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June 10, 2003 UPDATE     This is the USENET debate with Mulroy and others about what is written on this page.

For complete text of excluded portions, which had been left out for brevity, check DEJA.

This page is about how a medical condition can affect the thought processes. It contains quotes from Del Robert Mulroy, telling how he collapsed in a mall, what that condition was, and how it was connected with the condition of his legs.

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Del Robert Mulroy reports, in a public posting Wed Jun 02. 1999
TIME: 06:19:00

I collapsed at a local mall a few weeks ago with a blood sugar of 1251. ...I lost all my eye site for 30 minutes...the muscle lining of the eyes was damaged and I could go blind at any time.

Also, the blood sugar level is so out of control that I am not able to be stabalized. For those who know of this condition of diabetes, they were using 16 units of insulin per hour for 3 days and could not get me stabalized. I pulled my own IV and left the hospital. The insulin raised my temperature to 106 degrees for 2 days, then dropped to 92. My body doesn't like synthetic insulin. At the mall they speculate I entered into a diabetic coma and snapped right out of it for some reason. They said people with that high level of sugar in the blood usually just die.

With all this happening in regards to my medical conditions, plus the condition that is causing the diabetes which is my undiagnosed leg swelling which causes the high blood sugars (when the legs are not swelling, my blood sugars are normal at 70-150)

They [doctors] speculate that the effects the legs have caused on my sugar levels could kill me any time now which makes the legs a small concern.

Here Mulroy writes of suicide:
...what made me suicidal then, and now.
What of Del Robert Mulroy's legs?
Recently, my medical condition has worsened. Doctors last summer speculated that I might not have my legs (amputation) within 3 years unless they could diagnose my medical problem and cure it before then.
What does Barrett Chapin, MD say about "low blood sugar"?
The brain is the major player in hypoglycemia. The brain depends on glucose (sugar) for fuel. It has very little ability to store any glucose and depends on a constant supply from the the glucose concentration in the blood. Just as the brain requires oxygen and extracts it from the blood, the same thing occurs with glucose. Without enough glucose (or oxygen) the brain goes into a coma.
Doesn't Del Robert Mulroy report having "collapsed"?
When the glucose concentration drops to the mid-50s mg/dl ...and include shakiness, pounding/racing heart, nervousness, anxiety, perspiration, tingling, feeling hungry, and sensing that the blood sugar is low.

At about 5 mg/dl below the autonomic symptoms (usually at a blood sugar of about 49mg/dl) the ability of the brain to work properly is noticed...confusion, fatigue, drowsiness, warmth, difficulty speaking, incoordination, and odd behavoir. It can progress to coma, seizures, and death at glucose levels in the 30s mg/dl or below....

Priscilla Slagle, M.D. writes in the book, THE WAY UP FROM DOWN...
...sugar is a drug which, beside being addictive, is usually toxic to our systems in large amounts. The more sugar we eat, the less Vitamin B1 we have, and fatigue, depression, and other problems follow.
Dr. Slagle also writes that "low blood sugar...many experts believe may be brought about in certain susceptible individuals by the ingestion of too much sugar."

On Page 133, Dr. Slagle writes:

"Pet brain scans of schizophrenics, depressives, and other diagnostic groups have helped to substantiate the effects that low blood sugar or rapidly changing sugar levels have on brain function, and thus on emotional states, moods and perceptions. The proper concentration of sugar (glucose) in the proper areas of the brain at the right time is an essential component of good mental and physical health."
What do we see with Del Robert Mulroy's repeated references to suicide, being driven to it, along with his generally negative view of life? We see depression. It's not just low blood sugar that causes this, but excessively high amounts of sugar in the blood, a condition that Del Robert Mulroy freely admits he's affllicted with and which is, as he writes, caused by the condition of his legs.

The important thing to note, here, is that balance of the blood sugar level is the aim for stable thinking, not too high, and not too low.

Peter Nyikos, a professor at a University, was commenting in the newsgroup alt.paranormal, about the
attacks from Pseudo-Skeptics, and how they used my writing about Del Robert Mulroy against me
to condemn me for it, and for the existence of these web pages.

Then Del Robert Mulroy placed his comments upon what had been written before.  Much is snipped for
brevity, and DEJANEWS shows past posts to read the entire writing.

My comments below  in the color RED, and they are noted with the letters DK.

