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hapter Twelve
The Beginning To The The End

"Be it as it may, we are all sinners in life. We consistently try to cheat ourselves out of the benefits of learning ".

"Thoughts about the future generally take the form of rehearsals playing out scenarios for events coming up."

For many of the readers the material contained in the proceeding chapters may take some time to digest. Changing our pattern of life is not as difficult as we may believe. From the beginning of time we have altered our identities; growing rapidly throughout the ages; but the most eventful advance has been our ability to deal with change.

The only problem with the changes we have initiated in the past has been the inability to keep life simple. We have complicated life. Now is the time to not complicate it. We all have forgotten to read our emotions. The ultimate tragedy occurred when we forgot our natural intuitive strengths.

Bringing both the ability of mankind to change reality and our ability to alter our identity together under one roof could be our greatest discovery. We have a tendency to limit ourselves to the acceptance of irrational decisions and we stop our future advancement possibilities by not realizing we can change our destiny. Life is not fatalistic. The tools of our natural abilities have been successfully used periodically by some of our foremost discoverers. Without emotions and intuition people such as; Dr. Banting, the discoverer of penicillin; Marconi, who constructed the first radio; Thomas Edison, who gave us the light bulb; and, Benjamin Franklin, who discovered electricity, would still be seeking the answers to their questions. Factually the mentioned noted gentlemen would never have been able to give us our present day existence without using their abilities to change reality.

Because the noted discoverers trusted their intuition and emotions their prior academic knowledge as well as the information which they received from their subconscious minds guided them to their final quests. Albert Einstein once stated, "Mankind is born to think". How true Einstein's statement is. The process of thinking begins with a feeling; our emotions. Then the emotions are translated into visual thought. The thoughts eventually become reality.

Heeding our own intuition and proceeding along the path of higher learning will stimulate further thought. The thoughts come easily. The work putting stimulated thoughts in order and then making them happen is the difficult part of the experience. But if we make the commitment that under any circumstance we will follow our positive emotions without fail the implementation of the stimulated thoughts will be simplified.

We must remember it has taken us a certain amount of time to get ourselves into the mess in which we are presently. It will not take us as long to get ourselves out however. We must be aware there are those about us who do not wish us to grow. Those who do not wish us to grow will manipulate us; harass us; and, try to trap us psychologically.

If you take the time and develop the techniques described in this book, you can rest assured you will be in control of your mind; your body; and, understand your spirit consciousness.

If you have reached this section and truly believe that you have comprehended everything in the proceeding chapters then your next stage is to use the exercise as many times as needed. The more times the exercise is used the greater the possibility will be that you are on the path of self-realization. But it is mandatory that you fully comprehend what the emotions results from the exercise truly represent. Without a doubt the exercise will specify what your three governing emotions are but unless you actively partake in the end-results by expressing those emotions, particularly the corrective emotion, you will sink deeper into oblivion. To help you keep your head above water and to give you further direction, listed below are advanced instructions for each emotion. These advanced definitions should only be used after you have used the previous explanations listed in Chapter Four for a period of time and feel sure that you truly can recognize each emotion and its consequences.

The Advanced Emotions Synopsis are:


If you are trying to make a decision at this time, then make it without delay. Subsequently a strong suggestion is to vote in the affirmative because it is highly likely that you want to proceed. If respect is a continuous positive emotion then you probably are presently making plans to leave a very positive Seven Year Cycle and assuredly you can be proud of most of your accomplishments over the last few years. Keep in mind however that it is absolutely necessary to hold your positive thoughts in your mind and carry them into your new positive cycle. Remember that there could be a tendency to digress into a negative thought process which will alter your next positive cycle. A majority of your decisions have been well-founded and will benefit you in years to come. Personal associations in general will reap huge rewards and should continue to advance your decision making capabilities.

PITY: +9

You're at a critical stage of your life. If pity is the corrective emotion then you are presently a few short months away from completing a positive emotional cycle. Needless to say, but one of the difficulties which you still may have to overcome is your self-flagellation which you still have not totally mastered. Your thought processes are generally at a high with slight reservations. You're nearing a final period of self-neglect which should continue if you adhere to your personal intuition and take heed that total self-respect is just around the corner. A corrective emotional approach would be being a little easier on yourself which is exactly what you are actually striving for. It's time to see the light at the end of your tunnel-vision and give yourself the love and affection which you seek from others. On a positive note, decisions made at this time should bear fruit with little opposition.

LOVE: +8

This is a time for true reflection. At issue is whether you can affectionally look at yourself and like what you see. It would be to your advantage to see yourself as an individual and not as a non-unique identity struggling to appreciate yourself. Self is the key-word at this time. You want to get to know (self) and still feel comfortable with being singular in thought. Admire your inner positive emotional feelings and if you are in the process of deciding on your future then be rest assured the outcome will be positive if you do not allow your negative thoughts to prevail. If love is a continuous corrective emotion then you are approximately a year and a half away from completing a positive Seven Year Cycle. Keep up the good work and don't let greed or guilt enter your thought processes otherwise you could create a less enjoyable future probability.

