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The "pod" and the "flash."

September 2007 update

The "pod" and "flash" comes from Dave VonKleist's video production, 911 In Plane Site.

On VonKleist's  radio program, he has complained about having been banned from speaking  in some truth movement gatherings.

Loose Change, a video that exposes the criminal activities of the "elite" on 9-11, used to have an excerpt from VonKleist's video, and VonKliest has complained on his radio program that it was removed from a later version.

In my opinion, allegations about the "pod" and "flash" do discredit the 911 truth movement.  I advise everyone reading this not to use any information about the "pod" or "flash" in arguments to prove the criminal activities of the "elite," especially when the information might be published.

It may very well be that there was a "pod" on 2 military aircraft that hit the WTC towers (and a "flash" coming from them). So what?  VonKleist has had experts on his program to speculate upon what the object (pod) is.   The pod and flash are not the best evidence.  It's one of a few pieces of information that many opponents of 911 truth have used, effectively, to debunk the 911 truth movement.  It's okay to watch the video if you are already convinced that 911 was an INSIDE JOB, but don't show it to anyone else who is not convinced.

I've heard VonKleist say that the "pod" and "flash" prove an inside job.  The inside job is proven by other factors, but the proof that the "pod" and "flash" exist is not easily concluded on first examination, and most of the general public does not get more than a first look at that evidence.  Bombs in the WTC buildings is a conclusive fact which proves an INSIDE JOB, especially when one considers that the brother of President Bush was in charge of security in the buildings.

I don't say these less convincing pieces of information should not be discussed amongst leaders in the 9-11 truth movement.  I say they should be discussed in e-mails, in private conference calls, or in private in-person meetings.  Yes, as VonKleist says, "let's put the puzzle pieces together."

Bruce Kettler

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