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Jan. 17, 2008

Throughout the USA, much of the legal system is corrupted.  Your ability to operate politically may be hampered by The USA PATRIOT ACT or the Military Commissions Act of 2006..  Get a resolution to repeal the patriot act passed, along with a provision to make THE MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT void in your area.  That could enable you to later deal with issues such as exposing 9-11 truth with greater freedom and safety.

To get a resolution to repeal the USA PATRIOT ACT in your City or County,  a good web site to learn how to get started is http://www.bordc.org.  If you are experiencing a noticable lack of liberty in your area because of the USA PATRIOT ACT, that issue is a good place to start working on.  There are other reasons to start in your local area, as a buffer, or preventative measure.   A resolution is being reviewed by citizens in Huerfano County Colorado to repeal the USA PATRIOT ACT, and for other issues.

Here is a video clip, showing people getting petitions signed to repeal the USA Patriot Act in their area.  The clip is from the video POLICE STATE III obtainable from infowars.com TELEPHONE: 888-253-3139

There is a handy pocket sized "Citizens Rule Book" which can be purchased for about 75 cents each in lots of 100.  It contains both the U.S. Constitution and information for jurors so they can do what Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, stated in 1902:  "The jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact."  The only clout the judge has to go against the U.S. Constitution, and the PEOPLE, is the ignorance of certain people.  If those reading this would pass these little booklets around to voters in your county, and sell some to store owners so they may, in turn, sell them to customers, the odds would increase that those of you who obey the law of the land, but who may disobey some future tyrannical, unconstitutional "law," would be found not guilty by a jury of your peers.  You can buy from this web site, or call 888-253-3139, and ask for quantity pricing of "The Citizens Rule Book."  If you can afford it, obtain thousands of copies.  One copy is $1.00 plus shipping.

                         VOTE FRAUD       VOTE FRAUD        VOTE FRAUD

Get active to have vote fraud stopped nationwide.  Start in your own area.  Contact organizations to find out what you can do.

Should Scott King, Roger Cain, or anyone similar be County Commissioners of Huerfano County?

The County Commissioners unanimously opposed Amendment 38, according to the HUERFANO WORLD newspaper report of September 28, 2006.  The commissioners opposed the people's right to obtain petition signatures and challenge laws that are unjust or unconstitutional SUCH AS WITH THE RESOLUTION  I PRESENTED TO THEM JULY 19, 2006, and the people's right to overrule county government by enacting resolutions --.  This shows they want absolute control, and the constitutional "WE THE PEOPLE." is apparently not part of their consideration.

Amendment 38 was defeated by 69 to 31 percent in Colorado, according to newspaper reports.  However, I seriously doubt that was an authentic vote count.  There were voting machines in Huerfano County.  See BLACK BOX VOTING for more info on vote fraud.  Other sites that deal with vote fraud are here.

Considering that King and Scott are not protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution, and petitions are not permitted in the county, I recommend that when they are replaced, new candidates be placed who are willing to bring in the HUERFANO COUNTY RESOLUTION.

Mention was made in the newspaper article of some "movement" to  oppose the amendment.  Who, and how many, are in that alleged movement?  Silly excuses were given for the commissioners opposition.

Their disregard of the U.S. Constitution was also revealed on July 19 when I stated, in the Commissioners Chamber, that "9-11 was a fraud."  I, and two others present, proposed a resolution which you can read at http://www.psicounsel.com/huer.html along with a letter to the editor that explained what "fraud" means, and the evidence.

Tell your County Commissioners, and other candidates, you want at least parts of the resolution enacted.  The Commissioners swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution, and the unanimous decision of July 19 (of Commissioners King and Cain) to not acknowledge the merit of any part of the resolution is clearly in violation of that oath.  Do you want a free America?  Start with this county?  After Amendment 38 comes through on the State Level, kick King and Cain out with your votes for opposing candidates in November 2008, or perhaps before then in a recall election, and that will only work if the elections are not rigged in the county.

Sheriff Bruce Newman has been training with FEMA/HOMELAND inSecurity.  In the event of a so-called "national emergency"  if he aids in the enforcement of martial so-called "law" then he, and any deputies working with him, will become criminals who defy the U.S. Constitution that they swore an oath to.   One never knows what any person in office will do.

On July 19, 2006 I presented this resolution to the County Commissioners.   I was told not to say 9-11 is a fraud in the chambers of the Huerfano County Commissioners, by Scott King.   He is not worthy of public office.   The commissioners swore an oath to the U.S. Constitution.  9-11 - the commission of the crime, and the lies about it, are both parts of the fraud.  The USA Patriot Act is a direct result of the 9-11 fraud, it is unconstitutional, and King not only indicates that he thinks it is good for the county, but he continues to refuse to look at the facts.  8 states, including Colorado, consider at least parts of the USA Patriot Act unconstitutional.

