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Activism in Huerfano County

Pastor Modlish of Huerfano County

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Learn how to protect yourself from 3 potential problems:

1. Unwanted vaccinations
2. Children stolen by the state
3. Too many innocent people arrested
More that you can do about the New World Order other than what is on this page, is here.   More about the police state in the U.S. is here, here, and here.



We can take this country back county by county. This page is divided into 2 parts: one for those living in Huerfano County, CO., two for all others in the USA.

                                 EVIDENCE                            PROOF                      DOCUMENTATION

Suppose you want to find out if there is proof that people now in control of much of the earth have a history of killing many millions of people.  Suppose you want to see their stated goals of killing at least 80 percent of the people on the earth.  Well, you go to this web site.  You follow the rules taught in major universities about what criteria identifies proper documentation - - "authentic research" which is described on this page.  Then you go to this page.  There you will find written quotes, and audio, from the psychopathic killers, which you will later verify as correct, using proper methods of verification.  You can also watch the video ENDGAME for free on the INTERNET, and of course check on the data presented. Note the minutes after the video starts, for documenation you wish to check on.

What you see on this page is not a pretense of proof about what is happening.  The sites you link to may, or may not, contain evidence.   In your endeavor to find evidence, you must become a competent researcher.  If you are not, you should become one.  It's important to keep in mind the difference between fact and opinion, and to learn how to find hard *evidence. Most libraries subscribe to on-line services that you can use to access data.

You can also access documents by using GOOGLE.

The links on this page are merely samples, and they may not be the best examples of the issues.  Use GOOGLE to find more.
More examples of how to find evidence further down on this page, click here.

Two examples of States rebelling against the corrupted federal government are shown on this web site.  One is a massive move against the Real ID Act.  The other is against the North American Union.  You should not depend upon the state to protect you.  The widespread rebellion against the federal government should alert you to the fact that there is a  threat.  In June 2008, the Oklahoma house told the Federal Government they will not comply with Federal "mandates."

The most important thing you should keep in your possession at all times is a written copy of the CITIZENS RULE BOOK. Click here to see.  Download and print it.  Put the pages in a folder.  Study it.  It's a form of protection for you when you see to it that many in your community have a copy.  You may be arrested for violation of a so-called "law" that is unconstitutional, and you would want at least one of the jurors to have a copy of the document.  The same, only in a shirt pocket size, may be purchased in quantity for less than a dollar each by calling this telephone number: 888-253-3139


Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations

Greg and Melissa Pound had their four children taken away by DCF because one child was bitten by a dog. Greg spent a month in the county jail for refusing to tell Judge Marion Fleming where his wife was living with their new baby (named Moses), as Judge Fleming and DCF want to take that child away too. Greg was only only able to see one of his children for one hour a week, and they had cavities and health problems.  The details of other families are also on the following web site.

See the documentation publicity, etc. and complete story from Greg and Melissa Pound

Hear the interview with Greg Pound on the Alex Jones radio show

Download the mp3 file referenced above.  Convert it to an audio disc.  Give a copy to every man and woman you see with small children.

Read this article about CPS, and new rules that parents cannot kiss their children in the UK

Here is the website of an attorney who has much experience fighting these people in the courts.  Be aware, however, that quite often the attorney parents pay to help them, work against them, especially in regard to this matter of children being stolen by the state.

*Evidence regarding the above - This is to show an example of how to look for evidence.  Greg Pound's web site shows that a DCF caseworker falsified the records of 26 cases, and was charged for it, but his claim is not evidence.  It is only Greg Pound stating it.  To find the evidence, look at the archived newspaper reports, and the court documents, or police records,  which show it.   If necessary, ask your librarian how to do this.

For examples from college level text books, about how to be sure statements are well documented, click here.

*Here's another example of evidence verification. It's about  the video: Martial Law 911 Rise of the Police State.    Check out this web site for a list of sources which may be checked both on, and off, the Internet.

The video END GAME shows numerous references - documentation, in the video.  References include titles of certain books, and news from various sources.  You may obtain books through an interlibrary loan.  Ask your librarian for information about how to learn of their availability in other libraries, and how to obtain them.  Some may be purchased through on-line bookstores.  Certain video clips in END GAME may be checked for authenticity by contacting the sources through the mail, or on the Internet.  A list of the references may be obained at this site.

