What's happening to so-called Psychic and Paranormal

Investigator, Del Mulroy?

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Infamous so-called "Psychic" writes on Mar 20, 1998:

I was featured on national television in the United States for my abilities in 1995.  There was proof on the show that I had posted an airliner crash on the internet in 1994 approximately eight days in advance, including the airline name, amount of people on the plane, the amount to live and die, the reason of the crash, the type of plane and correct coloration of the fuselage.
Within the past few years he was asking his old enemies to forgive him, attacking old friends with lies, and writing irrational and incoherent rants.  One wonders about this illness, and to what extent it has affected him.


                                    Dan Kettler © 1998-2005       Was there really such a crash predicted?

 Latest revision of these pages June 2005

At one time, Flagship had some information on his site about Mulroy. Flagship1 of the paranormal had this URL about Del Robert Mulroy.

January 2001 UPDATE    Mulroy asked: "Re: Can anyone set the record straight about Wollman
                                                     canceling posts?"  I answered, and he ignored the answer  Click here
                                                     The page also contains comments from Mulroy about my alleged
                                                     "hatred," along with my replies to that.

December 2000 UPDATE     This is a post from USENET, in which Mulroy depicts pseudo-skeptic-fanatics as innocent,
                                             while blaming all the problems of USENET on paranormalists who supposedly "disrupt."

November 2000 UPDATE   This is the debate about what is on page 7 of the Mulroy pages.  Page 7 is about
                                                     Mulroy's alleged medical condition, the leg deformity, the diabetes,
                                                     and the alleged terminal condition of an "undiagnosed" mysterious illness.

June 2000 UPDATE link 1 link 2 link 3 of posts in alt.folklore.ghost-stories, defending John Fitzsimons, after someone posted the
                                        pages about John Fitzsimons.

May 2000 UPDATE about the death of a 10 year old girl caused by a "rebirthing" therapy

DENVER (Reuters) - Police Thursday arrested three people for conducting a
controversial "rebirthing" therapy on a 10-year-old girl who died after being
wrapped in a blanket despite telling them she could not breathe and was going to die.
What does Del Robert Mulroy say about the above?  What are my comments about that?

Del Mulroy says he has been investigating and reporting Paranormal Phenomena:

                        Psychic Detectives
                       Haunted Houses
                       Ghost Phenomenon
                       Remote Viewing

                                             ...and other similar phenomena

Home Pages of Psi Counsel, Inc. Psychic Counseling, and links to important information about enhancing one's own psychic powers.  There are links to other paranormal-type sites, and information about scientific study of psychic phenomena.

On Mar. 24, 1998, Del Mulroy threatened, me, Dan Kettler, the author of these Web Pages by first stating:

...shameful lie you have there about the medical condition that is inflicting my legs as having also affected my brain.
I will respond by stating that, until June 1999, I had never stated that a medical condition definately affected Del Mulroy's brain.  I had no acquaintance with Del Mulroy's doctor, nor did I have access to any other source of such information until I read Del's own statement during May 1999 in the USENET newsgroups, and prior to then I had never made such a statement of facts regarding Del Mulroy's mental or physical condition.

On With Del Mulroy's threats and ultimatums:

I will never stop with the... [inflammatory USENET posts until you - BDK] explain yourself in public, apologize... remove that page completely. [Common Internet usage of "page" reveals the meaning is understood as a number of pages]
More inflammatory writing, called "flames" on the Internet::
...an act of a coward and a malicious intent to try in some way in your light to discredit me.
He calls me a "coward," and says I'm "malicious."

And, he writes that if I don't comply with his ultimatums, he will:

...repost every single post of yours from 1996 to this news group again...
From the above, he seems insensitive the the readers of the newsgroup, alt.paranormal, who are not interested in his vendetta, but would rather read about the paranormal.

More of his threats:

...I will go at a pace that you will never be able to see daylight in.

I will market your name into the ground until the day that I do die...

...book project, I will dedicate a page of shame in your honor...

I will take an add out in your home town news paper and advertise your web site of shame...

I will enlist help in my cause to see that you remove that lying web page about me.  [In Internet language, that means multiple pages]

...you won't be able to walk into your own city library or book store!

