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Mexican Illegals

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Jesse Ventura Video -------- CENSORED Jesse Ventura Video ---------- Jesse Ventura Video
Click here to see Jesse Ventura's video that was censored from airing on TRU TV more than once, by the U.S. Government. It was also wiped off of many YOU TUBE channels. Video exposes the concentration camps in the U.S. and reveals what type of innocent Americans are slated to be placed there.

What is a patriot?

Take a look at this web page, telling what a patriot actually is.

On February 18, 2009, "President" Obama spoke at Dobson High School in Arizona. Here are some pictures of the people who came to the location. How much of this is in the mainstream media?

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What is a Patriot - by - Bruce Kettler

A patriot is, according to the dictionary, one who loves his or her country.  In this land, however, how do we define”country”?  I’m a patriot, and to me the nation consists of the people who came to this land in the early 1600's, their descendents, and others such as my grandparents who immigrated legally from Europe.  The country also consists of the land area.  The Bill of Rights did not make this country, though it is a statement of what this country was about before it was written -- of a people who left an oppressive government to worship God in liberty.  When a true patriot says they love this country they mean, mostly, THE PEOPLE.  “We The People”-- the true government.

Others, with a false notion of what patriotism is supposed to be, worship the Presidency, the U.S. Congress, the armed forces, and the judicial.  I respect those branches of government as they were originally intended.  The false patriot's allegiance is to people like (King) George Bush, and to null and void “laws” that are unconstitutional, like the USA Patriot Act.  The allegiance these “patriots” have is for a hidden power most of them have no knowledge of which controls much of the “government” centered in Washington, DC, including the puppet king, George Bush.

Skull and Bones - The Bush, Hitler, Illuminatti, and Brotherhood of Death, connection

Such “patriots” should become citizens of Communist China, where worship of a dictator is acceptable, and slavery of the masses is considered normal.  Rather than try to promote worship of masters, and slavery, here, why not live it there?

You see, Communism is godless, and it’s mostly the godless people living in this country who cannot see the dark pit of hell we are facing in America.  It is they who seek some omnipotent king in the flesh.  When I write of being Godly, or Godless, that has absolutely nothing to do with Church Membership.  Reference other pages on this web site to know what I mean.

Whenever I see an American Flag, or a sign on the back of a car that says, "Support the troops," I have to wonder what they mean to the person who placed them.  Decades ago, the American flag signified, to nearly everyone, the country, so I understood it.  Today, the flag means, to a number of people, some kind of idol worship - of a person.  Do the flag wavers worship the controllers, or do they love their country?  I believe in flag waving with the proper meaning. As for supporting the troops, I certainly do.  I respect their desire to defend the country, with their life if necessary when it amounts to actual defense.  The war in Iraq is not a defense of the country, and support of the troops is to take them out of harms way, and bring them home.

There is a tendency to by those who support the power behind the war in Iraq to think they are supposedly gaining some power for themselves.  Do you think that the rape, starvation, death, radiation, and torture of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent men women and children civilians, and the radiation of U.S. Soldiers that results in their children's birth defects, is some kind of "power" you will gain?  There is an expression that is in harmony with the teachings of many religions around the world.  It's "What goes around *comes around."  If the people in the U.S. do not wake up, and turn back to godly self love, and love of humanity, some soldiers will be *coming home (coming "around"), and with their military authority, or as police officers, or Homeland inSecurity, they will be confiscating their guns, separating them from their children, and putting many of them in concentration camps.  In short, they will be doing to the spiritually blind and sinful, what those "support the troops" fans didn't care about the soldiers doing it in Iraq.  That will be their so-called "power."

Many of the latest recruits in the Armed Services are retarded, or aggravated felons.  Some are gang members from the cities.  This is the same tactic Hitler used to gain control of the good, law abiding, and true patriotic citizens of Germany.  A 27 year veteran of the CIA said that THE MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT of 2006 is like the "enabling act" of Hitler.

9-11 was a fraud.  2 aircraft hit the WTC buildings, and the illusion was created that the crash and fire caused the buildings to collapse.  The definition of  “fraud” is trickery and deceit.  Respected scientists tell us the buildings could not fall straight down at free fall speed, other than by detonated pre-planted explosives – an INSIDE JOB.

People were tricked into believing that 9-11 justified a war.  9-11 was also a pretext for an assault upon the American people, taking away, piece-by-piece, the liberties they once had.  You so-called “patriots” gain no power by supporting this, you promote the loss of what you had.

The representatives in the government in Washington DC are supposed to represent the people of this country.  Congress is, at the time of this writing, predominantly corrupt, and many were placed through illegal elections.  They have passed "laws" which violate the Constitution of the United States  For one example, find out about the MILITARY COMMISSIONS ACT of 2006.   Such a law, with the probability of no viable legal recourse left in the near future, clearly spells out the death of the country, giving those former true patriots nothing remaining to love other than the memory.  The representatives swore an oath to the Constitution, so they are not in obedience to their oath.  Most Americans do not approve of the war in Iraq, and would prefer that the troops be sent home.  Most do not prefer that 30 million illegal aliens be permitted to enter, and remain in, the U.S., but they are still here and more are coming.  More than half the U.S. population is, at least, suspicious of the events of September 11, 2001, yet no further official investigation is forthcoming.  Polls show that most Americans do not approve of the members of congress, both Democrats and Republicans.  Fixed elections in much of the U.S. prevents corrupt politicians from being voted out of office.

If there is time for America to save itself when you read this, the requirement, first of all, is that the American people find the God, and love, within.  People either obey God, or they obey tyrants.  The next is that many learn the truth about what is happening to America that is hidden by the mainstream press, and inform others.  Then, look at this page, and get politically involved.

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