The State of so-called "Israel."

          Paul Craig Roberts        August 18, 2008         American Free Press


[Rev Thomas L. Are] is a Presbyterian Pastor who used to tell his Atlanta congregation, "I am a Zionist."  Like most Americans, Are has been seduced by Israeli propaganda and helped to spread the propaganda among his congregation.

Around 1990, Are had an awakening for which he credits the Christian Canon of St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem and author Marc Ellis, co-editor of the book Beyond Occupaton.

Realizing that his ignorance of the situation on the ground had made him complicit in great crimes, Are wrote a gook hoping to save others from his mistake and perhaps in part to make amends, Israeli Peace/Palestinian Justice, published in Canada in 1994.

Are researched his subject and wrote a brave book.  Keep in mind that 1994 was long prior to Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer's recent book, which exposed the power of the Israel lobby and its ability to control the explanation Americans receive about the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Are documents that the abouse of Palestinians' human rights is official Israeli policy.  Killings, torture and beatings are routine.  On May 18, 1990, The Washington Post reported that Save the Children "documented indiscriminate beating, tear-gassing and shooting of children at home or just outside the house playing in the street, who were sitting in the classroom or going to the store for groceries."

On Jan. 19, 1988, Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin, later prime minister, announced the policy of "punitive beating" of Palestinians.  The Israelis described the purpose of punitive beating: "Our task is to recreate a barrier and once again put the fear of death into the Arabs of the area."

According to Save the Children, beatings of children and women are common.  Are, citing the report in The Washington Post, "Save the Children concluded that one-third of beaten children were under 10 years old, and one-fifth under the age of 5.  Nearly a third of the children beaten suffered broken bones."

On Feb. 8, 1988, Newsweek magazine quoted an Israeli soldier: "We got orders to knock on every door, enter and take out all the males.  The younger ones we lined up with their faces against the wall, and soldiers beat them with billy clubs.  This was not private initiative, these were orders from our company commander...
After one soldier finished beating a detainee, another soldier called him 'you Nazi,' and the first man shot back, 'You bleeding heart.'  When one soldier tried to stop another from beating an Arab for n reason, a fist-fight broke out."

These were the old days before conscience was eliminated from the ranks of the Israeli military.

In the London Sunday Times, June 19, 1977, Ralph Schoenman, executive director of the Bertrand Russell Foundation, wrote: "Israeli interrogotors routinely ill-treat and otrture Arab prisoners.  Prisoners are hooded or blindfolded and are hung by their writs for long periods.  Most are struck in the genitals or in other ways sexually abused.  Most are sexually assaulted.  Others are administered electric shock."

Amnesty International concluded that "there is no country in the world in which the use of official and sustained torture is as well established and documented as in the case of Israel."


American Free Press      May 26, 2008

Supremacism at Root of Conflict in Holy Land

Many U.S. rabbis unable to comprehend the truth: Israel is a horribly racist state

by Alison Weir


While U.S. media almost never report this,. the fact is that [the Christian and Muslim religions] are routinely disparaged, their economic situation is far inferior, their children are taught in school that Jewish culture is superior to all others, and periodically there are outright attacks on their institutions and texts.  In 1980 hundreds of copies of the New Testament were publicly and ceremonially burnt in Jerusalem under the auspices of a Jewish organization subsidized by the Israeli Ministry of Religions.  Today, thousands of Muslims and Christians under Israeli occupation are prevented from worshiping in their holiest churches and mosques.


...Jewish Americans constitute approximately two percent of the American population...

[Alison Weir quotes from books, and includes] "all creation was created solely for the sake of the Jews." [and] "All non-Jews are totally satanic creatures in whom there is absolutely nothing good." [Alison Weir also quotes one of the authors with] "[i]n Israel these ideas are widely disseminated among the public at large, in the schools and in the army."


American Free Press      August 18, 2008      Richard Walker

Israel's Physicans for Human Rights, a group funded by the European Union, has demanded that Shin Bet, the country's internal security service, stop coercing sick Palestinians to become informers in return for medical treatment.

The group also claims that in recent years there has been evidence of the use of torture in Israel's detention system despite a 1999 Israeli Supreme Court ruling prohibiting it.  In particular, two leading members of PHR-Physicans for Human Rights-allege that medical personnel have been "shamefully involved" in the use of torture.


The two PGR executives quote the renowned academic Prof. Daniel Statman, who said the fact torture is reserved for Palestinians and not Jews confirms that it is used to gain control over the Palestinians and to intimidate and restrain them-not to obtain information about a "ticking time bomb."

American Free Press      August 4, 2008

Editor Jim Tucker tells of Israeli soldiers "killing women, children and old men for the sheer "sport of it."

[They]...beckon small Palestinian children with s a smile, holding out candy.  When the child approached, he would be gutted with a bayonet.  [Soldiers killed]... old men for no reason, putting one foot on the prone body and holding up their rifles like hunters celebrating a deer kill.

American Free Press      June 2, 2008 editor of

[60 years ago] Israel was delivered on top of the ruins of hundreds of Palestinian towns and vollages.  The killing and ethnic cleansing...became known as the Palestenian catastrophe -- or Nakba.


[He tells of] "the many thousands [of Palestinians] who were brutally murdered.

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