How did the Women's Liberation Movement start?


                                                         Why did it start?

                    This page's contents are not considered to be conclusive documentary evidence. 

 In the 9 minute video
                    reference is made to such evidence, (about Gloria Steinem, and the CIA) which the viewer
                    can research. It is the word of a successful Movie Producer, Aaron Russo.
                    The video clip you will see is only a portion of the entire video that can be
                    found on PRISONPLANET.TV which you can subscribe to and access.

                   Click here for video in which Aaron Russo tells of the origin of the women's liberation movement.

                    In that same video, Aaron Russo also tells of the attempt of NWO insiders to recruit him.





Russo on Womens Liberation

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                    Documentation about "women's lib" will be forthcoming on this page,

  and in the book, Reality vs Fantasy.