"I studied the military/government mind-control programmes and techniques in great detail for many years during the late-1990s and across 2000, and the Obama 'phenomenon' is the most blatant mass-mind control operation you could wish to see." DAVID ICKE

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Jerry Price

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2-29-08 update

Jerry, here's a whole page, just for you.  I've scanned your writing by using OCR software, and placed your 2-14-08 letter to the editor on this page.  I checked it for accuracy, made corrections where the OCR messed up, and have taken the garbage you wrote, apart.

I respect the fact that ink, and paper, costs the Huerfano World money.  Multiplied many times over for the many copies, it's expensive.  I like to write about important things there, not you.  Here I have all the space in the world.

Bruce Kettler

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                    Bruce Kettler's writing is in RED.

Jerry Price, your 2-14-08 letter to the editor, with reactions to my letters, are amusing, and to any educated intelligent person who's not drugged to oblivion, they must appear to be without substance.   In letters to the editor, which shouldn't be voluminous, it is proper to tell the reader to look for documentation, especially after repeatedly explaining the methods. Evidently, you're not interested in researching the facts I've exposed, but would rather attack the messenger who revealed them. On web pages, it is not proper to predominantly use footnotes. You use links, which is something you evidently know nothing about. When you don't know how somoething works, then don't talk, or write about it. I think you may know, by now, why that's good advice. Often enough, a linked site, or page, leads to others, and you can verify certain writing as authentic documentation.  Readers can access my letters to the editor, with links, at www.psicounsel.com/comment.html

Huerfano World     February 14, 2008
Dear Editor,

I, like others, have  attempted to dissuade Bruce Kettler from the error of his ways.

Others?  Only you and V.A. Blaine have been making the ludicrous statement that I should not write such things, because I'm supposedly not well educated enough.  That's two people.  Your use of the word "other" makes it sound like more than two.  As I wrote in the "letters to the editor" the truth of what I write, and that it is backed up by documentation, is all that is necessary for me to write what I do.
Realizing that he did not appreciate our advice, I resolved not to respond the his “writings” again.  However; after his juvenile, uncontrolled outburst in response to V.A. Blame’s article, I  feel that a response is imperative.
I don't see my writing as an "uncontrolled outburst."  It was a reasonable response to someone who had been insisting that I was not worthy, and not qualified, to be writing about certain subjects.  If one wants to call attention to another's perceived, not actual, defects, they should not have such glaring defects in the accuracy of their writing.  One does not write that Osama, in Afghanistan, started a war with Iraq.  They should write about things they understand.  People should not write about the internet as part of a criticism of me, if they do not understand how it works.

I too have access to Kettler’s previous LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.  So I got them out and verified that Blaine quoted Kettler VERBATIM. That means that V.A. Blame quoted Kettler WORD for WORD!  Therefore; if Blame’s response to Kettler was ABSURD, then Kettler’s original comments/letters to the editor were also ABSURD.

Of course, your comment above is ABSURD.   It isn't logical.   How do my statements equate to V.A. Blaine's response?

One comment, in particular, that was ABSURD was V.A. Blaine's statement that I'm not qualified to ask questions about subjects of such magnitude because I had not revealed  my "credentials."  Now, both of you have made that statement, so the comment from both of you is ABSURD.  I didn't say everything V.A. Blaine wrote was absurd.

