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A rampant debate has been ongoing for years, debating whether or not psychics have been used by governmental intelligence agencies and/or international police departments. There have been many books and articles written about psychics who have stated that they were contacted by these intelligence agencies or police departments, yet in most cases the detractors of such events refuse to accept this as fact.

Interestingly, there have been few agents or officers who will stand up and admit that they have used psychics on their cases. In most cases, it is because of the adverse publicity generated by the media, who obnoxiously try to bend the truth and write articles which do not relate the actual events. There is not one credible psychic who will not state that their involvement in a case is strictly another tool that is used in the dissemination of information and that in most cases the information which they supply to police or intelligence agencies may strictly be information which twigs the mind of their contact and puts a case on a different perspective.

There are however times when psychic information is so to the point that that information does indeed solve a case. The information could be so specific that certain events, evidences or suspects are described explicitly and these informations will lead to the arrest of suspects. Many missing persons have been located by psychics. Downed aircraft, missing military hardware, preventive assassination attempts and forewarning of disastrous events have been received from concerned psychics, who readily believe that they can help those who are responsible for the outcomes of those events. Some psychics have generated vast personal contacts within the many agencies responsible for security, intelligence and police cases. It takes time to establish these contacts and it is not accomplished without extensive proof of their abilities.

This book is a chronological exposť of a psychic's climb up the proverbial contact ladder. Within the internal workings of government agencies and police departments, there are many agents and officers who are specifically geared to receiving psychic information. They in fact encourage such information from psychic individuals who they have vetted and use that information in their daily workloads. The United States government specifically has secretly developed a line of communication directly from vetted psychics to the highest levels in security and intelligence departments. The media has tried to obtain proof of these communications, but rarely have they been successful. Denials are rampant. Documentation is rare. Some information has been leaked to the press, but the major involvements between psychics and government agencies has been covertly keep secret under the guise of "national security".

Many of the stories in this book have never been made public before. Some of the stories have found their way to the media and have been well documented. Some of those that are mentioned in the book will without hesitation confirm their respective stories, while some will vehemently deny their involvements and the stories written. As a precautionary tactic, all the conversations which are described in the book were duly tape-recorded and have been securely placed in an appropriate location in case some decide to dispute the factual informations. Letters of communication which were passed between the author and his contacts are readily available for perusal and some of these letters of communication are part of the contents of this book.

Danger, intrigue and fact are scattered amongst the many stories which are told to the public for the first time. It is up to the public to decide for themselves whether there is merit to the exposť and whether there is indeed a need for psychic information to be used in the inner confines of government security and intelligence agencies and helping police departments with their unsolved crimes.

The book consists of documentation outlining events such as the apprehension of terrorists, major unsolved police cases, communications with the highest level of government personnel, the search for the Soviet Cosmos 954 satellite which crashed in the Northwest Territories of Canada and many other daily occurrences that security, intelligence and police forces have to deal with.

As well as the intrigue, there are many anecdotical stories describing the pitfalls of being associated with the "spooks" of our nations. It has not been an easy task convincing some to open their eyes and their wallets. The trials and tribulations sometimes seemed for naught, but the friendships which were established over the years has more than made up for the discomfort.

People are funny characters when they are placed in a position of authority and some individuals thrive on controlling their personal environments. These people in particular were taught a lesson which they will never forget. They discovered that their personal environments were not as secure as they believe. They ultimately discovered that there are no secrets.

The Psychic Mind Stalkers will open up many more eyes to that revelation. Needless to say, but after reading the book there will be those that will be more insecure than they have ever been before. Remember one very important point. Those that are concerned that the high-technology "Big Brother" may be interfering with their lives should understand that there are those that can delve into anybody's mind and pull out private informations to their hearts content. The easiest person to "read" is the one who has the most to hide.

The Psychic Mind Stalkers
Copyright © 1992 Earl Gordon Curley

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