Dan Kettler

Message-ID: <>
From: Neykomi Lee <>  [AKA Del Robert Mulroy]
Organization: PSI-WALKER, INC.

Newsgroups: alt.paranormal,alt.astrology,alt.usenet.kooks

Subject: Re: An unsubstantiated allegation about Kettler

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 04:04:26 -0700

Peter Nyikos wrote:

> This is a followup to a post that appeared on the thread,

> "discussion of Usenet censorship"

> Just what do you imagine I believe as a result of supposedly
> falling "for it"?

> >wheras he has to slice up sentences to make
> >Del look more sinister than he is. Del can barely walk! How the hell can
> >he make threats?

Peter Nyikos:

> This inappropriate comment of yours only leads me to suspect that
> you never read the url you gave me up there, but are only
> relying on hearsay you've read about it.  The two threats mentioned
> above can be made good by a paraplegic without any trouble.

Del Robert Mulroy wrote:


I have been a regular in the hospitals and called a freak by doctorss who
couldn't diagnose me. <snip>

...I am with a serious medical condition, and Dan mocked it at one time
saying it had affectedd my brain.


At the time Del R. Mulroy threatened me, (as quoted on the first of these
Web Pages) nothing appeared on the web pages about an affect upon his
brain.  After Del posted about the connection between sugar levels (which
do affect the brain) and his condition, it seemed to me that there is a
connection, and I placed that information on these web pages.

I have never mocked Del Robert Mulroy's alleged medical condition.


He also posted a very damning article to a professional medical group mocking
my medical condition in which one doctor who was reading there sent me an e-mail
calling Mr. Kettler quite the range of names and referred me to a possible specialist at a
The article posted was to help Del Robert Mulroy, and contained absolutely no
mocking of a medical condition.  DEJANEWS contains  past posts.

Here is the particular post (Deja News Link) in question.

Here's my stated purpose...

      "I'm crossposting this to medical groups.
       Perhaps someone has an answer.  Perhaps there
       is a spiritual healer in some of the other groups."

No "mocking" in the above..

"If you have any information for this person, please write
to the above e-mail address."
No "mocking in the above statement, either.  To the rational observer,
it is readily apparent that I was trying to help Mulroy.
Someone wrote:

> >>  You may notice that on the page-of-hate that
> >> >Kettler is too cowardly to even quote a full, in-context sentence from
> >> >Mulroy.

Peter Nyikos:

> The same applies to Lou, in spades, or whoever set up the url
> that Lou gave me.


There is no "hate" on these pages.
My comment is that as a common courtecy, it is respectfull to include the
entire quote of the statement in reply...


On Usenet, it's common to cut out portions of text.

On my web pages, I will not have them cluttered with excess verbiage.  I make many references
to DEJANEWS if the reader desires to read the entire text.


Dan has had a habbit of severely chopping quotes down to the point that they lose a lot of
their original meaning and intent... <snip>


My cutting is to keep the excess verbiage out, and no change of meaning comes about.
URLs referenced by Del Robert Mulroy:

South Dakota Area Representative

From: Neykomi Lee <> [AKA Del Robert Mulroy]

Newsgroups: alt.paranormal,alt.astrology,alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: discussion of Usenet censorship

Peter Nyikos wrote:

> (Matt Kriebel) writes:

> >Then perhaps you'd care to explain:
> >

Peter wrote:

> Del Mulroy is quoted as making far more extreme threats
> than I have ever dished out to anyone on the Internet,  so this does
> not support Lou's claim.


Hi Peter:

...notorious internet verbal terrorist Earl Gordon Curley ... bring [s]
back many haunting memories of threats from that side of the fence...

Someone else wrote:

> >Not to mention other hate pages of other paranormal beleives like John
> >Fitsimmons?


> Hard to say unless I see what *they* did to provoke Dan.


...provoking has nothing to do with this...A lot that led up to that point.
No provoking, and "a lot led up to [it]..."  That makes no sense.


My point is "who cares". It's over.


The pseudo-skeptic fanatics brought this in to USENET just now.  Ask them
to drop it, Mulroy.


Del R. Mulroy

Message-ID: <>
From: Neykomi Lee <>

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:19:41 -0700


...fighting in alt.paranormal which has gone on since 1995.
I don't expect it to stop tomorrow, but this sure shows me
who likes the fights in here.


