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Originally posted on the Internet December 14, 1995. 
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Excerpts from the original I.R.I.S. Chronicles 1996 Predictions


Air travel in the US will be a major cause for concern in 1996 due to both extreme weather conditions and potential terrorist acts. Philadelphia, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles and especially La Guardia and JFK Airports are not places to travel to or from during the months of December 1995, April, August, September, and December 1996. 
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(Whenever you see this sign the event was predicted.)
(Eight damaged aircraft or fatalities predicted correctly so far)

Subject: TWA Flight 800 Disaster - Update 
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 12:21:34 -0400 
From: Earl Curley  
Organization: Web.Design.Ca Inc. 
Newsgroups: alt.paranormal, alt.paranet.paranormal, alt, astrology, alt.out-of-body, sci.skeptic 

For those who follow "The I.R.I.S. Chronicles" - iris.html - the following will be added to the site today. 

There is now speculation that a bomb was definitely placed on the TWA Boeing jet. The following news line may be noted shortly on News Services. 

"Experts agree bomb blast destroyed jumbo jet but testimony clashes over where it was placed" 

"The I.R.I.S. Chronicles" will state: "The bomb was placed in the forward cargo hold which is basically immediately beneath the cockpit. The placement was near the forward cargo hold left door and the blast was positioned so that upon detonation that it would proceed upwards at an angled position severing the cockpit from the first class section of the aircraft. 

It is believed that the autopsies will show that the body damage from those in the first class section will be greater than from those in the mid to tail section of the aircraft. In fact it is believed that the tail section of the aircraft may be intact. 

Plastic explosives were used and the authorities may wish to rehash the bombing of the Air India Flight 182 Boeing jet since there will be conclusively similarities to these two events. 

It is further believed, that the individual who placed that bomb on the aircraft is an American citizen and he does not have any international links as many will believe. This is another American internal event no matter what the speculation may be. Look to the recent events in Idaho for clues to the end result." 

Earl Curley

-- End of Update - July 19, 1996 -- 
(Whenever you see this sign the event was predicted.)
(Eight aircraft fatalities predicted correctly so far)

TWA Flight 800 UPDATE - July 25, 1996
Subject: More TWA prediction nonsense 
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 1996 15:38:43 -0400 
From: Earl Curley  
Organization: Web.Design.Ca Inc. 
Newsgroups: alt.paranormal, alt.paranet.paranormal, alt, astrology, alt.out-of-body, sci.skeptic 

> Scott LaRoche says: 

> >In the 747-100 the First Class section is at the very front of the plane, 
> >on the main passenger deck, and extends from the nose to the staircase 
> >leading up to the flight deck. In other words, the cockpit is directly 
> >ABOVE the the middle of the First Class section. 

The cockpit is definitely right above the first class section which inturn is above the forward cargo hold. In fact it's the same type of 747 as the Air India 747 which was blown out of the sky and I have the actual drawings of that 747 since I was actively involved in locating the crash site in the Atlantic. 

> >Then Curly says, "The placement was near the forward cargo hold left door 
> >and the blast was positioned so that upon detonation that it would 
> >proceed upwards at an angled position severing the cockpit from the first 
> >class section of the aircraft." If the bomb (and we still don't know if 
> >there was a bomb) was placed as Curly described, the explosion would 
> >*not* "separate" the First Class section from the cockpit, because those 
> >two sections are on different decks. 

******, the angle of reference was that the first class section (immediately below the cockpit) was so that the forward portion of the aircraft (front for ********) was where the first explosion took place (the explosion blew forward at an upward angle) and effectively destroyed the the whole front of the aircraft. In actuality there is no cockpit or first class section left. With a forward explosion, it would knock out the electrical power and would shut down the flight recorders and the transponder that was sending a signal to air traffic control and I believe that's what happened. 

Earl Curley

(Whenever you see this sign the event was predicted.)

TWA Flight 800 UPDATE 2 - July 25, 1996

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 21:19:42 -0400 
From: Earl Curley  
Organization: Web.Design.Ca Inc.s 
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.paranormal,alt.paranormal,sci.skeptic,alt.astrology, 

Well the following may be just a hunch but it was posted earlier in alt.disasters.aviation and it might relate to the end-result. Who knows??? 

I'll wager everyone that the male person, age 45, slightly built with a strong limp, working for the catering company who placed the food in the forward cargo hold, Greek nationality with American citizenship, and a slight scar on his right elbo from falling off a bycicle is the one who placed the plastics on the plane. His motive, you ask? Money talks. He was paid by a group out of Idaho who were totally against the recent arrests there and if they can blame the end-result on foreign problems, so be it. 

Great story. 

Well let's see. 

Earl Curley 

-- End of Update - July 25, 1996 --

Subject: TWA Flight 800 - Update 3 - August 19, 1996

Have You Seen This Man? 

The composite to the right is an intuitive impression of what the individual, looks like who it is believed put the bomb on the TWA Flight 800 aircraft. It is further believed that he is approximately 45 years old, approximately 5"10" tall, approximately 157 lbs, green eyes, medium to dark black/brown hair with very slight grey hairs on his temples, and the most stand out feature is; that although he is considered sightly built in stature, it is believed that he has very puffy cheeks (believed to be from excessive stress) which would make him look heavier than he is. The hair outline may be more firm than depicted in the composite drawing because the composite was intuitively viewed from a side angle at the aircraft and there was wind blowing on the tarmack. Furthermore, it is perceived that he was / is an employee of either the catering company or part of the airline staff who were responsible for placing the food bin into the forward cargo hold beneath the first class section.
It is further believed that this individual is either divorced or separated with two children aged approximately 2 and 11 years old. The youngest child (possible male) was in question in the relationship and could very well be the cause of the break up between the parents. An area to consider when searching for this individual could very well lead investigators to the Queens area in New York State.
Looking for a terrorist by the investigative authorities will be similar to looking for a needle in a hay stack because this individual knowingly placed the bomb on the aircraft strictly for money and for no other purpose.

Author's Notes - September 12, 1996 - Update

Locating The Missing Pieces 

If the investigators are truly interested in finding the four pieces which conclusively show exactly where the bomb (explosive device) was placed on board Flight TWA 800 and where it actually detonated, then it would be worth their while to search for those pieces of wreckage at the following coordinates. 

From the exact location of the cock-pit section, at 172 yards, at 256 Degrees true north it is expected that at least one of those pieces will be located. The piece in question is from the inside forward first-class section and it also is expected that that piece specifically will have pitting from the initial explosion. The porcelain fragments initially noted in early reports are fundamental in solving this case and extremely small porcelain fragments will be noted in those pieces recovered at the above mentioned coordinates. 

-- End of Update - September 12, 1996 --

Author's Notes - October 11, 1996 - Update
"Searchers Discover New Debris Field"

Not withstanding that there is still no proof that the investigators would discover pieces of the aircraft which would conclusively prove that a bomb was placed on Board Flight 800 as predicted above, the finding of the new debris field falls into the coordinates as projected above. 

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