Corrupt Legal System in America
To give you an idea what this evolving police state in the U.S. has brought us to, this is from the November 14, 2005 American Free Press:
The U.S. Legal System is the most corrupt in the world.  It has not always been that way.  With approximately * 5 percent of the world's population...

"America has the largest prison gulag in the entire world."  "The United States... has 25 percent [5 times * 5 percent] of all the prisoners in the entire world." "More than Two million prisoners.  That's one out of every 150 people in America are behind bars in the American Gulag."

"Today, more than 2 million people are behind bars, with another 6 million on probation or parole.  In 1960 there were 200,000 people behind bars.  Thus the prison population has increased 10-fold over what it was 45 years ago.  Neither the population nor the crime rate has increased that level."

Source: American Free Press February 6, 2006


Tyranny - brutality update here

The Attempted New World Order (NWO) - the Globalists
How do we prove the globalist's existence, and the danger it poses for you and your family?

The first thing you should do, if you are new to information about the New World Order, and especially if you are in the United States of America, is to view this video now online, for free.  It was produced by a prominent Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo.  It's America - freedom to fascism.  It is well documented, and you can check on the sources of information shown in the video.  It will tell you how the United States was gradually overtaken, by what method, and who the principal players in this takeover are.  The video shows the major events from the year 1913 - and then following.  The history of this plan goes way back, before that time, however.  Another video about the New World Order which you can see, free, in a link from the above is Iron Mountain - blueprint for tyranny.

Drug them down, and dumb them down

Drugging down of Americans - links

Dumbing down of Americans- links

Mercury in the Vaccines - Autism
Dr. Carley on Autism

Autism related link

Autism related link

Autism related link

From the book, The Vaccine Guide, by Randall Neustaedter, OMD:
The author tells about reasearchers who have associated "the dramatic rise in autism cases with the toxic exposure to the mercury preservative contained in vaccines."  "In a study of 503 autism patients, 499 (99 percent) showed a defect in metal metabolism that impairs the development of the brain and can result in hypersensitivity to toxic substances."

February 2009 latest information on Vaccinations

Updated web site with news, an archive, about the dangers of vaccines

Misc. vaccine information on this site

Gary Null's "Vaccine Nation"
General Vaccine information -- how to protect yourself and your children

Other links with information about vaccinations

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - OSHA waiver form - HEP B vaccine

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - her writing about vaccines - from this web site

Human Papiloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine

Get an overview of how the Globalists Eugenics Program is working today.

Go to, "The plagues they have brought to mankind."

You will be shocked to see how many methods are being used, today, to reduce the population of the planet.  These methods are utilized as "soft kill" because they do not want their program to become evident to too many people at this stage of their game.

Later they plan to kill off the Human Population rapidly, and will not be hiding anything.

Click here

NUMBS THE BRAIN - This video is on another site, not working here. Click here

Above screen, click twice on the bottom center control, to see Video, with Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Click here for the Doctor's website

He explains that toxins are known to affect brain function.  It's a chemical dumbing down of society.

He tells of a lot more people with low IQ, and a lot fewer people with high IQ.  He explains that it leaves people dependent upon government, because they cannot excel.  He tells how they believe everything they are told, because they cannot think clearly.

He tells how government spends hundreds of millions of dollars in propaganda money.

This was explained by a New World Order insider, Bertrand Russell.  In the early 20th century this was primarily in the planning stage.  See his statement about "diet, injections, and injunctions." Click here.

                                                              Sheriff's Video
A video was produced featuring Police and Sheriffs.  The video is for Sheriff's to see, so they know the power they have to stop federal and state government interference in their counties.  You may see this video on-line, right now.

September 11, 2001                World Trade Center and Pentagon Attacks
click here for more 9-11 data
American Free Press    > > > > > >   9-11       7th Aniversary update
Links of organizations exposing the 9-11 fraud with much important information

Application of the scientific method to discover what really happened on 9/11.  Download it, print it, and read it carefully.  The writer, Stephen E. Jones,  is a respected physicist.

Check out the peer reviewed CIVIL ENGINEERING JOURNAL by clicking here.  Home page of Journal here.


