Conspiracy Against GOD

Whether or not mankind knows, or believes, that there is a global conspiracy to shift our standard  of thinking away from GOD,  to a belief that we are merely a carnal, evolutionary being, the manifestation is unfolding before our very eyes.

     But….only a small  portion of mankind has been given the knowledge and ability to see this orchestrated conspiracy! 

     What is happening is the intentional degradation of society on a scale so astronomical that many religious people are now questioning the true existence of GOD.  Conditions on a global scale are made to look so horrendous that men are now  beginning to ask if there really is a true God, and why would a supposedly loving God allow such terrible conditions to continue and allow so many humans to suffer globally. The answer, the truth, stands right before our very eyes and yet we still refuse to see it.

      We are being force to accept lies as truth. We are being forced to believe in things like evolution, having trust in our Governments, in the lie that we cannot control things like starvation, diseases, wars, terror and crime! They are all LIES!

       Claire Chambers, in a book on Humanism, stated “Before man can be enslaved, his state of mind must be reduced from spirituality to carnality. He must learn to think of himself as basically an animal with no spiritual purpose. Once man is freed from his obligations to GOD, the way is cleared for his ultimate  obedience to the Communist state as his master!”

      This IS the agenda of the globalists  who wish to control all of mankind. This IS the global conspiracy that we have been told would come through the bible teachings in the books of Daniel, Isaiah and Revelation. We have been warned about what is to come, so why do people continue to allow this regime to control them? They do because it is written that this would happen during the end of days, or the times of the end, and it is your obligation to maintain your faith during these troubling times. This is your test of your undying faith that God is your Creator, your savior in these troubling times, for all mankind will fall short of the glory of God, but through your faith in Jesus Christ and the fact that he died on the cross to forgive you of all your sins, you are given the opportunity to inherit the Kingdom of God through your continued faith during these end of days.

      The deception taking place is meant to shift your faith in God away from belief in him to the belief that you can be your own God.  This IS the same exact deception that Lucifer used on Eve in the Garden of Eden, that, if she ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that she would be as a God herself.  Now, YOU are faced with the same exact decision as Eve! Are you going to be deceived into accepting the New World  Order as if you were a God, or…..

Will you accept God and Jesus Christ as your savior to defeat the New World Order.



                                                                                 14 February 2007

                                                                                 Mark A. Glenn

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