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Mon, 26 Apr 1999 03:34:45 -0700
Subject: Re: Matt Kriebel is a pathetic liar <was>Re: How to Reclaim These Newsgroups

Del writes:

       My entire life has endured more pain then
       most will live in multiple lifetimes.

And he lists:

       ...blamed in the local media for three days for
       one of my best friends suicides

      ... lost my mother, age 45, from being a down winder
      to the US nuclear testing

      ...ran over an armed robber...

      ...watched kids...kill themselves...

      ...My own physical condition...legs, broken by two police officers...11-15 years
      from the time they hurt me until the time that I die...

      Following my suicide in 1992...

      My 6 year old cousin's suicide in Minneapolis...

      [Mulroy's] life expectancy of 3-5 years...

      ...been a very lonely person since 1992...

      the "shameful lie" was told... ["shameful lie" about Del Mulroy, told by
                                                             Dan Kettler? see page 1]

Subject: Re: How to Reclaim These Newsgroups
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999

"Aldous Tyler" <> wrote, referring to my pages referenced from

Now, besides the declaration that the contents of the page are "lies"
and such, what USEFUL, HONEST criticism does anyone have for the site in
question?  And, I'm not referring to "it's kooky garbage" or the like.
Any first grader can come up with more valid arguments than that.

Matt Kriebel, one who is a habitual liar on USENET, answered with the

How about the simple fact that most of the time it is impossible to figure
out when he is quoting and when he babbling. Furthermore, look at the
excess use of hyperbole in refering to his opponents as 'CULTISTS'.
Del replied:
The page will never hurt me in the future.  I have achieved a quality of life that is my own and very solid in footing in spiritual views void of hate.  Deep inside, I am just a kid that had his life stolen by circumstances out of my control.

Del wrote April 26, quoting me...

> > There are degrees of fanaticism amongst CULTISTS.  Some will
> > commit suicide in support of their cause, others will not.
> > That does not make the use of the word "CULTIST" inaccurate...
> >
> >

Del Mulroy says...

I sincerely hope that some day we as people can look each other in the face and not label someone because of their looks, dress, views on life etc.
Dan Kettler writes:
The looks, dress, or views on life have nothing to do with my
descriptions, and accurate representation of deception, libel and attempted control through influence shown at cult.html.
Del comments, with a hint of my writing about cultists having some similarity to intolerance.  He links that by a vague innuendo to intolerance indirectly causing murder in the infamous high school shootings during April 1999 in Colorado:
Columbine, Colorado was the product of years of labeling and taunting from those more popular in school than Eric and Dylan.  Despite me being the #1 ranked High School Drummer in South Dakota from 1985-1988, I was no one in my school....

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