Attend the USDA Listening Session and Tell Them to Stop NAIS!

WHERE: Loveland, Colorado: The Ranch, Larimer County Fairgrounds

WHEN: Monday, June 1, 9 am 4 pm

REGISTER: Pre-register by phone, 301-734-0799; or on-site starting at 8 am

                                       First of all, get up to date on what NATIONAL ANIMAL IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM (NAIS) IS ABOUT.

                                       First read the following:



                                        Then copy your choice on single sheets of paper, and GIVE ONE SHEET OF PAPER OUT TO AS MANY CONCERNED PARTIES AS POSSIBLE.

                                        Bring copies to your LOCAL FEED STORE TO GIVE OUT.

                                      Click here for FARM AND RANCH FREEDOM organization.

                                       Take action!  If you don't do anything, who will?

                                        If not us who, if not now, when?

                                        This is about your food supply, whether you produce it or not.