This page begins June 2009

                                      It is a collection of propaganda against TRUE PATRIOTS OF THE U.S.
                                      with editorials from Bruce Kettler  --  the propaganda is accelerating at this time

                              Demonization - propaganda against TRUE PATRIOTS OF THE U.S.

This is an attempt to "divide and conquer."  There are real conservatives in this country, who want to see real reform in government.  Through this propaganda, those who do understand the FEDERAL RESERVE is a problem, and know there is a NEW WORLD ORDER, are being thought of as being dangerous and radical.  The conservatives should embrace those of us who understand the complete picture, but instead some of them are avoiding us because of the lies coming out of the controlled press.  Do not go along with this and be suckers.  United we stand, but divided we fall.  You better all hang out together, or you'll hang separately.

This type of rhetoric and probably set up events could be a precurser of justifying persecution of  TRUE PATRIOTS with an upcoming huge number of arrests and murders of PATRIOTS by the New World Order led U.S. Government.  Government controls the mainstream U.S. Media, and it looks like they want to justify, to as much of the general public as possible, a reign of terror similar to Stalin's purges in Russia.  Remember, millions of Stalin's own coutrymen were murdered, in purges.  It looks like that may be what is planned here in the U.S.  We pray to Almighty Yahweh, God, that the GODLY people who have stood up for this country will be spared.

It is interesting to note that at the same time an 88 year old man is being drawn out by mainstream *WHORE media as representative of TRUE PATRIOTS,  the U.S. Federal Reserve is coming close to being audited.  A previous activity from the man was against the Federal Reserve.  The New World Order control freaks are most fearful of their Federal Reserve being audited.

As of June 14, I'm hearing of many fiction programs showing up on TV about white supremicist organizations.  This is the use of fiction to promote propaganda.

This is brand new, as of June 16, 2009 - Alex Jones is working with an inside source, and hopefully will soon be coming out with more solid data that the 88 year old man who shot the guard in a holocaust museum was working with the U.S.  FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to do this.

                               above link equating denial of official 9/11 fiction with denial of holocaust - absolute lie
                                    Many people who deny the 9/11 fiction, do not deny the holocaust.

Not too long ago, a speech by the Iranian Leader stated that if attacked by Israel, they would retailiate.  The description of that statement of retaliation was spun by the U.S. media WHORES as if the Iranian Leader had said he'd initiate an attack against Israel.  Those of us who criticize the WHORE media, are also seen as radical, but we're just stating facts.  The whole situation regarding Israel is completely distorted in U.S. WHORE media, and that's a proven fact.  People have to learn how to do research, and stop believing everything they read, and hear.


Watch this You Tube about communism, fascism, Nazi Germany, and how this compares to what is happening now.

Comment: At the time of this staged incident, neo-con media outlets like Sean Hannity and Fox News, as well as 9/11

debunking groups, claimed that a 9/11 truther had beaten up a disabled girl as a means of trying to discredit the 9/11

truth movement.
                                                                                                                                          Constitution Party supposedly HATE group.
                                                                                                                                          This is pure nonsense.  This is America?
                                                                                                                                          No, America is a free country, no?
                                                                                                                                          I believe this country has been invaded.     Don't like NWO?  You're a gun rights advocate?
                                                                                                                                                  STATE POLICE say you're a "terrorist." - - - - - - - Calls state sovereignty 10th amendment issue anti government     Ron Paul Demonized - this link to left
9/11 truth has “become a core part of the belief system of anti-Semites and millions of others around the world,” according to ADL National Director Abraham H. Foxman.
EDITORIAL NOTE FROM BRUCE KETTLER:  This has to be obvious to any intelligent person, that the garbage
                                                                               spewing out of the mainstream news consists of lies.  The NWO
                                                                               minions are desperate to make the people afraid, and quiet.

                                                                               "Anti-Semites" equated with 9/11 truth?  What nonsense!


Now, Congressman Ron Paul, who is heading this move to AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE, is being demonized by a talk show host.  Coincidence?  No, I don't think so.

Though many reading this would think it ridiculous, I will remind you that you don't know everything.  People can be mind-controlled, and this event with the person who shot a guard at a holocaust museum could have been brought into fruition by the U.S. Government, mainly to demonize people who are trying to get America back.  Getting America back, simply, is getting back our constitution, and our liberties.  That's not, really, too much to ask.

To follow are links that further illustrate the demonization by Government agencies, and WHORE MEDIA.

Bruce Kettler editorial:

This could be a setup for propaganda against true patriots in the U.S.  The propaganda move, lately, has been against veterans, people who believe in states rights, 9-11 truth movement people, demonizing them, and saying they are all "jew haters, holocaust deniers, and white supremacists."             DHS category puts driver in "watch" category              "Rightwing Extremism" document from DHS

Congressman Ron Paul was labeled a security threat in a report released by the Missouri Information Analysis Center.  Titled, "The Modern Militia Movement" and released on February 20, 2009, the report was disseminated to law enforcement officers throughout the state of Missouri. [and all over the U.S. under a different title - ED note]

*WHORE when referring to media means a person who has sold his or her intellect, like a WHORE would sell their body.