Transcript of Videotape Series Session 6 of 12

Beyond Human -- The Last Call - Session 6 (60 Min)

Well, there you are again. This is the sixth session in our series, and we're trying something a little different. We felt like we got an instruction to just take a short break after our last session and come right back and continue, because that last session seemed to go in about 30 seconds. When one of our crew went over with that card to hold up "10 seconds," I knew that their clock was wrong, that certainly we hadn't gone through an hour that quickly. But, I hope that we're right, that we do have instruction to proceed. And so we're going to dive right in and pick up where we left off.

In the few minutes that we did break, a couple of things occurred to me as I thought back on what we discussed toward the end of that session, and I want to dive back into a couple of aspects of our last discussion. One is this: We talked about how the door has to be open only a brief time. I didn't quite finish the point that if you really play it out in your imagination, that if there were an organization out there that was saying, "Move out of your world, leave everything," and some literally and physically did that, when you hear more about the particulars of what overcoming is, you could see that if it ever caught on, it would have a significant effect on the structure of things. And it would certainly be a threat and be detrimental to the system that Satan, or Lucifer, has engaged for society at this point in an Age. Let's take, for example, in the churches that began in the New Testament, particularly in the Pauline letters, that as those churches continued to stay in the same town and to teach the Truth (the facts), the Truth had to begin to be watered down and watered down, in order for them to survive. Otherwise, every last follower and every little church would have disappeared. And in order to protect our endeavor of change, in the same way, in '75, we had to disappear in order to be isolated. In other words, we had to be separated out, or lifted out, in order to be free to do what we had to do. And the same thing would have to happen if you continue to take an interest in this. And the further we go, if it speaks to you, then you would recognize that, "Goodness, I'm going to be shortly, literally, physically dropping out...dropping out of the world."

Another point that I mentioned briefly was the martyrdom that occurred 2000 years ago. I said that it certainly isn't necessary as an aspect of overcoming, even though the possibility exists. But I feel that I must mention that religions that elevate such things as martyrdom are certainly against our Father's Kingdom. Our hope is that if this aspect of the harvest is successful, we will be able to do it without too much interference. But if interference is needed in order to bring us more quickly to where we have to become, in order to be survivable in the Kingdom of Heaven, then that's the whole issue that counts. Nothing can happen to us, even though from a human point of view, certainly, things can happen to us. They could hurt us. They could throw us in jail. They could kill someone's vehicle, I mean if it got that violent. Hopefully, the culture we live in here at the end of the Age is a little bit more civilized than that, and we'll put to test, I'm sure, the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion and the freedom to worship God as you choose. It will be put to the test again, no matter how short a time the door is open. We're quite aware that that test will be out there again.

All right, on to the question that was asked as we closed out that last hour, "Is overcoming a moral issue or is it a behavioral difference"? We talked about how it's not particularly a moral issue, even though some things might be more right than other things because they are less harmful. And, in a sense, anything that is behavior not becoming our Father's Household, is immoral - it's wrong. But, in another sense, it's simply not an acceptable way of life. The lifestyle in the Kingdom of Heaven has no place for it; it does not exist. Therefore, if it does not exist, then it needs to be fluffed off, or it needs to be overcome. It needs to be risen above.

Let's say that in the Kingdom of Heaven, since babies do not come in through woman's womb because they - the members in our Father's Kingdom - are neither male nor female, and they seem to all be about the same age, then to still have a mindset at reproductive activity or sexuality, certainly, or even connecting with the family in that way, that is inappropriate behavior. Therefore, in that sense, it's wrong if you are a potential student, if you are in a position in your growth, if you have come to the point of wanting to overcome the world (which I feel that if you're still with us in a positive way, you more than likely have come), and you're probably standing outside that vehicle right now having a hard time with this because "Everything seemed to be going pretty well until I heard this. Now I can't sleep at night. I'm being shattered." And you're probably more indulgent in everything than you ever were before because you just don't know what's going on. And if that's the case, I'm afraid the earmarks might be there, that you might be marked, so to speak, by our Father's Kingdom to be a possible recipient of this.

But just because our Father's Kingdom gives you that gift doesn't ensure it. You still have to pursue it. You have to exert the labor. You have to survive. You have to develop the muscle. You have to be the one to make the choice to continue asking and to move forward, step by step. And nearly every lesson in the lesson plan comes with a difficult hurdle to make, a moment of unpleasantness, at least a moment. Nearly every lesson, not all, but many do.

Okay, who's next?

Student: Well, in discussing the particulars of overcoming, do you want to start with separateness?

