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New History of the Jews 153 pages $15
Mullins’ New History of the Jews Much of the history taught in universities throughout the world has been modified.  Here you will find a clean-up of the garbage, and a refreshing of reality. Drawing upon his careful research, Mullins explains how people in the United States organized to go to Russia and start a revolution in 1917.  See how Trotsky initiated a reign of terror in in Russia. From this book, you will see how control over governments, educational institutions, and media has insidiously been seized upon, thorough country after country, and century after century. Now, it is plain as day in the media how the U.S., and throughout the world, the government monetary systems have a stranglehold wrapped around them, and the military and other powers have been placed under the iron grip of a few people who have no allegiance to any particular country, are not eleted, and they are usually kept out of the glaring light of publicity.       
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CHAPTERS: Jews and Civilization The Biological Jew The Origin of the Jew Jews in Ancient History The Passion of Jesus Christ Jews and ritual murder Jews in Europe Jews and Communism Jews in America The Jew in our future
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