JOY: +7

Maybe it is time to celebrate but do not throw caution to the wind. Look deep inside and recognize that the pleasures of life are not always as secure as you might believe. Although you might be striving for acceptance you still may be slightly unsure whether it is time to rejoice. Heed the advice of your negative emotion. Do not allow it to sway you from your ultimate goal. Pressure yourself to a triumphal conclusion during a decision making period and you will be delighted with the end-result. Keep in mind that if joy is a frequent corrective emotion then you have surpassed five years of indecisiveness and are entering the final stages of deciding whether your next cycle could also be positive. Alternatively, if your corrective emotion is negative, use all your strength to keep a pleasurable outlook that things can change.

HOPE: +6

There are many times in life when confidence creates a positive emotional format for accomplishing all your aspirations, but during this period a cautionary approach is necessary unless you initiated the project. Strive to believe in yourself especially if hope is your corrective emotion. You may have passed a critical cyclical period on a securer note, but if you allow the negative emotion to govern, all your desires may be for naught. Rudimentarily re-evaluate your required decision and be assured that being optimistic will enhance the positive end-result. All in all use your personal determination to strengthen your personal aspirations with the knowledge that you will succeed.


Talk about a border-line period in your life and you can be sure that this is probably the time. If gratitude is your corrective emotion then you are smack in the middle of a positive cycle which can be altered in either direction. Be aware that there are a number of negative emotions which can change your positive thought processes but be thankful that you have reached this stage of life that you are in without too many scars. Look back on your many positive decisions and acknowledge to yourself that you were correct at least fifty percent of the time. Now recognize that you're only one step away from increasing your correct decisions if you use your negative emotion in a positive manner and do not allow it to control you.


You are at that stage in life where you are not always capable of making correct decisions based solely on using your own insight. Instead you may be depending on others who inadvertently may sway you to indecisiveness. Independence has a price attached to it but if that is what you are seeking then it is time to stand up and be counted. If freedom is your corrective emotion then lay down the gauntlet and establish your immunity to outside sources because you are nearing the half way point of your positive cycle. Making a decision at this time will be positive unless you find your negative emotion to be substantially higher in value. If your positive emotion is higher then use all your strength and independence to enhance the positive emotion and without a doubt the decision will be absolutely correct. Be careful of the opposite end of the coin. Heed your negative emotion's advice.


It is now time to begin a trustful relationship with yourself. Undeniable belief is mandatory to offset any negative emotion associated with your present situation. If faith is the corrective emotion then every decision that you make is dependant on the strength of your internal belief system, especially the faith that is required to enhance your positive emotions and negate the negative ones. If your negative emotion supersedes at this time then you can be assured that you failed to rely on your instincts and any decision which you would make at this time will undeniably alter your present positive cycle. It would be wise to settle down and trust your capabilities to answer in the affirmative especially if you totally understand that you are stronger than any negative emotion influence.


Deep thoughts will cloud one's mind and you can be sure that you have been a thinker. Understanding your intuitive logic may be pressing you at this time but rightly so you must look inward for the answers especially if empathy is your corrective emotion. With that in mind recognize that you are a recent graduate of the positive cycle and could easily be swayed into a negative cyclical period. It is not the time to pretend but the time of total understanding. If your negative emotion is substantially higher and if you have a decision to make then make sure that your answer is "no". On the other hand if your positive emotion is peaking higher than empathy understand that you have total control of the situation and an affirmative answer will make your day.


A gamblers life is never full of continuous positive end-results but sometimes a gamble on yourself reaps substantial rewards, especially if courage is the corrective emotion. If you are seeking to be courageous during a decision making period then be fully aware of the ramifications of a high negative emotion result. If you are forced to procrastinate at this time walk away because you will breed nothing but problems. On the other hand if courage is not your corrective emotion and your positive emotion is higher than courage take a chance on yourself and reach your decision with a strong affirmative answer. This is a crucial time of your positive cycle since you just recently entered a new cyclical period. Believe that you will overcome the barriers and you will succeed.

PRIDE: +0-

It is not the time to sit around waiting for something to happen. Take the messages from your positive emotion and your negative emotion and get on with your life. Hesitation will only stagnate you further and all the benefits you are seeking will fall by the way-side. You can be assured that your life will become stale, uneventful, discouraging and unnerving by burying your head in the sand with your tail in the air. The type of kick you may get may not be to your liking. You are at a major cross-roads at this time. You can either develop a highly negative cycle or begin the long road back up the positive ladder of life. The choice is yours and nobody else's.


Resentment of past follies is the issue here. Internally your personal annoyance with yourself is not justified although you probably believe the opposite. If anger is the corrective emotion you can be rest assured that you allowed your higher negative emotion result to get in your way and refused to open your eyes to reality. If your corrective emotion is a mediocre positive emotion then be concerned that your negativity can drastically interfere with rational behavior. As well, be aware that you may be in the early stages of a negative cycle and unless you alter your perspective you may doom yourself in future endeavors. Unless the positive emotion is higher than courage do not answer in the affirmative because your final decision will lead to nothing but trouble.


