Ex-Congressman: U.S. Government Created Al-Qaeda, Involved In 9/11

Author of San Francisco Chronicle piece warning of internment camps says government bombed its own citizens

Paul Joseph Watson

Prison Planet

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

A former Congressman says that the U.S. government created Al-Qaeda and was involved in bombing its own citizens on 9/11, telling a national radio show that elements of the Bush administration assisted the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.

Daniel Hamburg is a former Democratic Congressman who was elected to the 1st Congressional District of California in 1992 and also subsequently ran for Governor of California, finishing in 3rd place.

Hamburg co-wrote a well-received recent article carried by the San Francisco Chronicle in which he outlined the program to incarcerate American citizens in internment camps, which have already been publicly built, during a time of declared national emergency.

Appearing today on the Alex Jones Show, Hamburg said he was working on an article about missing nuclear bombs in relation to the Minot nuclear warheads mishap and agreed that it was possible the story could be used as a cover for the staged detonation of a nuke to be blamed on Al-Qaeda.

    Former Congressman Daniel Hamburg.

"Any government that could bomb its own citizens in the major city of the country could do anything....you can't put anything past them," said Hamburg, clarifying that he was referring to 9/11.


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"I'm in the assisted it to happen camp - I think there was a lot of help from the inside, this whole thing was not engineered from a cave in Afghanistan," he added.

"The evidence that Al-Qaeda is actually an arm of the U.S. government is voluminous....I know that's true," concluded Hamburg, citing the PNAC group's call for a new Pearl Harbor shortly before the 2001 terror attacks.

"It's hard for people to believe that their government could be as insidious as this one is but the evidence is there," concluded Hamburg. 

EDITORIAL NOTE from Bruce Kettler

Note that The San Francisco Chronicle is a mainstream newspaper.  It's not "alternative press."  This sort of news coming out in the mainstream is unusual.

Bush's Martial Law Plan Is So Shocking, Even Congress Can't See it

Executive über alles as member of Homeland Security Committee barred from viewing post-terror attack provisions

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, July 23, 2007

President Bush's post-terror attack martial law plan is so shocking that even sitting members of Congress and Homeland Security officials are barred from viewing it, another example of executive über alles and a chilling portent of what is to come as constant reminders of the inevitability of terror attacks reverberate.

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D - OR) was asked by his constituents to see what was contained within the classified portion of the White House's plan for operating the government after a terrorist attack.

Since DeFazio also sits on the Homeland Security Committee and has clearance to view classified material, the request would have appeared to be routine, but the Congressman was unceremoniously denied all access to view the documents, and the White House wouldn't even give an excuse as to why he was barred.

"I just can't believe they're going to deny a member of Congress the right of reviewing how they plan to conduct the government of the United States after a significant terrorist attack," DeFazio told the Oregonian on Friday.

"We're talking about the continuity of the government of the United States of America," DeFazio says. "I would think that would be relevant to any member of Congress, let alone a member of the Homeland Security Committee."

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right," DeFazio concluded.

The article also quotes Norm Ornstein, a legal scholar who studies government continuity at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, who told the paper he "cannot think of one good reason" to deny access to a member of Congress who serves on the Homeland Security Committee.

"I find it inexplicable and probably reflective of the usual, knee-jerk overextension of executive power that we see from this White House," Ornstein said.

The only plausible reason DeFazio was barred access to the documents is that the plans for a post-terror attack continuity of government scenario are so abhorrent that to reveal their true nature would cause a public outcry and lead to a major repeal of what is contained in the documents.

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D - OR)

What we already about Bush's recent spate of executive orders, and in particular PDD 51 , is bad enough - the provisions outline preparations for the implementation of open martial law in the event of a declared national emergency.

New legislation signed on May 9, 2007 , declares that in the event of a "catastrophic event", the President can take total control over the government and the country, bypassing all other levels of government at the state, federal, local, territorial and tribal levels, and thus ensuring total unprecedented dictatorial power.