Part 1 Huerfano County

Food Famine Emergency
There is a world-wide food famine emergency, though during October 2008 we are not yet experiencing the worst of it in the United States.


It's important that Huerfano, and nearby, County food producers (meat, poultry, and crops) begin to form cooperative alliances with the people in the area.  In the beginning, regular printed money may be acceptable to the producers, but plan to ultimately utilize barter-type arrangements, mainly with exchanges of transportation and labor assets for food.  Alternative methods of transporting food may be necessary, either by using horse drawn wagons, or modified diesel vehicles that use crop oils, such as corn or peanut.  Then there's the gas operated vehicles which can be converted to alcohol, as explained below.

People living in the area, with wells on their properties, should cooperate with both supply, and transportation, of their water if it becomes necessary.

People living in the area, with wind and sun electrical generation sources, can loan charged batteries to people working for the general welfare
of the public at night -- to supply minimal lighting.

It will take a variety of talents, and resources, pooled together, to survive independently of outside sources:

                                             1. Mechanics for conversion of vehicles, and generators, to use alcohol rather than gasoline or diesel fuel
                                             2. Old time "moonshiners" who know how to turn crops to alcohol to power vehicles, or just anyone who can
                                                 learn, and experiment, using written material
                                             3. People who know how to plant and harvest crops
                                4. Good hunters, to work together and supply meat for the people
                               5. butchers
                                              6. Good cooks


See this website for information about conversion of vehicles to alcohol, and for turning crops to alcohol.


All attempts at State - Federal regulation, or monitoring, of either food or water supplies, should be thwarted by the citizens and the Sheriffs.

The farmers market in Walsenburg presents an opportunity to become acquainted with the local food producers in the area.

It's important to note the cause of this food famine.  It's not a lack of food.  It's regulation by government throughout the world.

If you're reading this, and you feel you should trust your State or Federal government, you need to seek reality.

In Huerfano County we have a relatively safe, free, enviornment.  Police and Sheriff's deputies, for the most part, do their jobs according to the law.  If you live here, and leave the county only occasionally, you have probably not witnessed, or experienced, the tyranny that is gradually becoming more widespread throughout the United States.  You cannot expect to learn of it from TV news, and newspapers do not report all of it.  This peaceful life experience may cause you to not see the necessity for this resolution.  Remember, "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."
There is no viable method of petitioning the public in the State of Colorado with a collection of signatures for the purpose of
implementing a resolution through ballot initiatives.  However, gaining signatures for presentation to elected officials is possible.
County Commissioners: 719-738-2370 phone       --       719-738-3996 fax

Schedule a meeting with the County Commissioners
You should schedule a meeting with the county commissioners, and prior to that meeting, give a copy of the proposed resolution to the secretary, so they may have it in their hands for advanced inspection.  The County Commissioners, 3 of them, meet each Wednesday.  I, and others, attended the meeting of  July 19, 2006.  The newspaper reports of that encounter, along with subsequent letters to the editor, are on this website.  Additional information about the encounter is written here.

Before the meeting, read the resolution carefully, and examine the links to other websites, along with whatever documentation may be found.  In your discussion, cover the most pertinent points since you may only have 15 minutes to present your case.  Ask the commissioners, as I did, if they swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States.  After their affirmative reply ask them if they realize that the Patriot Act violates that constitution, and by not voting to do away with it in Huerfano County they are violating their oath.  Ask each of the Commissioners seperately.

Of particular concern to a number of people living in Huerfano County, and which was expressed by two of them in the July 19, 2006 meeting, is the power that may be exercised over people in the county by FEMA, or other federal authorities.  In your conversation takes into consideration the tyranny that occurred in the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina, and the drills that troops engage in which are specifically designed against law-abiding Americans.

