Video - The New World Order with Eustace Mullins
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The Fine Legacy of Eustace Mullins
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The World Order   289 pages   $9.95
       The     World      Order What is Commonly spoken of today as The New  World Order, Eustace Mullins wrote of it long before it seemed like a reality to most people, even amongst the most educated. Today, many understand the term, and are experiencing the increasingly unpleasant reality brought to the people by a few extremely evil people. The author describes the leaders of the World Order as anxious to control every aspect of the lives of all the people on the Earth. He says they have banned passion, and instead they are left with drugs and degeneracy. Eustace Mullins explains how he had researched this subject for 35 years.  A careful examination of the book will reveal just how in-depth, and extensive, his research was.  He invested a great deal of time in large libraries, as the internet was not available then. In this great work, you will find out about worldwide “control over the media, the education process, and our governmental institutions.’ Much of the so-called “history” taught in major universities is distorted.  Here you will find the carefully researched authentic details about who really runs nations, the pullers of the puppet strings.