proves what is written here is not a matter of opinion, but it is absolutely true.

Though the facts are not pleasant, facing them can lead you to break free from the effects that evil people have had on your mind and body.  There’s two forces that work within you.  Pay careful attention to them.  One is love, and the other is fear .  You are naturally loving, so to reawaken that love for humanity and yourself you must discard the fear that the globalists have instilled in you.  You cannot “think positive”and affect change until you face what negativity has been thrust upon the planet.  Denial has brought the planet to this peril, and it must end.

The people of your county are faced with the same dangers as elsewhere in America, but they can face them with clear thinking, and real facts.  Other state and county governments have kept federal dictatorship from taking liberty.  For problems and solutions, see the “Save The County” section this web site.


The above was written to be copied to single sheets of paper and distributed to the general public.  It is a summary of a 12 chapter book by the same title.  Underlined documentation links in the Reality vs Fantasy text above represent only a small portion of the sources the book supplies.

There is an expression, "Truth is stranger than fiction."  It is because the truth is so strange that people find it difficult to understand.  The book is a pathway to easier understanding, with easy-to-use tools to fix the problem.

         Click here for a printable version of the above, to give out as fliers.


                By Bruce Kettler    E-Mail and other contact information     Updated January 29, 2009