    If the September 11, 2001 events subject is bought up by a commissioner, state that it was a proven fraudulent event, and that it was a pretext to implement the Patriot Act and other tyranny in the U.S.   If forbidden to argue the point, state your freedom of speech is being hindered.
    If they vote against the resolution, ask if you may continue the discussion at a later date, and state that you will bring other material for the commissioners to examine before that next meeting.  On July 19, 2006, I asked if I could return, and that option was denied.  I offered to supply material for them to examine, and that was also refused.  It's important to ask this for the record, because if you are refused, then we can prove that a short period to discuss this is inadequate, and that the commissioners refused to be further educated in chambers regarding conditions throughout the U.S.  All these recorded facts will lend weight, publicly, that we need entirely different type County Commissioners to be in office.
    After the meeting, carefully write what was said, and by which commissioner.   If newspaper reports appear about the event, prepare letters to the editor to clarify important facts, and counter any false claims you may read.  Each Wednesday, a new individual, or group, should attend the commissioners meeting after being scheduled. Any refusals to schedule should be noted. You should write a letter to the editor about such refusals.
    Each time the commissioners refuse to obey their oath of offfice, or to rationally argue the points of constitutionality, or the validity of the 9-11 myths, they make it quite evident that no-one of their type should ever be in office again.  Each time they refuse to allow any individual to return and continue the discussion, they do the same.  Each time they tell you 9-11 cannot be discussed in chambers, they do the same.  The 9-11 official story is now known to be a myth by many people who live in Huerfano County.  Refusal to discuss this is no longer widely respected.  A long list of people who are told they cannot discuss 9-11 in chambers will work against the commissioners in the future.

    Keep in mind that any sitting County Commissioner can be thrown out at any point in their normal term of office.  A number of people can file appropriate papers, present their case, and bring about a recall election.

    In the future, if they do not enact this resolution, entirely different types will will take their place as commissioners.  These newly elected commissioners will enact the resolution immediately after they take office.  However, it's important that new people go before the commissioners once each week, or at least attempt to obtain an appointment.  It's also essential that the information about these encounters be recorded in a central location.  Contact us at BRUCEKETTLER.COM, and inform us of your experiences.  On the first page of this web site is a telephone number and an e-mail link.
    Off-the-record, unofficial, friendly discussions with the commissioners is probably of no worth whatever.  If you want to talk to them about this privately, and try to persuade them, that's fine.  However, that action is of no political use, since it's unofficial, and off-the-record, so you will need to again encounter them in chambers.  Off-the-record promises of future action can be a deception to stall.  If a commissioner makes a promise in private, then they should take action in chambers soon afterward.  There's no time to waste waiting for events that will probably not occur.

    Write a letter to the Sheriff, and inform him that you support the resolution, along with the web address of it's wording: (BRUCEKETTLER.COM click at HUERFANO COUNTY RESOLUTION). Google has it listed as "Huerfano County Resolution."

    You must educate the public. You cannot just go about trying to get people to agree to a resolution they can see no necessity for. Follow appropriate procedures on the WHAT TO DO page of this site for education of the public, such as making copies of DVD's that others will make copies of .

    Remember, a safe, secure, and free Huerfano County is up to you and others.  If not us, who?  If not now, when?

Be aware that election fraud is rampant throughout the USA. Unless you and others become active in ensuring fair elections in the county, all your other efforts may be in vain.
Hacked Elections

Black Box Voting

The power of every citizen to bring FAIR ELECTIONS to their COUNTY
Colorado Voter Network

Where's the Paper

Colorado Voter

Other links of voter reform groups

A solution of paper ballot elections for local offices, with the touch screens in use for positions outside the county, could be just temporary - one that is easier, and faster, to come to.

Affidavits, sworn statements, from those who vote the way you wish, should be an effective method to ensure that you are not cheated in the voting process.  Check out this web site for further information. Volunteers should be at the voting place, with signs, asking for affadivits from those who voted.

PART II For people residing outside of Huerfano County Colorado
Much of what you see in part I of this web site may apply. Other parts will not. Contact BORDC.ORG for advice about what to do. They deal mainly with THE PATRIOT ACT. Your procedure will vary greatly depending upon what is permitted in your region regarding collection of signatures. In some areas of the US, you may collect signatures, and if your valid signatures are a minimum quantity, the issue will be placed on the ballot for the people to decide. You must follow exact procedures specified by your local authorities to collect signatures. You must contact these authorities, and obtain proper forms before beginning to obtain signatures.

You will, of course, be required to change the name of the county in the resolution wording, and eliminate any part that does not pertain to your county.  Most word processors will enable you to accomplish this easily.

 Learn how to  make copies of  DVD's and tapes, and distribute them in your county.  Also, see how to make written copies inexpensively.

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