Do: Yes, I'd like to go back to separateness. You know, in a previous session, we talked about how "death" is synonymous with "misinformation," "Truth" is "life." If you really went to the root meaning of the Hebrew word "death," it would be "separation from God." The actual, realistic definition of the term as it was intended when the language was created by our Father's Kingdom, and as members of our Father's Kingdom related to those human beings who used the Hebrew language, "death" meant "separation." And separation is, of course, synonymous with overcoming the world. I separate from the world. What we're trying to overcome is separation from our Father's Kingdom. We have been separate. Don't forget, what is it that's coming to life here? It's the soul. Where did the soul come from? Planet Earth? No. The soul was created by our Heavenly Father, created by the Kingdom of God. It was nurtured by Him; it came only from Him. So, in that sense every soul that finds its place in His Household is returning home, like E.T., wanting to go home. If that soul begins to awaken, it knows "I'm going home, even though I don't remember anything about home. It's been so long, and I've been so tiny and so insignificant. And now I'm going to know what home is like, even though I've been many thousands of years have I been separated"!

More than likely, those of you who would choose to separate at this time and let us assist you in your birth, in your going through this canal to the other side, the pangs that you would experience would be unequal to anything that you have ever experienced before. And you can realistically know that - this sounds like we're trying to set you up to feel good about yourself, but that's not really the case - you came from the Kingdom of Heaven to do this. You have been saved; you've been set aside in our Father's Kingdom. You also got a briefing before you left on what you might expect. You got some assistance in picking out a vehicle that you could associate with to some degree, even from inception or conception. And now you have to take over that vehicle, dominate it. The soul has to come to life. The flesh has to become, in a sense, dead, have no voice, just be a living mechanism that will permit you to do what you want to do within the bounds of a lesson ground. So, separation from our Father is the number one, top-of-the-list type thing of overcoming. We're trying to destroy separation. We're trying to get back to our Creator, get back to our only real Father.

Now, our Father's Kingdom, in this particular Age, did associate with the Jews and later with those who followed Jesus (like we've talked about before). Remember way back, in the early parts of the Age when our Father's Kingdom even hovered over the camp, in a spacecraft, or a cloud, and related to them and gave instructions to Moses and to the priests. And the Israelites saw a fire by night, and they saw a cloud by day. It would move and it would follow them where they would go, and they would have a place where they could go and sit and concentrate on the lessons that they were receiving. So, in a sense, our Father's Kingdom actually had a Member from that Kingdom, in a vehicle from that Kingdom, nurturing them, taking them through certain lessons.

But believe it or not, the human beings that our Heavenly Father's Kingdom was associating with very quickly lost sight of the value of that closeness, and the importance of that closeness, and wanted their own way. "I want this to eat." "Well, I'm tired of eating this. I want to eat that. I need to do this...." And so pretty soon the Member says, "Well, I can't tell you what to do. You have to make choices. You're no good to our Father's Kingdom if I force you to do something. I can lay before you what would be best for you, but then you have to make the choice. And if you insist on compromising it, then I'll help you even pick your compromise in the least harmful way to you." And so, that whole business from Egypt and into the Promised Land and all was just making one compromise after another for the sake of the ones who continued to turn away from the will of the Member of our Father's Kingdom that was seeing them through that process.

Let's go on to our next aspect, ok?

Student: You touched on this, but what about independence, doing what you want to do when you want to do it?

Do: Well, I don't feel that I've really touched on it, because boy, is that a booger! If there ever is an influence that's certainly high up in the hard-to-overcome area, that's one that's difficult for many individuals. Lucifer certainly knows how to get a grasp in that one, because that's one of his strong points. That's one he likes to keep you thinking you are happy in and are doing what you want to do when you want to do it. Once you start in the overcoming process, you don't have that freedom. You have the freedom to walk out the door anytime you want to. But when someone is assigned the task of taking you through a birth canal from the human kingdom into our Father's Kingdom, it's not like the one who took the tribes from Egypt into Israel, making compromises because they kept insisting upon it. It's a different timetable. And the Member from our Father's Kingdom who is a Representative associating with you in that transition isn't willing to compromise that much and does not get instruction to compromise that much. They compromise a little and then they tighten the belt again. Because the object is: we have a short time to get a long distance. And in order to take advantage of the short time, then it does require very accelerated forward motion. And that accelerated forward motion does not leave the door open to compromise.

I can remember that in that Wyoming campground that I referred to, after those 9 months of running around holding meetings, all of a sudden Ti and I had to start saying, "We can't get anywhere. We can't have our little meetings. We can't have our sessions, if we're just so disorganized that this bunch is running off to the laundromat at this hour and that bunch is running off to the grocery store at that hour, and this one is doing that." So, we had to have a structure, for the sake of getting somewhere and having some instruction, and making a laboratory classroom out of it, and changing our vernacular and changing our habits and changing our ways. And that structure then immediately became an infringement on "doing what I want to do wh