That's a lot of ranting and raving about some delusion of a supposed lie - more fiction from the mind of Del Mulroy.  It's available in the Google archives as Message-ID: <3517E710.C45A18@winternet.com> for 24, March 1998 in the newsgroup alt.paranormal from  "Del R. Mulroy" <neykomi@winternet.com> <Specific posting in Google link>

During 1999, the assault continued from Del Robert Mulroy, unprovoked and with obvious deceitI condensed certain portions of these pages and posted them
directly, rather than just referring to the URL address of these pages.  This was defense, and it was done by a counter-attack with words of truth.  When you use
the truth as a defense, that action is justified.  I have placed pages about Net Censorship and Terrorism (NCAT).

When references to URLs do not suffice as a deterrent to attackers in newsgroups, then start dividing portions up, and posting them completely each day.  As an
example, divide your information into 10 portions, and then post each portion every day.  Be sure you are not cited for "spam."  Repeat the posting after number 10
is finished, and commence again with number 1.  Do this until the attacks stop.

In conjunction with the above threats, and during the time I did not comply with the demands, a huge number of postings appeared in alt.paranormal.  The reader may download most of these postings in the form of a "zip" file, which breaks down to 6 approximately 100 K "txt" files.  These posts show the exact wording of the controversy about the demands that I remove these web pages.

The discussion involved people who had posted about the paraormal for a year or more, such as John Fitzsimons, Earl Curley, John McGowan, and myself.  Some of the pseudo-skeptic comments were included.  Evidently, a very high volume of posts during the days before Mar. 30, 1998 were from John Fitzsimons, who:

On Mar. 30, 1998, in reply to my:

         Your posts number about 15 per day.  You
         habitually promote conflict.

...he wrote:

         Only 15 ? Gee, I must see if I can do better
         than that.....perhaps tomorrow ?

John Fitzsimons had taken the position that these web pages should be removed.  Others argued against both John and Del Mulroy.

Link to WEB site of Del Robert Mulroy's, known about as of Jun. 2003

Site number 1

Site number 2

Site number 3

Click to send e-mail to Del Robert Mulroy

The Frequently Asked Questions and Answers of alt.paranormal

To know who wrote what in the newsgroup, alt.paranormal, while looking at these pages, just note >> these marks, and if you notice them, they will help you to see at what place a different person wrote.   Other text is indented to show the point where a different person wrote.

Del Robert Mulroy, during July 2000, has his credibility questioned by myself and others in the newsgroups.

Del Robert Mulroy--his writing, as seen by Raymond Karczewski.

Del Mulroy says he "had a hatred for some skeptics."

Can a person write 5 lies in 1 post?  DEJA shows it here.  To
access DEJA for proven history of any posts on these pages, click here.

How about March 2000, was Mulroy still lying about Dan Kettler?

How about Aug. 1999, was Mulroy still commenting about Dan Kettler?

How about July 1998, was Mulroy still attacking Dan Kettler?

During April 1999, Del announced who his "heroes" were, and continued
with what he usually writes in newsgroups.

What of the "Shameful Truth "discussed during May and June 1999? How did Mulroy show probable shame through silence, when asked an important question repeatedly.

What medical condition did Mulroy discuss during May 1999, which lends weight to the idea that it has affected his thought processes, adversely? What medical condition induces the desire for suicide, and causes problems with one's legs?

Mulroy's writes much about suicide.

What was Del Mulroy's renewed attack during May and June 1999 and what are the possible reasons for this hostility? How does "hatred" influence a medical condition? What is the level of metaphysical awareness of Del Robert Mulroy? All these questions answered on this page, with examples from Del Robert Mulroy's own writing.

What does Del Mulroy say about tits?

Why does Del Mulroy write derogatory remarks and lies?

What does Del Mulroy argue about a newsgroup FAQ-answers and Charter?

In Del Mulroy mind, are science and the paranormal necessarily apart from one another?

Is experimentation with dowsing analogous to jumping off of a bridge?

What has Del Mulroy written about attacking people?

The Randi Challenge, to Del, in 1996?     The Randi Challenge in March 2000

How about this illness, which could be terminal, of Mulroy?    Mar. 2000 comment on that alleged illness.   Here's another.

