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When reading all these distorted facts and outright lies about me, many must ask themselves: why does Del Mulroy do this?

Well, it's a tactic, of his, to smear the opponent, rather than deal with the issues the opponent has raised.  He utterly failed to make his points show as true about pseudo-skeptics and what they, typically, do in a newsgroup, how little, supposedly, people leave because of them,  or about what a newsgroup charter actually is.

Even as late as July 25, 1998 Del was writing this about me:


Won't be long and he will be another awarded kook of something in no time.  What amazes me is that another national reporter hasn't picked up on him yet, or even a skeptical magazine of some sort.  There just isn't justice in this world anymore.
He writes more that he perceives, mistakenly, people are mocking his legs:
...tell me how much you and Bruce [Dan Kettler] have made it a point to mock my medical condition.

After private attempts to convince the author of these pages, Dan Kettler, that he should remove web pages about himself, Mulroy continued his innuendo and deception, again during April 1999...
These are some of his announced heroes:

Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 06:01:11 -0700

In the above listed posting to USENET, Del R. Mulroy writes:

"....why not take a moment and reflect who made us who we are."

"Who are my heroes?"

                   Dr. Postman,
                   Dan Pressnell,
                   Matt Kriebel
                  John F. [itzsimons]
                  Lou [Minatti]

These three listed, as Del's "heroes," have pages devoted to them, and the reader can find out about them by linking directly...

         digger (Blaine Henry)

         John Fitzsimons

         Dan Pressnell

Others can be learned of by using GOOGLE, or  this link -- finding my posts addressed to them
with their names in the headers, particularly Matt Kriebel, Dan Pressnell, Sherilyn, and Widdershins.

These people are notable liars, people who denigrate character on USENET to discredit the writers, and through that, the paranormal, astrology, and spiritual teachings.

Well, Del, if these people made you "who [you] are" then it would seem that, comparing your past and most recent writing on USENET with their past and present habits, that you are presently, in April 1999, one who publicly, and falsely, denigrates people's character.

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