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[DK note: I'm leaving most of the links here, as placed by Earl Gordon Curley. However, since many of these are outdated "dead links," similar links may be found here ]

"The Anomalous Phenomena" Discussion Forum

This moderated message center is dedicated to providing an environment without the discourse associated with many of the Usenet news groups that discuss areas of psychic capabilities, astrology, astral projection and all areas of anomalous phenomena research. Join your peers at:

"The Anomalous Phenomena" Discussion Forum

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International Conferences

Carol Adrienne, M.A. -will lead this exciting workshop and help you reconnect with the adventure mystry of life [DK note: This "conference.html" was not obtainable]

Research Laboratories

Harness The Power of Your Mind - Dr. Louis Romberg
Cognotive Sciences Laboratory (CSL) -Introduction to Parapsychology-site headed by Edwin C. May, Ph.D
Rhine Research Center -includes the Institute for Parapsychology
Consciousness Research Laboratory, UNLV -on-line psi experiments
University of Amsterdam Parapsychology Laboratory -on-line psi experiments
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research -scientific studies of consciousness-related physcial phenomena


The Parapsychological Association -homepage
The Society for Scientific Exploration -homepage

Journals and Online Information

Psi News on the Net - a cyberzine devoted to parapsychology and anomalous cognitive phenomena
Spirit over Mind over Matter -methods to increase intelligence, awareness and consciousness based on the philosophy of the Three States of Being.
Frequently Asked Questions About Parapsychology -an up to date FAQ by a recognized group of scientists and researchers (a must read)
An Assessment Of The Evidence For Psychic Funtioning -Professor Jessica Utts
Other Sources

sTARBABY - CSICOP debunking by Dennis Rawlins (a must read for all astrologers, parapsychologists and skeptics)

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