How accurate are his personal attacks on newly created enemies?

            Example 1

            Example 2

            Example 3

            Example 4

            Example 5     reference to N.Y. Times article about BDK


DRM:     Most only want to see science involved in it's
DRM:     verification.  Science folks would believe in...

[Note DK is Dan Kettler]

DK:       I have nothing against science, and have
DK:       written that fact many times.

DK:  I find much value in science.

DK:  I wrote about pseudo-skeptics, and you replied about "science."

DK:          http://www.psicounsel.com/scistudy.html

DRM:  One study does not prove anything...

DK:  I referenced the above URL, which apparently you never
        accessed, that had links to a number of studies.

I'd written:

DK:  Who wrote anything about "science folks"?  The people
DK:  I referred to [pseudo-skeptics] have hardly anything
DK:  to do with science.

DRM:   ...can't beat down science and say that one
DRM:   study proves psychic and or paranormal phenomena.

DK:   You are separating science and paranormal
          phenomena, in the above statement.

Below, you wrote the same idea:

DRM:  ...a difference between those who believe
DRM:  and work within science called scientists,
DRM:  and your belief in the scientific
DRM:  study of the phenomena through SCIENTISTS.

DK:  Here, below, you don't separate science from the
paranormal, but seem to think there _is_ "scientific
study of the paranormal."  It seems to me that
what you negate, above, "scientific study of the
phenomena through SCIENTISTS," your words above,
would relate to "scientific study of the paranormal,"

DRM:   ...a few that do care about the scientific
DRM:   study of the paranormal.

DK:   It seems you have a prominent method of argument against the CHARTER and
         FAQs, or certain actions and ideals of paranormalists in the newsgroup alt.paranormal,

DK:   The principal method of argument is to deceptively discredit the messenger,
          rather than rely upon your deception about the messages delivered.

[Note DK is Dan Kettler]

DK:  You employ deceptive attempts to discredit me personally by reference to a WEB
DK:  site that others have reported (for a short time over a year ago) had a so-called "tits"
DK:  background on the main page.  It is now on a different page referenced below.

DK:    One method of deception was a melodramatic reference to teen suicide, attempting to link that, possibly, to my WEB page.

DK:   The so-called "tits" are obviously a caricture,
DK:   not real at all:


I wrote:

[Note DK is Dan Kettler]

DK:  ...How do you get that my tits background was
DK:  for teens to solve their problems in life?

You replied:

DRM:   ...you admitted you have a "tits" background...

You wrote:

DRM:   You admit in your own statement that you had
DRM:   tits background for teens on your web site.

DK:   I have never written that I had a "tits background for teens"
DK:   at my web site.

DK:  This person who's posting, writing that I wrote I had a "tits background for
         teens," is an obvious liar.  I have never made that statement, nor have I hinted
         at such. This person has also attempted to discredit me through other deceptive
         "spins" in a number of recent postings.

Del R. Mulroy <neykomi@winternet.com> wrote in article <350D8F98.FB24DA15@winternet.com>...

> Edmond Wollmann wrote:


Del R. Mulroy wrote:

DRM:     Nail this puppy to a few groups and call it good.
DRM:     Bah, what am I talking about.... I've only been
DRM:     here since 1994.

Del R. Mulroy has "since 1994," but the writing from this person is quite different than what I've read of him.  In a certain post, quoting this person, I showed the difference.  It's not the views shown, but the problems this person has with analogies, logic, and clear thinking in his recent postings to alt.paranormal.

Writing that a stunt motorcyclist has attempted to become "exempt" from the law of gravity is far from reality, and makes much less sense than any writing I've ever seen from Del Mulroy.

To act upon a belief one is "exempt" from the law of gravity and to thus be injured would be something like jumping off of a building, having thought one could fly.

The methods of a stunt motorcyclist, if successful a significant number of times so as to earn much money, takes gravity into account.  The occasional miscalculation causes accidents.

Another example of the complete lack of logic in this person's writing was comparing attempted dowsing, or writing about it without prior scientific investigation, as analagous to jumping off of a high place and not taking into account the injury one could encounter.

Before reading these recent posts, I've never known Del Mulroy to attempt to write anything that was void of logic.

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