The Rapture Page.

What is the "rapture" doctrine?  According to this unblblical idea, a period of difficulty, involving famine, disease, wars, and great earthquakes, engulfs the earth, but before that occurs, people who are "born again" are taken up, physically, into heaven.

The truth is that there is a tribulation period, and Jesus Christ does return to set up his Kingdom on Earth.  However, He returns after the tribulation. Look here to a certain portion of a page.

Now, let's look at the result of the rapture doctrine, what people do, and say, when they believe in the rapture which supposedly occurs before the tribulation.  Generally, people who believe in the doctrine say that they do not want to become involved politically, to change the evils of their nation, because they believe the worst results will come upon other people, after they are raptured.  This, of course, shows how the doctrine, and the attitude, works quite well in the hands of the New World Order elite.  They don't want people involved, to go against their evil, Satanic, designs.

Romans chapter 13 is often quoted to give people the idea that Christians are supposed to obey Government, no matter what the Government wants. What if your government wants you to separate yourselves from your spouses and children, be taken to camps, tortured, and killed?  What if they want to take your children to slave camps, or to be sold into sex slavery?  Then, what is God's will for you when you encounter forces that wish to take you and your family?  Do you think an infinitely wise, and loving, God wants you to give up your family's safety?  Think about that.  If you think that can't happen in America, you need a dose of reality.  Start your reality search on this page, and look further into the matter after that.

Obedience, in Romans 13, refers to lawful government, not a government taken over by Satan.

How and when did this "rapture" doctrine start?

It was started by Margaret Macdonald, in Scottland, during the year 1830, despite the false statements that it began prior to that time.  Her inspiration was occult in nature, and she was not very learned, and relatively inexperienced, in regard to Christianity.