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Calculating The Seven Year Cycle

"Mirror images: the words are frightening. Don't be afraid to admit the truth. What you see in others is usually what you perceive of yourself. Remember all images can be changed with a blink of an eye."

Although calculating your exact emotional position in the seven year cycle is slightly complicated and should be determined by a trained professional, the following method will give one insight as to which year of the cycle they are in and whether it is a positive or negative cycle. Calculating your emotional position with the assistance of the seven year cycle chart will also give you an approximate idea as to when your next cycle begins and whether any changes should be made within the cycle.

The easiest way to calculate your present cycle is to start by looking back at your past involvements and writing down as many major experiences which took place so far in your life which you can recall. The experiences would include marriages, births of children, graduations from school or college or a first employment opportunity. Other alternatives should also include events such as deaths in the family, divorces or other negative circumstances which occurred in one's life.

It is suggested that you write down the dates when each of the special events took place. Place each of the events in chronological order. Once the events are placed in chronological order, complete the "21 Emotions Exercise" for each event based on the emotions that you perceived you felt at the time of each event.

In some instances one may find events they presumed to be positive show that the end corrective emotional result is negative. If one reaches conclusions that they presumed would have been the opposite, do not be alarmed as this is quite common and should not be of any concern at this time. The same holds true with negative occurrences. One should keep in mind that the exercise is designed to show him/her what emotion was necessary to complete the event.

After organizing your experiences, the next step is to place all of the Positive Corrective Emotion Total results in one column and all of the Negative Corrective Emotion Total results in a separate column. Each column should be totalled separately thereby ending up with two Total end-results totalling no more then ten (10) in each column. Presuming that the column's total is 245 add each number to formulate a total no higher than 10. The number 245 would total 11 therefore it is necessary to add 1+1 to equal 2. As before, add the columns one to the other. The resulting answer will be either a positive corrective emotion or negative corrective emotion.

When you have completed calculating your end-result, the next stage is to look at the diagram on the next page to find out approximately which year of which cycle you are in. Remember if you complete the aforementioned exercise recalling as many consequential events of your past as possible the end-result should provide you with a good idea of your present cycle year.

For example, if the positive corrective emotion column totalled positive eight (+8) and the negative corrective emotion column totalled negative four (-4), the end-result would be positive four (+4). Once the totals are completed then go to the chart to locate positive four (+4) in the white section at the top of the chart. Following the arrow then locate the cycle year in which you are presently functioning. The cycle years are highlighted in the shaded section of the chart. Using the above example, one would discover that they are functioning near the end of their second positive cycle year. The opposite would hold true if the end-result were a negative conclusion.

The Seven Year Cycle Chart

* The Numbers In The Red Circle Represent The Cycle Year
* The Numbers In The Green Circle Represent The Event Calculations

As previously stated the Seven Year Cycle Chart is to be used as a guide and should not be considered as total accuracy, but the end-results should be as close to the type of cycle one is presently functioning in.

When one discovers using the Seven Year Cycle Chart can answer many of the questions that they may have regarding their past circumstances, one may be pleasantly surprised in discovering that not all of the negative circumstances that are affecting them were totally unavoidable. Inadvertently our inherited emotional traits factored in playing out the events of our past life experiences.

Now that you have located your position in your seven year cycle you have gained an inkling as to why certain events of your life are taking place. Notwithstanding the above there are those who believe that once a cycle is started, whether it is a positive or negative cycle, that it is necessary to follow through to the bitter end no matter what the cycle might be. To clarify the above, there are some people who feel that if they are functioning in a negative seven year cycle than they are doomed to fulfilling seven years of negative life experiences. Fatalism is categorically not true.

If the understanding exists that the events pertaining to a particular cycle can be altered, all cycle periods regardless of whether they are positive or negative cycles can be altered. The everyday experiences in which we partake during a particular cycle are the results of our emotional behavior. Although we may be experiencing a negative cycle, if we change our emotional attitudes and do our best to utilize the positive emotions instead of the negative emotions, the experiences gained during a cycle and at its conclusion can be very rewarding.

The lessons to be learnt during the changing period can offset the negative cycle and can then create the basis for a positive cycle change coming into the next cycle. The imperative observation of the above is to keep in mind that whatever happens in the first year of the cycle will govern the following six year period unless changes are made within the cycle period.

There are those who believe that if they are in a cycle then they are obligated to fulfill that entire cycle. This fatalistic attitude results from a lack of understanding that all the events taking place within a cycle are there because we have initiated the ongoing events during the first year of that specific cycle.

Although we may have started a negative cycle period during the first year, the options available to us are; continuously function negatively and the events during the negative cycle will assuredly continue; or because of our negative emotional attitudes, recognize we are vulnerable to potential negative situations; then be aware that it is necessary to go through a cycle attentively and positively which will allow us the opportunity to control the remainder of a negative cycle. In retrospect, if one falters during a positive cycle and slips into a negative emotional behavior pattern even for a brief period, the positive cycle can produce negative results.

The factor of emotional behavior interaction confirms we have the ability to change our rational emotional reality. The only limitations that we have are the emotional influences which we exert throughout the course of each cycle. We can either resign ourselves to the fact that we created the mess we got ourselves into in the first place, or we can intuit the situation, recognize what our emotional limitations have been and alter our perceptions of the ongoing events. By intuiting all our situations we foresee the opportunity to take a more positive direction than we had in the past and to continue on a more positive road to future success.

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