Transcript of Videotape Series Session 8 of 12

Beyond Human -- The Last Call - Session 8 (60 Min)

Welcome to Session 8. I'm assuming you've just watched Session 7, or you remember still what was on it. We told you then that we're redoing both Sessions 7 and 8 because of some things that we learned in the process that we needed to correct. We're also redoing 7 and 8 pretty much back to back, the same way we did them yesterday.

I want to share with you a little bit of intimate information, because this is Christmas Day, and we're together - at least most of our classroom. For the most part, we're in one place and working on these sessions at this time. We'll have our experiment - or our consuming - together later in the day to be able to spend a little time together. I'm going to ask the cameraman to pan across these members of the classroom who are over to the side, as I talk for a moment, because I want you to get just a moment's glance at some of the class that's sitting there. They look pretty sober, don't they? (Laughter) Pan them once more and maybe they'll crack their faces. You need to get up on their faces instead of their knees. There, get where we can see their faces. Try that once again.

Okay, you can come back to me now. The reason I wanted them to do that was to also let you in on the fact that we had a little meeting in the wee hours of the morning, discussing our update and the reason that we wanted to re-do Sessions 7 and 8. I also asked them, since we are together today, to sit in with us in this recording session and for them to assist me by asking that nothing come out of this mouth, or this vessel, or this vehicle that isn't from Ti's mind, coming through Ti, and from our Father's mind, Ti and Do's Father's mind, as it flows through Ti and through this vessel. If they concentrate on that and help me by remembering that, then maybe we'll be less likely to enter into subject matter that is unnecessary or irrelevant or not on the subject.

To follow through from Session 7, we spoke fairly directly and personally with you as listeners at the end of that session. In order to pick that up, I'm going to dive right in and be personal with you again. I guess I realize what a big jolt it is to your system, even though you might have identified with it, close to the end of that last tape, as we spoke of the "elect," and as we spoke of those who are returning in order to complete their overcoming and enter our Father's Kingdom. Even though you identified with that, we have to also face the fact that as you think of other things and you do other tasks, that identification begins to fade. And the forces and thoughts of this world have you question, "Goodness, have I lost my mind"? and "What is going on"? and "I'm not sure I need to watch that next tape because I could be going down a dangerous road." Part of the aspect of "shortening the days" at the end - or making whatever classroom might be remaining a short classroom instead of a longer one as we had - means that the many tests we were put through, or this classroom was put through over the years, you're going to be put through in a very compact, accelerated period of time. And I know that it's going to be hard on your systems and difficult for you to make the adjustment. But I'm going to go right ahead and even bring up another aspect of it that will make it even more difficult for you. In a sense, it might make it easier for you, because we're facing the facts, we're getting right down to reality.

If in fact we are seeing that as our Father's Kingdom relates to the human kingdom, and as the history books tell us, they relate on a basis of knowing through faith. And because they can't have us motivated by proof, we have to believe in them. If you come this way, if you correspond with us or you let us know that this is something that you must do and you want to start identifying with us, as wanting to be a child in that Kingdom and wanting to rid yourself of your humanness, then you're very quickly going to also realize that you're going to be, in a sense, submissive. You're going to kind of present yourself as putty in our hands because we're representing that Kingdom. And I know this is one aspect of it that is hard to adjust to. In a sense, you have to face right now and continue to face, "Do I really believe that this individual on that camera and these students of that individual, are they really vessels? Are they really of our Father's Kingdom? Are they functioning that way? Is the information that is coming through them that information that I can recognize as from my Heavenly Father's Kingdom? Can I see the pieces of the puzzle falling together? Is it speaking to me? And if it is speaking to me, then I have to also accept the more difficult realization that this is going to mean that I'm also going to have to get out of a situation where I'm simply watching this tape and do the things that this is going to begin to require as we get more into the specifics with you. And so I have to really look very carefully and examine my own belief."

When Jesus said, 'If you believe Me, all those that believe on Me, and come through Me to My Father, He can offer you His Kingdom.' This is the same thing. I mean, you're being put to the test of, "Can I recognize this classroom and this individual that's on the camera as from that same Household that Jesus represented, from that same Household"? It doesn't require any more of you than that. Certainly, I'm not pretending to identify as anything other than a member of that Household, and I know that I'm of that Household. But the question is, do you know that I'm of that Household? And if you don't, I don't want to talk you into it. It's a good time for you to put away those tapes or put them in the garbage can if you don't know that. Because now you're being put to the test: "Do I recognize this information? If I do recognize this information and the information seems true, then I have to accept the packaging. I have to accept the "vessels" as being chosen from that Kingdom to serve in this function."

In reality, that means that I'm actually going to take instruction from these students and from the one that said, "I'm Do." And that instruction is going to get down to specifics and be very literal and very mundane, and is going to give me help in ways I never thought would be necessary in an overcoming process. I mean the "spelling out" of the menu that I might consume, or the objects that might be purchased to use to brush my teeth with, and when I bathe, and how often.

One of the helpers here brought up that the way I discussed partnerships might be confusing to you - you might think that partnerships go into the bathroom or to the clean-up area as a partnership, which, of course, they don't. But I just remembered they had mentioned that the way I expressed it, you might have thought that they did, and so we're clarifying that.

The point is, we're going to get down to the nitty gritty with you. If you come this way and you start asking questions, we're going to answer your questions. You're going to have to realize how mundane those questions actually get, and you're going to say, "Well, does it mean that maybe it would be more right to also wear loose-fitting clothing and not do the other things that we had discussed and..."? Yes, you're going to be tested with, "Can I accept instruction about the particulars from these"? That's a very difficult hurdle.

Look at how many very, very religious individuals had trouble when Jesus came and said, 'It is the Father Who speaks through Me, and I can take you if you follow Me. If you believe what He says through Me, if you believe the words that come out of My mouth, and if you're a disciple of Mine, I'll get you there.' The ones who had the most trouble with it were the ones who were the most religious, because they couldn't accept the packaging. Because the packaging that Lucifer had sold them was so tainted and so "Old English," and so wrapped in such spiritual packaging that it was unrealistic. It was like it had to be fulfilled. It was like wanting the bells to ring and the Heavens to move, and to be the beginning of a Spielberg film, something that really showed all the miraculous aspects. It certainly couldn't be somebody sitting on a video tape telling me that they've come from the Kingdom of Heaven to help me get there, and that in order to get there, I'm going to have to literally and actually face all the little things, the little habits that I have, and change them in order to be a crew member and learn what crew membership really is. And, yes, tha