Kettler has obviously done a lot of reading.  Some people have become very educated that way.  For instance, Abraham Lincoln became a lawyer by reading the law books and passing the bar. However; Kettler has NOT know how to construct foot notes. You know those little scribbles down at the bottom of the page that identifies the source of the author’s information.  The format for foot notes has been pretty well fixed since the literati used Latin as the language of the “educated intelligentsia”.  One of those rules is that, “YA DON’T TELL THE READER TO GO LOOK IT UP!” Another one of those rules is that it is the responsibility of the AUTHOR to provide references and evidence that what he says is true! Now there’s a few “ad hominems” for ya Brucie. The rules.established back then have changed very little, down to the present day. With composition being taught in high schools these days, KETTLER should know how to use and construct proper and complete foot notes!
Since you are, in this "letter to the editor," referring to both my "letters to the editor" and my web site, and I note you do not place footnotes, so I can only assume you mean that I should be writing footnotes on my web page.  It is not proper to do that.  We use links.  Now, as for the "letters to the editor" as I told Blaine, "I'm not writing a book here."  I have explained, again and again, methods for the reader to do research.  Most newspapers limit the number of words permitted in a "letter to the editor."  As far as I can see, the Huerfano World is more generous than most.  However, I do recognize that paper and ink, multiplied many times over, is expensive, so I respect the newspaper more than to write with the volume you are demanding.  Since about 75 percent of the public understands how to use the internet, I give references on my pages, which lead to authentic documentation that the reader can verify as authentic.  Take an internet class, and perhaps you'll understand what I'm writing.
Reading a lot of “STUFF’ and partially learning a couple of Latin terms does not make one a well read person able to spout off lots of “STUFF”, without question.  For instance the term “red herring” came into common use when it was discovered that a “dead, red herring” dragged over the trail of someone or something being followed by bloodhounds would distract the hounds and divert them from the trail of their quarry.  By claiming that Blaine was using a "red herring", Kettler was trying to divert attention from his Pseudo intellignet writings by claiming that Blaine was attacking him instead of his writings.
That really impresses me, what you know about red herrings and bloodhounds.  Now, we all know how smart you are.

Are you psychic?  You, supposedly, know why I wrote of red herrings?

That doesn’t stand up to investigation. Why would Blame want to attack Kettler? As far as I know, they are not acquainted. They are not competitors for the same job. They really don’t have anything in common. Therefore; it can be assumed that the only reason that Blaine would attack anything,’ written by Kettler, would be that it is false or unsubstantiated information.
When one writes about the activity of a person, in such a way that it questions their character, that's an attack, and a diversion from the subject matter.  It is proper to attack the facts stated, or opinions that are expressed which extend from accepted facts, but not the person.  Questioning my activity on the internet, whether I stole intellectual property, is a diversion, and it questions my character.  Even the hint of it constitutes an improper debate tactic - a logical fallacy.
Kettler continues to whine that people should explore his website for further information.  I hate using the computer, but just to be fair about the whole thing, I obtained a copy of Kettler’s website.  ALL 42 PAGES OF IT! ...
Quoting the word, above, "website" I have far more than 42 pages on my website.
I found the writings to be tedious, repetitive, incoherent, and verbose.
To someone who's never used the internet, some lines may appear to be incoherent.  One can write a single sentence about a linked page.  Then 3 lines down, one can write another one.  That appears incoherent to one who does not understand what a link is.  However, you gave no examples, so I have no way of knowing what you're writing about.
What documentation he has often appears to be taken out of context, and made to fit what he is trying to prove. I found it to be primarily, forty-two pages of ADVERTISING for writings, pamphlets, video tapes, DVDs, AND OTHER “STUFF”, that people can buy from Kettler, or a publisher. There are a FEW scraps of information, scattered here and there, but by and large, it is just a misnamed catalog of writings, pamphlets, video tapes and other “STUFF’.

That is not the way to document your writings, Kettler!  And you don’t charge the reader for the information to document what you have said!

I, supposedly, charge the reader?  No, I have never asked for money to document information.  The only fees that anyone would have to pay would be off the internet to get copies of legislation from Washington DC, copies from the Library of Congress, video tapes from New Orleans, etc.

Documentation of my writings can be found through links, as I explained in a February 2008 "letter to the editor" and in many previous ones.

AND the way that everything is randomly crammed in there, one cannot tell which piece of merchandise applies to which of Kettler’s
particular articles.
As I told V.A. Blaine in a "letter to the editor," if you don't know how something works, don't comment on the subject.  Banner ads have been routinely placed on pages that have nothing to do with the ads, for decades, by webmasters.
One could end up buying the whole catalog of “stuff” before finding the information one is looking for.

Kettler claims to have a lot of support for his activities in Huerfano County.

What part of your mind did this one come from?  I did state, in a "letter to the editor" that others were agreeing with me in the "letters to the editor" about the war.  I know the war is not popular throughout the U.S., so that's expected.  What does that have to do with people supporting me?  I seek support for the truth, not myself.
That could be true, as radicals tend to make more noise than the general populous.
To a people so influenced by lies, the truth seems radical.  That doesn't indicate I'm radical. It shows I'm normal.  And, when people disagree with proven facts I present, that are dangerous to not know, they are showing that their section of society is going to hell in a handbasket.
On the other hand, I have had total strangers come up to me and compliment me for standing up to Kettler. One gentleman complimented me for twenty or thirty minutes on what a good job I had done, and having ‘the courage to stand up to Kettler.
What, telling me that I'm supposedly not educated, and should therefore not say anything further, supposedly takes courage?   It takes courage to say things that make sense.  You know what would take courage?  It would be for you to investigate the facts I've presented, and actually face the truth you are, evidently, so afraid of knowing.

