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October 15, 2008

What do you do to protect yourself from 3 potential problems?

1. The first of 3 problems is dangerous vaccinations.

2. The second is the state stealing your children.

3. The third is the tyranny of a judicial system that has become corrupt, and far too many people being arrested.


The first thing you should understand is that there are exemptions, and forms to fill out, to enable your children to go to school without vaccinations.  "Authorities" tell people that their children must be vaccinated, but there is more to the matter.
From the book, The Vaccine Guide by Randall Neustaedter, OMD:
"Schools may provide a continual source of difficulty to parents of unvaccinated children.  Again, parents should simply hold firm to their resolve.  Seek out a medical provider who is willing to sign a medical release.  School-district personnel in states that offer a religious or philosophical exemption may need to be educated about this option.  Provide them with information about your state's laws governing immunization exemptions."

"...parents or legal guardians who decide not to give the vaccines will need to seek a legal exemption from vaccines.  These come in three varieties: medical, religious, and philosophical.   Not all states have philosophical exemptions, so parents in those states must seek either a religious or medical exemption... Schools become involved in the vaccination campaign because state and local governments receive federal funding for immunizaion programs."

Take a look at this article, which is about a propaganda effort to cause people to believe, falsely, that vaccines are manditory.

Real News via Telephone


As for stealing children, the state looks for every excuse they can find.  Your job, as a parent, is to not allow such excuses to exist.
1. Do not drive without seat belts on your own body, with children in the car.  Be sure all required restraints are installed for infants.

2. Be sure your children are not injured, so that they require medical attention.

3. When children are in the back yard, do not depend upon your view of them from the window.  You may know they are all right, but a nosey neighbor could cause you much grief if they think you are not doing right.

4. Do not permit children to work in public areas of your own, or others business.  It can be considered "child labor."

5. Do not discipline your children in public.

6. Do not get involved in enter-family disputes, involving the state, over who should retain custody of children.  This could bring devistating results.   Warn any family members who are thinking of such a thing, like bringing the State into the dispute, that you will probably all lose the child/children.

7. Do not serve alcoholic beverages to your children, even accidentally.  Lemonade is dispensed with alcohol in it, and often enough
    parents do not know of the alcoholic content.

8. Do not leave your car with children in it, even for a few seconds.  Much of the public has been brainwashed to report people
   who do so.

9. If you take legally prescribed drugs, even in a hospital, or because of dental work, and those records are noted by Child Protective Services, your children can be taken from you for that.

Mike Gibson is a former CPS worker, who had the authority to steal children from parents, but only took them into custody when he felt it was absolutely necessary.  He is available for seminars, and his contact information is available on this page, along with text from the Idaho Observer, and an audio.

The alternative to you taking care of your own children, and not the state, is usually much better.  I'm not going to state, here, what all that happens to children when in the custody of the state.  You should investigate that yourself.  Look to links from the Save the County page.  Find further links on your own.

If you are approached by Child Protective Services (CPS), or the same by another name in various states, MASS OUTRAGE has good advice.  I'm repeating some of it here, and modifying the wording.

Don't say anything to them.  When they seem to be helping you, they are gathering evidence to be used against you.

Be aware that when in custody of CPS, children will be urged to make "disclosures" about you, using manipulation, coercion and fear.

CPS will try to make sure you get a lawyer who will work with them, and against yourself.  Even if you get a lawyer yourself, far too often that person will work against you.  If left with no other alternative because you cannot trust any lawyer you've met, do not get a lawyer.  Without a lawyer be prepared to obtain information from a wide variety of sources, so you may represent yourself properly.

Do not allow CPS, or police, into your home without a proper warrant.

As of  May 2008, conditions around the U.S.A. have changed drastically.  Look near the top of this page.  There you will find a link to the latest information about police brutality all over the U.S.A.  What was written, even just a few years ago by Boston T. Party, may not apply too often, now.  Personally, I believe that the latest so-called "training" of police, is not really that, but rather some sort of brainwashing of NEW WORLD ORDER design.  Too many police, lately, seem to be psychopaths.  They show absolutely no normal concern for humanity.  They have, lately, been extremely cruel.  During much of my life, I've respected police, in general.  Lately, though I know some are good, the number of good police seems to be dwindling.

Remember this if you are stopped by a patrol officer on the road.  They are tasering people for asking questions.  They tase a person, and when on the ground they say "turn over" which is impossible because the person is temporarily paralyzed.  Then they tase again for non-compliance.  This is cruel, and it is part of the training.  Also, they tase people while they are in handcuffs.

I obtained this information from the book, You and the Police, by Boston T. Party

He writes: "Cops work for the State and the State is in search of bodies."  I can only tell you what I believe he means by "bodies."  Read the statistics about how many are arrested, and in the criminal system in the U.S., on this page.  I believe the author means that they want people to work for practically nothing in the prison system.  Generally, the officer only knows it's better for him or her if he arrests more people.  Not all of them know the purpose behind it.

"Never consent."

"Fish are caught only because they opened their mouths!  Keep yours shut!"

The author is not referring to actual criminals getting caught, but rather innocent people being caught in a net.

That does not mean don't say anything, it means don't say anything that might incriminate you.
This requires further explanation, and this page is under construction.

"[Do] ...not discuss anything related to [your] ...self."

"...never consent to a requested search of"  That does not mean try to physically stop the officer.  It means, don't say something like "yes, you can search."  They ask because they know it's your right not to be searched.  In the event that martial law is declared nationwide, or in your area, forget about your rights, they will have then been flushed down the toilet.  For now, they are just becoming more and more difficult to maintain.

this page is under construction - it's not yet complete