Transcript of Videotape Series Session 9 of 12

Beyond Human -- The Last Call - Session 9 (60 Min)

Here we are again, and this is our ninth session. I'm going to ask the camera behind me to let you see our helpers today.

Well, in an earlier session I believe I explained to you that we got up early, early, early in the morning, while everyone happened to be in the same place because we had a holiday, and we were visiting, and we had a little lesson which I don't need to get into, because I went over it with you at that time. But here's another little illustration that I want to share with you.

In the quarters where I spent last night, I seemed to sleep only a very short time, not that it's that unusual. I don't seem to require that much sleep, which is fine. But from about 1:30 on, it was as if I wanted to stay in communication with Ti and wanted to see if there was anything we needed to alter, or anything I needed to particularly be aware of that I was not aware of in our sessions. And one point that came in so clearly that was new to me, in a sense, because we hadn't discussed it in the sessions, was that really these sessions are for this classroom. In other words, they're for the students. I feel I have instruction that Ti is helping me - hopefully speaking through me - and so on up the pipeline - it's almost as if I have instructions to make these tapes of these sessions for the purposes that the students will have use of if this task continues.

And so it puts the focus on a little different point, because it's up to them. They don't have clear-cut instructions on what to do with these tapes or these sessions, and we don't make those instructions up. We do a step at a time. I think I've mentioned to you before that very often instructions just come a step at a time, and then we wait for the next one. But we do whatever we have received. And we did receive instructions to try this method of operation here to see if it would work for the teacher to make tapes with the students trying to help with the picture and asking some questions. And, it seemed that our Older Member was coming in to those sessions and helping us with information, and it was working. It seemed we were being used as instruments for their information. And as soon as it seemed to flow as well as it did, even though we know that that could change at any time, then we've just been going on with it. It's been hard to stop. We've almost wanted to not miss a day without doing a Session or two, as long as we felt like we were still getting information to go further.

But I want to make the point a little bit more clearly that these sessions and these tapes are, in a sense, teaching tools for the students - to get that idea a little more clearly in our heads. In other words, my relationship with you in a sense is symbolic, and in a sense it isn't. If this task proceeds, my relationship with you might end up being more as grandfather to grandson, and these students might serve more in the capacity as teacher since they are older than you. I don't know if that has clarified in your mind, but it might have if other things that we have said had added up at this time. If they have completed sufficient overcoming of their own in this task, and they received instruction to put the information out, even though the way that instruction came was to do it in this method, then they are in a real sense going to serve in the teacher role with you, or in a sense, in the "midwifing" or the father relationship, if you don't use that as a spiritual term. In other words, if they have completed enough overcoming that they could move right now into our Father's Kingdom, and even move into a physical vehicle of our Father's Kingdom, no longer occupying the vehicle they are in, whether this one or the one that they're in is changed over into that new vehicle or another one altogether, then they don't need to come back to the human kingdom unless sent. That's the instruction we have received - that that's the case.

So, here's another one of those days where you're put to the test by things that we say, because this could be hard to make a mental adjustment to. Each time we arrive at a threshold of a major move forward, it always tests us. And it usually tests us as "I'm not sure I can buy that." But if you examine things, and the next thing you know you say, "Well, it makes sense. I'll just have to see. I'll just have to play it a step at time." And that's the way you should, just simply a step at a time, and checking, just as we check. And you check with your Heavenly Father. You check with your connection, and see if we have the same one. If we don't have the same connection, then that's a clear indication that it's time for you to cease in this process of letting us serve as the instruments to help you get this picture and get this information that we have instruction to share with you.

Well, we're going to proceed with our questions, and I'm going to ask this student what's first on her list of questions?

Student: Well, I wanted to see if you felt like you wanted to say more about the terms "God," "Lord," and "Older Member"?

Do: Yes, I feel that we should. That's a very misunderstood issue. Humans have a lot of misunderstandings about the term "God." So much so that some, without really stopping and thinking about the implications of it, think, "Well, there's only one God and everything in the Heavens is God's, so there must be only one Creature there." And yet they also think that people, when they die, go there. So, how can there only...? Oh well, it gets kind of confusing. And the term "God," the English term "God" - unfortunately in the translation from the manuscripts of the Bible there were different terms used. The English translators kind of lumped them all into one and used "God," no matter which Hebrew name was used. All these names really meant a member of the Kingdom of Heaven who was assigned a particular task "relating" to the humans. So, if you look at manuscripts and see the different names that were applied, some might think, "Well, that's talking about the different characteristics of this one Person." And they don't stop to think that the "Chief of Chiefs" or the "God of Gods," the Almighty, the Most High God, the Creator in the Kingdom of Heaven, can assign some from His membership to assist Him in tending to the garden, certainly in elementary tasks or tasks that would be elementary to the Creator. And that doesn't mean that they have not even learned how to create, in a garden circumstance.

For sake of clarity and understanding, it would help your head, as it has helped us to understand, as it has been given to us, that the different members of the Kingdom of Heaven who were assigned to relate to the humans in this Age, depending upon the task that was their assignment, ended up with a different "title." And it was more of a title than it was a name. If you know much about the history in Hebrew as it relates to the name that applies to members of our Father's Kingdom, there is some discussion that those names were never to be pronounced and never to be spoken. Some even don't write them except maybe a consonant to start it and then a dash and maybe another consonant to end it. There have been all kinds of theological discussions through the years about the "tabooness" of humans being able to call the names, or to not really know the names.

So, the humans were given titles to use for different members of the Kingdom of Heaven that illustrated th