It is important to understand that, although these powers have been on the books for previous presidents, Bush is the first to openly brag of the fact that he will utilize them and officially become the supreme emperor of the United States in the aftermath of a catastrophe that the government itself has said will happen on innumerable occasions.

According to columnist and author Jerome Corsi , the power grab assures that "The president can declare to the office of the presidency powers usually assumed by dictators to direct any and all government and business activities until the emergency is declared over."

Also in May, it was reported that a high-level group of government and military officials has been quietly preparing an emergency survival program named "The Day After," which would effectively end civil liberties and implement a system of martial law in the event of a catastrophic attack on a U.S. city.

Last year we also exposed the existence of a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

The documents that Congressman DeFazio was blocked from seeing likely interlock with both these programs and detail the overarching agenda to effectively nullify what's left of the U.S. Constitution and firmly ensconce George W. Bush as a supreme dictator.

Only by putting enough pressure on the media and in turn the White House to be transparent about what the secret martial law provisions are can we lead an effort to repeal them before the next terror attack, whether real or manufactured, takes place.

August 16, 2007      audio file           part 2 of audio file

Article about this at prisonplanet.com     Complete audio linked from infowars.com
Look for archive of audio.

Red level emergency  -- martial law can be averted by helping to wake up others to this.

Alex Jones, Pastor Butch Paugh, and Jack McLamb heard on this audio.

CIA overthrow of our country.

U.S. Army trained in high treason.

Feds (FEMA) train preachers to quell dissent during martial law.    Martial law could come soon.

May 25, 2007

Jack McLamb, retired police officer was on the Alex Jones Radio Show

He is in touch with Military and Police throughout the U.S.  He believes it's likely the New World Order is planning nationwide martial law soon.  This will likely occur after some "emergency" that they, themselves, bring about.  Martial law means taking children from parents, for one.

Marjorie Cohen is a law professor at the Thomas Jefferson School of law, and she was interviewed October 3, 2006 on the Alex Jones Show, with major criticisms of the MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT of 2006.

AJ    Alex Jones
MC   Marjorie Cohen

AJ   Bush played this scam like it was a defeat of himself, as if he had to compromise.  Then, legal experts looked at it.
        The LA Times wrote that they gave Bush even more than what he had declared previously, and then up until the
        day of the final vote on Friday, they were still claiming that it was a compromise.  I'm having arguments with
         pundants who say, "Oh no, this doesn't affect U.S. Citizens," and it clearly affects U.S. Citizens.

MC:       It affects U.S. Citizens and Yale Law Professors like Bruce Ackerman, Jack Balkins, and several other
               professors in top schools all agree that it does.  Now, they can't be tried in the Military Commissions, and
               they can't be deemed Habeus Corpus, but there are several provisions that do affect U.S. Citizens, and
               one of them, and I think the most disturbing part, is that they can declare you're an enemy combatant
               and lock you up, and it could be indefinately.

AJ        My reading of it, if you tie it into the U.S. Codes, it is even wider

MC      If you look at the Supreme Court's decision in Handy, they say they can call a U.S. Citizen an
             enemy combatant only if captured in Afghanistan...

AJ        950J line 24 - no court justice or judge shall have any jurisdiction to hear, to consider any claim, or cause of action
             whatsoever.  Atty. General Gonzalez tells the courts to stay out of this.  The San Francisco Chronicle wrote Friday
             Gonzales has a new power level above the courts.  That is official dictatorship.

MC      It is.  Can you imagine Gonzalez saying "stay out" to the courts.  That's why the founding fathers
             put 3 branches into the constitution.  The Center for Constitutional rights has already filed a legal
             challlenge to this bill.

AJ         They have it in law, in here, that you're not even allowed to do that.  This is the executive literally declaring
              the peer principle.  They are openly saying that they are supreme, when in truth it's co-equal branches.

MC        That's true, and we'll see whether the courts actually take this test case or not...

AJ          Even Hitler didn't stuff like this down on paper.  This is outrageous.

MC        It's terrible.  And also, keep in mind that Kellog, Brown and Root, which you probably recognize
               as a subsidiary of Haliburton, Cheney's company, is building a huge facility at an undisclosed location
               to hold tens of thousands of undesirables.