This is the time to start being concerned about your attitudes, especially your interactions with those who depend on you to better themselves. A lack of common sense is prevailing and voyeurisms are probably on your agenda. You really must dislike yourself for putting yourself through "hell" for nothing. If apathy is your corrective emotion then look out. You have probably travelled through at least one year of negativity in a negative cycle and it could continue so that you end up loosing everything you worked so hard to gain. Unless you try to increase your positive emotion to a higher level to offset your early negativity then know within that you are the baker of stale breads. If the corrective emotion is a positive emotion then try to be more sensitive to your needs. Recognize that time is short and put your insensibility aside. A positive decision at this time could be offset with your coldheartedness especially if it carries a selfish vain.


Because you are letting your ego stand in your way you can be assured that all decisions that you now make should be suspect especially if conceit is your corrective emotion. If conceit is seen regularly as your corrective emotion then don't you agree that two years of pain should suffice? An affirmative decision at this time may be presumptuous unless you stop trying to convince yourself that your game-plan is not flawed. If your positive emotion is freedom or higher put your ego aside for a short while and watch what happens. If your negative emotion is higher than conceit be prepared for troubling times. If there was ever a time to remove yourself from your fantasy world, now would be a good time.


Thanklessness is ruling your present situation and therefore your present sadness will increase if you don't consider a major realignment. It is highly likely that you are feeling a strong desire to give up on life and hope that another will come along to help you out of your mess. If despair is the corrective emotion be careful because you are passing the point of no return in a negative emotion cycle and there may be no turning back. Never make a decision when you are feeling disparity particularly if you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you do see hope as a stronger positive emotion then just be careful when you answer in the negative because you may find that answering "no" is the result of your pessimism.


Now is the time to reconsider all your past deeds and view each one with less skepticism. Your successes have equaled your failures and unless you stop being so suspicious of everything around you then you can be assured that your future plans will be highly negatively oriented. If doubt is your corrective emotion realize that you are smack in the middle of a negative cycle and you had better make up your mind in which direction you truly want to go. For decisions which must be made during this period remember that you must express the feeling of confidence otherwise your hesitancy will add fuel to your negative cycle. A "no" decision would be valid if doubt is the corrective emotion while a "yes" could be made with a positive emotion higher than love.

ENVY: -6

Don't look at your present situation as being lesser than another's. You made your bed and now you must sleep in it. It's time to take the bull by the horns and appreciate what you have accomplished. This is a crucial period if your corrective emotion is envy because you have slipped through the negative emotional barrier and are functioning in the latter part of your negative cycle. Look at self-respect as being your way out of this quagmire. Decisions made during this period will not come to fruition unless you can cease judging yourself. If your negative emotion is higher than envy then do not answer in the affirmative.

FEAR: -7

You may be in trouble. You are at that stage where all the major negative emotions begin to dominate your well-being. Think rationally at this time because if you don't you will find yourself sinking deeper into desperation and may even lose control of your emotions. If fear is the corrective emotion then be prepared to enter a period of rejection, dejection and indecision. Unless you change your emotional patterns drastically during this period you will find that your negative cycle will continue for approximately two years with a likelihood that your next cycle will be dominated by negative influences. A decision at this time should only be made if the positive emotion is love or higher. Even if love is higher it is suggested that the decision consist of a "no" answer. Your gut instincts may be telling you something which you are refusing to accept.


Tolerance is a virtue but at this time in your life you are letting your negative ambitions over-ride the positive emotional foundation which you worked so hard to achieve. The only two positive emotions which can alter your present situation would be pity and respect, but if greed is your corrective emotion then forget about pity and respect and concentrate all your energies on reducing your greedy ambitions. You get nothing for nothing. It is fundamentally required that you stop expecting others to feed your emotional requirements and begin to realize you must supply your own emotional insights. An affirmative answer at this time would be wasted since your impatience will only serve to gain something which you do not deserve.


You should be ashamed of yourself for getting into your present situation especially if guilt is your corrective emotion. You have no one to to blame but yourself. This is your last chance to change your negative cycle to a positive cycle but the only way to accomplish that is by completing a total negative emotional cleansing and recover your sanity with self-respect becoming the highlight. If you are making a decision at this time and guilt is the only negative emotion remember that you have courage in reserve and if you strike out with courage in mind your decision could very well alter your negative cycle to a positive one. It would still be wise not to take on any other projects until you have satisfied yourself that you wish to make this most major change in emotional life-styles.

HATE: -10

This must be one of the most scariest times of your existence. Your concerns that your decisions will be for naught are correct. You have probably tried to evaluate everything around you and have probably not come to any conclusion. The secret to escaping this most vile emotion is to concentrate all your energies on the ten positive emotions and do not even think about the other nine negative emotions. It is not as hard as it sounds. You are at a pivotal stage of your life. You have just completed a major negative cycle but remember unless you change your thought patterns and emotional "feelings" into positive ones your new cycle will also be a negative one. Any decision made at this time will be highly negatively charged and may cost you more than financial resources. Need it be suggested but at this point in time your answer should be "no".

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FIRST EDITION August 1981.

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