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Jim Modlish Pastor Huerfano Community Bible Church

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           Jim Modlish quote:
If you love America you're in the right spot.  If you don't, see us afterwards, we'll ship you overseas.  We hear they're looking for folks like you down in Cuba.  We can accomodate that.  We'll take the free ride, the ticket, the whole bit, right?  But, I presume if you're here you love America.  We share that sentiment.  We really strongly do.

Above, Jim Modlish, Pastor of Huerfano Community Bible Church
                                                603 Leon
                                                Walsenburg, CO 81089


The recording was the 4th of July, 2009.  I was the person with the camera.  I'd been giving out the FEMA camp
FLU videos to those at the meeting, and other literature.

I gave out DVD's at the opening service at his church.  It was "Save the County." near Christmas day 2007.  He confessed to
being a 501-c-3 church.

On another occasion, I gave out fliers to his congregation, on windshield wipers.  He sent me an e-mail, threatening to have me
"prosecuted" if I persisted with such activity. I was just asking if he was warning his congregation of certain perils.

From: Linda Modlish ( You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as unsafe
Sent: Wed 2/27/08 10:41 AM
To:  xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mr. Kettler...

I didn't appreciate you distributing your propoganda on the vehicles of our congregation Sunday morning.  It appears to me that you are one of those clowns that can't get your own crowd so you prey on others.  I called the chief of police,     and he informed me that we do have the right to file criminal charges against this kind of activity.  Be sure of the fact that if it happens again, we will do so.  This should make your day; now you have more cannon fodder to rave on in your letters to the editor.  You insinuated in your propaganda that you know what I believe and teach; you have no idea what my theological bent is.  Perhaps you should consult the Scriptures, and see what they say about the sin of presumption.

                                 In Christian charity,

                                 Jim Modlish
                                 Huerfano Community Bible Church

Now, his statement of July 4, 2009  is veiled.  However, let's put some facts together, and you decide what he meant.  FEMA has been training, and paying, pastors to lead their flocks in the direction that our nearly completely taken over US government wants them to, to submit to transportation to FEMA camps, confiscation of guns, and relinquishing of property.  The numbers of these pastors throughout the US is staggering.

Cuba has a US detention facility.  In that facility they torture people, without trial, and without due process.  They call all the
detainees "terrorists."  They are supposed to be enemies of the United States.

You put the pieces together, and decide, for yourself, what he meant.  If you are not up with the latest news, then look further
at this web site, particularly "True News" and find out about FEMA, and what FEMA trained pastors are about.

To: Jim Modlish
From: Bruce Kettler

[I asked him much the same as what is here, in a letter to the editor.  As of September 16, 2009 no answer from him.]

I cannot ascertain, for certain, who you were addressing on July 4.  Was someone, or a number of people, in the audience who did not "Love America"?

Or, did you think there might not have been?

I, really, do not know.  However, I have to ask people, looking at the video, and examining your past actions, what their opinion is.

Knowing how many true patriots are accused of not "Loving America" by brainwashed people in this great land of ours, I must ask this question.  What is the "America" you love, and are teaching others to love?  If it is the centralized authority in Washington, DC, a largely rogue government nearly completely taken over by foreign interests, then you should move to Communist China where centralized authority is worshiped by a few, and hated by the oppressed masses.

The America true patriots love consists, mainly, of the people, "We the People."  We should love our neighbor as ourselves, said Jesus.  If you love America you will warn the people, and tell them what political action can be taken (two examples: Calling Congress, and enlisting the aid of  local government) to avoid the peril the people in this land face, and you will tell them sin has brought this judgement upon America, and repentance will bring aid from the Almighty.

The people who fought for, and left us the Constitution of the United States were patriots, and they loved their country.  True patriots, today, have recently lost their lives, and have been imprisoned for supposed "crimes" (speaking out) against a tyrannical state that has usurped, and perverted, the powers of the U.S. Government.  True patriots speak out against such tyranny.  It is for that, and other, reasons that many States are legally asserting their 10th Amendment rights of sovereignty.

If, and when, it ever comes to masses of innocent people being hauled off to FEMA camps, I do hope you are not one of the huge number of  "preachers" all over the U.S. telling the people to do just what the government says, because it's supposedly "of the lord."