AJ          That was in the Houston Chronicle.

MC        Yes, it was, absolutely.

AJ          REX 84.  I've got the senate hearings where they admit the camps are for the American People...

MC:       Bush... has almost 2 more years to declare as unlawful enemy combatants, against our rights to dissent, people
              like you and me who write articles.

EDITORIAL NOTE:  The above is not the complete interview.  There are slight changes for brevity or grammar.
                                     Audio files available at GCN LIVE.

Alex Jones says he believes the globalists are planning another attack as a pretext for nuclear war against Iran.  This would mean WW III.  He projects this event to occur sometime between now and October.  He urges everyone to make a special effort to inform as many people as possible.  The more people who understand the fraud of 9-11, the less chance that most people in America will believe the new fraud.  The more people who know the truth, the less chance that the globalists will carry out the attack and bring martial law throughout the U.S.  See the WHAT TO DO page, and make a difference for humanity.

It may be that a war against Iran will be the pretext to round up Americans in the U.S. who are of mid-east extraction -- as they did the Japaneese during WWII. Along with those people will come "sympathisers," which will be lumped in with dissenters: anyone who disagrees with the war of the US against Iran.

FEMA trains pastors in about 13000 counties nationwide to assist as PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS operatives in gun confiscation, livestock confiscation, forced vaccinations, drugging, and forced relocation
EDITOR: Bruce Kettler

The Alex Jones radio show (not affiliated with Bruce Kettler or PSICOUNSEL)

Show date: May 23, 2006      UP = Unidentified Pastor
                                    AJ = Alex Jones
                                    CA= telephone caller on the show

Learn more about FEMA here.   The latest on Martial law.

NOTE: Pastor is, to date, not publicly identified but his documents, and his statements, have been checked out.
             He is operating under cover, but later he will publicly identify himself.

             Not every word spoken is reported here, and these are not necessarily word-for-word
            quotes, or in the order spoken..

             See the Alex Jones web site for documents, and hyper links, that verify the authenticity of the account.

UP:     In March 2006 I was invited to attend a local meeting of the Federal Emergency
           Management Agency - FEMA.  It was for natural disasters: tornados, floods;
           acts of bio terrorism, or a nationally declared emergency.

           I was told that my job, as a pastor, was to get with my congregation, and preach to them
           Romans Chapter 13.  That says they will obey the higher powers - the government.

           I was told to quell the "cowboy mentality" of the person who won't give up their guns,
           or their property.

           This has to do with a federal or state mandate for quarantine, relocation, or a declaration of
           martial law based on disasters.

AJ:     I've read Romans 13.  The entire Bible is about people standing up against evil, paying the price,
           and speaking truth to power.  Then, they claim, by taking a sentence out of context, that we're
           supposed to submit to whatever government says.  If that were the case, we should have
           submitted to Hitler.  The founding fathers of the U.S. shouldn't have fought the British.
           John the Baptist shouldn't have gone before Herod, and none of the Christians would have
           been martyred.

UP:     We were told, "You all are trusted, and you'll be preaching this ahead of time, and you can
           stand in the neighborhoods and tell people this is for their own good."

AJ:      How many of you listening have preachers on the payroll?

            How many are being brainwashed to tell you to submit to gun confiscation and martial law?

            Do you wonder why your preacher is telling you all this stuff?  It's because they are on the payroll.

            Right here in Austin Texas, we've confirmed that some of the biggest church pastors are now
            secretly FEMA officers.

UP:   They said, "We're going to teach 'mental health'  to the pastors.  We won't call it 'mental health,'
          we'll call it spiritual care.'"

          In the event of a quarantine, called "social distancing," the role of the health district,
          local and country-wide, will be to provide public information, and prevent the spread
          of disease.  In the event of any outbreak, or bio terrorism, there will be mass vaccinations.

          We went from a focus on some kind of natural disaster to the bird flu.