Several other people I have talked to have expressed the opinion that Kettler should: #1 SHUT UP; #2, LEAVE HUERFANO COUNTY; and #3, TAKE HIS WEBSITE OF OVERPRICED “STUFF” WITH HIM!

"Birds of a feather flock together."  What does that prove?  I don't congregate with people you know, and I'm sure you would not congregate with people I know.
OK, Kettler, I tried to be nice and you wouldn’t cooperate, so now I have done it your way. I have exposed you for not being smart enough to know how SMART you are NOT, for not being educated enough to know how EDUCATED you are NOT.

I wanted to say nothing about your or to you, ever again, but you had to imply that I did not know what I was talking about.

I clarified the correct wording of the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States for the sake of those reading, so they would not be mistaken.  I complimented you about the article you placed regarding the Second Amendment.  If that was some implication, it was only in your imagination.
I was even willing to let that go by without comment, but when you attacked V.A. Blame for defending me...
How do you pretend to know why I communicated with V.A. Blaine in the manner I did?  Are you psychic?  I ignored V.A. Blaine's defense of your writing.  I had other subjects to discuss.
I decided to do it your way! You have neither the education nor the intellectual equipment to win this confrontation.  Are you sure you want to continue this “nonsense”?

/s/Jerry Price

Actually, I'd prefer that you just go away, and forget it.  If you do want to attack me in "letter's to the editor," I will not write in such great detail in the "letters to the editor."  However, I have more space on my web site - more than I could write if I typed for decades, 24 hours each day.  Also, take note that about 75% of the American public is internet literate.  If you choose to continue this "nonsense" I will call attention to this web page in future "letters to the editor."  If you want to have a civilized debate, that's fine.  If you want to place written attacks in "letters to the editor," you will discredit yourself in ways you never imagined.  Your writing, even without any lengthy response from me, has already discredited you.  I know human nature.  I know how that type of writing from you appears to many people.

  June 28, 2007

  Dear Editor,

In a recent issue of the “World” I noticed that a woman by the’ name of Betty Williams took issue with the many military activities of the United States since Korea
and Viet Nam. Like many ignorant and misinformed people, Ms. Williams seems to think that if the U.S. would just quit attacking other people, the work (sic) would have peace.

In Korea and Viet Nam we were requested to defend against foreign incursions. In Iraq we were led to believe that there were aggressive actions by the Saddam Hussein regime that needed to be stopped. Much anti war propaganda has been disseminated to make the U.S. look like the “bad guy” in these events. However if a person studies history we find that throughout history, richer nations have been the targets of poorer but more aggressive nations. Other nations want the perceived wealth of the United States. These aggressions have been disguised under many false motives. Japan attacked the U.S. because of imagined threats in the Pacific area in 1941.

Germany tried to conquer all of Europe and Russia twice in the twentieth century. North Korea tried to conquer South Korea. North Viet Nam conquered South Viet Nam. The list goes on.

I have been told that there are between 1.3 and 2 billion Muslims, of military age, throughout the world. There are more coming of age every day. The Koran says that “Believers, Jews, Christians, and Sabaeans- whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does what is right-shall be rewarded by their Lord; they have nothing to fear or to regret.” (Bir2) (Bir=Chapter)

However; today radial Islamists claim that anyone that does not believe in Islam is a “non-believer” and call for “death to all non believers”. That includes us.
Ms. Williams. You, and me, and everyone else that has not embraced Islam. Is this truly religious, belief or a’ disguised cry to take over the wealth of the U.S?

I would suggest that everyone read the Koran, not as a religious document, but to find out what the radical Muslims have in store for the rest of us.  Only by remaining militarily strong and defeating small aggressions when and where they occur, can we prevent them from becoming larger conflicts.  There is no doubt that the war in Iraq has been handled badly. If I were the Commander in Chief, I would have done it differently.  But I am not, and I can only hope that those in power change their policies before it is too late.  But aggression by any one bent on conquering the U.S. must be met and defeated, or we will be conquered just like the Romans, and all the other wealthy nations of the past.

Jerry Price

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