update March 6, 2012
Reality vs Fantasy

1.    Globalists - who and what they are

2.    The President of the U.S. is a puppet.

3.    The U.S. Congress is not what it once was.

4.    The terrorists take your freedoms - 9/11.

5.     Television is addictive.  It puts people in a hypnotic trance, and brainwashes them.

6.     The educational systems tell lies, and create cult fanatics.

7.     Many people are like laboratory rats who take in drugs and poison.  Their IQ is reduced.
        They get sick and die prematurely.

8.      Men and women are taught to relate to each other in an unwholesome manner.
         Governmnet interferes in family matters.

9.      What is "Universal Deceit" and how does truth "taste" in that toxic environment?
         Once you awaken and are living in reality, what are the keys to unlock the minds of other people?

10.     What is documented evidence by normal academic standards?

11.      Unity, Love, Life, Fear and Power -- CREATION - UNITY - LIBERTY

          Two groups of people are working towards the mastering of the laws of the universe.

           One concentrates upon the law of attraction       Gary Null "Law of Attraction" Video - Rhonda Byrne "The Secret" Video
           The other's attention is towards the law of karma.      Alex Jones, Gary Franchi, etc.

           Each of the two groups are not meeting their full potential toward bringing...

                                        PEACE, POWER (which includes freedom), AND PROSPERITY

           ...to the planet.  However, together the two groups brought into one force, with attention to the full balance of spiritual
           power, will bring miracles.

         The science of Tyranny.  Physical and Social Sciences vs The Supernatural.

12.      Certain local governments have given power back to the people, and you should attempt to
           bring that reality to your area.


Reality vs Fantasy is an interesting and easy read.  The flyer informs you of his own and others experiences telling the truth in this time of "Universal Deceit."  It is interesting, informative, and instructive.  Click here for the flyer.

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Update March 6, 2012