AJ:     Notice, at first it's, "Come on, it's for hurricanes, no it's for bird flu." and about a month into it, then
           it's for people who might want to overthrow the government.

           Now they are going to have the animal ID act, with $2000. per day fines, and microchips.

UP:    They are pushing up their time line to get everything done by August 31.

           They want pastors to recruit other people for citizen's corps.  That would be
           people going around checking doors.  The benefit for pastors and citizens
           corps is that they, and their families, will be on a higher list for vaccinations
           and anti viral pills.

           Three months ago, they called them "relocation quarantine centers."  Now
           they call them "community aid centers."  They are activated at the local schools.
           This is where the food and corps volunteers will be.

AJ:     That's why they are putting fences around schools, making them mini prisons, with
           cameras, doors that automatically lock down, with wire mesh in the windows.

UP:    I talked to Pastor Butch Paugh and just briefly mentioned Y2K.  (year 2000 computer shut down)
           The government got just  what they wanted, even though Y2K did not happen.  Everybody's
           online.  Everybody's networked.  People are already panicking.  I have chickens in my back
           yard [bird flu], and they called the authorities, because they know who to call.

AJ:     Bird flu doesn't need to break out for them to have a smokescreen to create a secret tattle-tale squad.

UP:      Pastor Butch has material on this subject.  People are being asked by the government
             to give their essence, their soul - who they are.

EDITORIAL:  Matt. 10:28

            “...fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul."

                          Matt. 16:26

            “...what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

UP:     When there is a relocation program, they will have roads cordoned off for the public.

AJ:     They already have the choke points, and lock downs ready.

UP:     Neighbors spy on each other, then call the local sheriff or the health department.
            People are already of the mind set to accept that kind of authority.

            They have a program called “peer-to-peer.”  They train people to oversee the
             neighborhood.  Others are trained to watch their own family.

AJ:    This is just drilling people for Martial Law.

            Four years ago I didn't believe it.  Then I confirmed it in federal orders.  The
            former head of the KGB [Russian equivalent of the German Gestapo] was
            hired by Homeland Security before it even got funding.  At the same time, the
            former head of the Stazi was hired for consulting.

AJ:     The government psychology experts know that the people are aware that something is
           dangerously wrong.   Then they misdirect the fear to their neighbors, or a disease,
           or "terrorists" - away from themselves.

EDITORIAL:   II Timothy 1:7

          "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and
            of love, and of a sound mind."

               John 8:32

          "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

AJ:    The pastors led the revolutionary war against the British.  Now they are
          going to lead the way to the destruction of America.

EDITORIAL:   What is the difference between the 1700's, and today?

                     II Tim. 3:1

                         "...in the last days, perilous [dangerous] times shall come..."

                          Never before have so many who profess belief in Jesus shown themselves to be so
                          far removed from the teachings of Jesus.  They...

            "...have a form of godliness, but deny the power thereof..."

                         It is time to come out of the churches, and meet informally in your homes.

                          Rev. 18:4

            "...come out from her my people..."

CA:    As soon as the police do their dirty work for them, they're going to line them up against the wall.

AJ:    The Romans, the Austrians, the Germans, whoever aided them were killed by those
          who hired them, because they could not trust somebody who's a traitor.

EDITORIAL:  Sheriff's, police chiefs, pastors, you gained the trust of the people.  If you lead the
                          people to slavery and death, you will have betrayed them.  Those whom you serve,
                          like Homeland Security - FEMA, will then not trust you, because you can just as
                          easily betray them.

AJ:    There are training manuals, documents, and news articles about this on the Alex Jones website, with hyper links proving all of our claims.

AJ:     This is a soviet style, secret police, operation, recruiting our pastors to pacify the public for martial law, gun confiscation,
           forced inoculations, and forced drugging.


May 29, 2006 American Free Press

"...the Bush regime has awarded Haliburton $385 million to build concentration camps in the United States... [which] epitomize the horrors and inhumanity of the Stalin and Hitler era."
Paul Craig Roberts, PhD -- former editior at The Wall Street Journal  --
1981,82 served as assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy.