Who Was Eustace Mullins? Eustace Mullins (March 9, 1923 – February 2, 2010)  was an American political writer, author and biographer. From 2005, he was a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of Willis Carto's American Free Press and a contributing editor to the Barnes Review. He died at noon on February 2, 2010 at the home of Jesse Lee, Eustace's manager, in Texas.
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The Fine Legacy of Eustace Mullins
The Rockefeller Syndicate New History of the Jews The House of Rothschild The Biological Jew
In business, the author Eustace Mullins was an economist, and he worked in public relations.  He’s listed in Wikipedia.  Senator McCarthy asked him to look into who was financing the Communist party.  He was a veteran of the United States Air Force, and was in active duty during WWII.  He was educated at Washington Lee University, New York University, The Escuela Arts, Washington, DC.  He’s written quite a few books.  He was a member of the staff of the Library of Congress.  For some time, he attempted to free the poet Ezra Pound from an illegal confinement in a hospital.  He has appeared on radio and TV interviews, and they have been recorded on the Internet’s YOU TUBE.