Again, Mulroy, alleges, here indirectly, that fighting started with me,
in alt.paranormal, even though I've proven that fights started long before
I came on the Net in 1995.

They are, in large part, the product of Pseudo-Skeptic Fanatics.

Writing of others, dismayed over the activity of such fanatics, is
sampled here.  The writing of Steve Reiser, founder of a.p. shows
his displeaure with this activity that began long before I, or
Edmond Wollmann, came on the Net.

Message-ID: <>
From: Neykomi Lee <>

Newsgroups: alt.paranormal,alt.astrology,alt.usenet.kooks
Subject: Re: An unsubstantiated allegation about Kettler



Minneapolsi terminated me after I showed up to work
in casts, and said it was because of a "lack of job performance".


I was told by this latest former employer that I had to check my blood
sugars at a nurses office on 1st floor at the other end of the building
which with the frequency that I check the glucose levels
Yes, indeed, be sure you check those blood sugar levels.
DM Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:31:02 -0700:
Peter should not try to take a stand on something that he is not educated
about.  He wasn't around then.
The only points that Peter Nyikos took a stand on were those evident today
in the Dejanews archives, and presently on this web site.
I made the list of being a staunch anti-paranormal person,
[even though Mulroy is a proponent]
No list of mine says, or ever said, Mulroy is "anti-paranormal."
DM Thu, 26 Aug 1999 19:59:21 -0700
...a newsgroup that has about a 4 year history of Kettler in alt.paranormal
There is no detrimental historically significant activity in alt.paranormal, from others, because of me.
There has been a positive influence, however, because of me.
> >why must it all be brought up again?
Peter Nyikos:
> Ask Matt [Kriebel]


Matt is absolutely out of the loop Peter.
Matt Kreibel brought it up, and you, Del Robert Mulroy, avoided that fact in the
above statement.
DM Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:19:41 -0700
Those alleged "threats" were in fact made by me as "examples" of what I could

          "Alleged" threats?

These are supposedly just "examples" of what you could do?
Mar. 24, 1998 Del Robert Mulroy stated what his "problem" was:
...shameful lie you have there about the medical condition that is inflicting my legs as having also affected my brain.
After I read that, I wrote something like the following (it was modified in June 1999):
I will respond by stating that, until June 1999, I had never stated that a medical condition definately affected Del Mulroy's brain.  I had no acquaintance with Del Mulroy's doctor, nor did I have access to any other source of such information until I read Del's own statement during May 1999 in the USENET newsgroups, and prior to then I had never made such a statement of facts regarding Del Mulroy's mental or physical condition.

On With Del Mulroy's threats and ultimatums:

I will never stop with the... [inflammatory USENET posts until you - BDK] explain yourself in public, apologize... remove that page completely. [Common Internet usage of "page" reveals the meaning is understood as a number of pages]

These are, supposedly, just examples of what Mulroy "could" do?   Mulroy writes: "Unless" I "remove that page completely." act of a coward and a malicious intent to try in some way in your light to discredit me.
Mulroy writes that if I don't comply with his ultimatums, he will:
...repost every single post of yours from 1996 to this news group again...
More of his threats:
...I will go at a pace that you will never be able to see daylight in.

I will market your name into the ground until the day that I do die... project, I will dedicate a page of shame in your honor...

I will take an add out in your home town news paper and advertise your web site of shame...

I will enlist help in my cause to see that you remove that lying web page about me.
[In Internet language, that means multiple pages] won't be able to walk into your own city library or book store!

These are, supposedly, just examples of what Mulroy "could" do?

<Specific posting of the above in Dejanews link>

...since Dan Kettler had relentlessy engaged in an war of words between me and
others in this news group.
This is what you had stated your problem was:
"...shameful lie you have there about the medical condition that is inflicting my
legs as having also affected my brain."

Peter Nyikos:

> > Oh, yes, I looked up the link to Del Mulroy's post from
> > which the fragments were taken.
> > As constituted at the present time, the url you gave me
> > depicts Kettler as merely
> > wondering to what extent Mulroy's illness has affected him.
I never wrote anything other than a question, as to what effect the disease had.
I never made statements of fact, on matters that could only be speculated upon..


...fighting in alt.paranormal which has gone on since 1995.
1995 is when I came on the net, but as pointed out above, this "fighting" was going on long
before then.  I've proven this fact in postings, in reply to Mulroy, but he never rebutted the
points, and continues his ridiculous assertion repeatedly.

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