At the beginning of the meeting, I asked the Commissioners was whether they had sworn an oath to the Constituion of the United States.  They agreed they had.

In my conversation with Commissioner DeHerrera, (who is not running for County Commissioner again) he asked me how we could protect the county without the USA Patriot Act.  I told him we'd be protected with existing local laws.  He seemed to think the Patriot Act was something sacred, like the memory of those who died would somehow be debased if the Patriot Act was repealed in the county.  The fact is, those who are related to many of the victims want the truth revealed.  I didn't mention this to the Commissioners, but after being repeatedly accused of some kind of, what seemed to me, a sacrilege with DeHerrera's mention of a memorial outside the Court building, I said "9-11 is a Fraud."  We had been limited to 15 minutes, I had been interrupted by others in the room, including the Commissioners, so it was obvious that the fewer words used, with the greatest impact, the better.  I know the perception of some who read the article, and perhaps those in the room, was that the word "fraud" meant the events of 9-11 never happened.  That's not, really, my problem, since the dictionary definition is clear, there was very little time available, and I was not asked to clarify.

Commissioner DeHerrera seemed to think outside laws, and outside authority, would be required to preserve freedom in the County.  I made it clear that they are taking freedom away all over the United States, and could be the means of taking it away here in the county..

I attempted to obtain a committment to appear again in the future, and to give video tapes that revealed the fraud of 9-11, and the tyranny that has come to our land with 9-11 as a phony pretext, to each of the Commissioners.  Both attempts were refused.

Make your voice heard.  Obtain an appointment, and appear before the County Commissioners.  Call 719-738-2370. Here, in greater detail, is a description of what you can do, and why you should do it.

Here is a copy of the *first USA Patriot Act.

Here is an analysis of the *second of a similar nature that was not entirely passed into law.  The title is not "Patriot Act."


Here is analysis of THE MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT OF 2006.

Here is a copy of the Bill of Rights.  Look at both the Bill of Rights, and the USA Patriot Act, and see how the USA Patriot Act takes away liberties granted by the Bill of Rights - part of the U.S. Constitution.  You don't have to have a degree, or be an attorney, to realize that since the Constitution is the "Supreme Law of the Land," that the parts of the USA Patriot Act which contradict the Bill of Rights are null and void.  It's just common sense.

When I handed a copy of the Resolution for the State of Colorado, King wondered why there were no signatures.  He expected signatures on an Internet copy.  The fact of this resolution of over a year before should have been known by him.  He's a County Commissioner.  The fact of its authenticity could have been verified by sending a fax of it to Colorado State authorities with an inquiry.

Since the Commissioners swore an oath to the constitution, they should uphold their oath, and do away with, at least, the parts of the USA Patriot Act in Huerfano County that contradict the U.S. Constitution.  King never asked me what I'd mean by "fraud" in reference to the 9-11.  He never discussed the relationship of that fraud to the fraud of the USA Patriot Act.  Mr. King said he'd seen the resolution I'd presented the week before.  Well, certainly, it was the week before because I bought a copy in advance for the Commissioners to review, but King seemed to think it was less relevant because it was from the previous week.  He didn't seem to know what was in it.  I wonder how much time he invests in his position as County Commissioner, or in learning about legislation, or the content of the U.S. Constitution, or of world events.  See my "letters to the editor" for more information about this encounter.

Click here for Huerfano World Newspaper article about the above encounter with the County Commissioners.

Click here for Signature Newspaper article about it.

Click here for a comment on the articles of the newspapers, along with my comments which were placed by me in "letters to the editor" of the two newspapers.

In New Hampshire, people are concerned about abuses of power in the wake of the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, where there was unlawful gun confiscations.  They are working on getting legislation to make it a CLASS A FELONY for an officer to confiscate guns during an emergency in their State.

If you are experiencing unusual problems in your area with a corrupt legal system, check out this web site.  Also obtain a CITIZENS RULE BOOK, downloadable free from this web site.  It is of utmost importance that all juries in your local area be informed from the CITIZENS RULE BOOK, and that they be supported through the efforts of activist organizations.

Do you want to run for office in your area?  Consider the Constitution Party.  There are other parties that are also outside the mainstream.

You will find many more ideas in the legal section of the links page.  To stay up to date on news that may affect your local area, see this, and the links page news area.

Start a local FM micro radio station.  It's inexpensive with lower power.  Learn the laws, and the experiences of others in the U.S. who are microbroadcasting, before you proceed.  Find out more from this part of the links page.

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