Investigating Terrorism and Criminal Extremism - Terms and Concepts

                              Latest update of this page September 4, 2010

The people who pull the puppet strings ofthe U.S.Federal Government are getting desperate. Many police and
military have awoken, and verified the facts. So, quite often the feds send out new documents, with sophisticated
propaganda.  One piece of evidence that reveals  many military and police have awoken, and oppose much federal government policy, is
the fact that similar documents, and videos, are leaked to the public, quite often.

Concentration Camp:

Detention camps *supposedly being built,or already built by the United States Government,
according to conspiracy *theorists.

The two words above to pay particular attention to are “supposedly”and “theorists.”After you
check out the conclusive proof  that such camps exist, then you will know you are being lied to.

Do you trust people who lie to you?

Executive Orders:

...The Patriot Movement ...contends that executive orders are “Presidential Laws” that bypass Congress
and subvert the Constitution.”

“Contends” is the word that shows the above a lie. Read the U.S.Constitution, particularly the Bill of Rights. Then read
the executive orders and decide if they subvert the Constitution.

Continuing about the above document,  The Constituion Party is not extremist. It is, simply, a political party.  You swore an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  The politicians who hold office also swear a similar oath regarding the Constitution, whether or not they are part of the American Constitution Party.  So, the candidates of this particular political party, before they are elected to office, make the same promise by being a member of that party.  Did you become an "extremist" when you swore your oath to the Constitution?  I don't believe so.  You are in a capacity to serve the United States.  That entity, the United States, consists of what is written in the U.S. Constitution.  That's the meaning of "constitution," what it consists of.

New World Order is a term used by powerful people who are working to fully implement it, and so-called “conspiracy theorists” who oppose it understand that such a world-wide conspiracy is openly admitted, and positively proven to exist.  Upon further investigation, you will find that the designs of this so-called "New World Order" are opposed to what the U.S. Consititution reveals is The United States.

Oath of Office:

An oath public officials take that “patriots” claim binds them to the patriots’ view of duty. Perhaps the most common charge leveled by anti government extremists is that their public officials are violating oaths of office if they enforce an unpopular law, rule, or regulation.

The above is disinformation.  No, it's not the "patriots' view of duty."  It's the U.S. Constitution.  No, it's not an "unpopular law, rule, or regulation.  It's any of those that are directly contrary to the U.S. Constitution.  It's not "anti-government" to be pro-constitution and opposed to laws that contradict that constitution.  The U.S. Constutition is the SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND.  All so-called "laws" that contradict it are NULL AND VOID.  It's really that simple.