Who's Who in alt.paranormal/alt.astrology?

                                                 by Dan Kettler

                                 Latest revision Oct. 23, 1999 now introducing DEJA references
                                 to statements that certain people do not see authenticity in
                                 astrology or the paranormal.  I am noting, particularly, those
                                 who seemed to be advocates, and now show they are not.

Sept 4, 1999 update with FAQ (questions and answers) - Please read this first.

It is important to know who is who, if you are a new reader of alt.paranormal.

Another thing is to read the FAQs, and there are a number of them.

To see exactly how to find all the FAQs, (FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS) about the newsgroup, read:



This is a list proponents and non-proponents of the paranormal who participate in alt.paranormal.

For years previous, most discussion has not been about the paranormal, so it is difficult for the new reader to know which people are proponents of the paranormal, and which are not.

This is not a complete list.

To find out what many of the non-proponents are doing, see:

                 FAQ of Newsgroup Chaos


                                  and others pseudo-skeptics):

                Rhianna                       rhianna@pipeline.com
              Link that shows Rhianna is not a proponent

                Phil Harrision              pharrison@ramtop.demon.co.uk
                Dan Pressnell
                Mike Combs
                Jon Walsh                   prophet@skepticul.org
                Tim Hill
                anonym                       anonym@pacbell.net
                postman                      jamiemps@mindspring.com
                Lou Minatti
                Hugh Morles
                Peter Nyikos               nyikos@math.sc.edu
                Matt Kriebel
                Wm James
                widdershins                 sinistre@concentric.net
                Hugh Morles
                Bob Officer                  3669debe.7649844@news.supernews.com   (Dec. 1998)
              Link that shows Bob Officer is not a proponent  - - - -  Link for more info about Bob Officer

                Joseph G. Mitzen
                Jason Matthews
                Lady Nidiffer
                Scorpio                         Scorpio730@yahoo.com
                Avital Pilpel                   ap241@columbia.edu
                Gary L. Burnore            gburnore@databasix.com
                Rick Ellis                       supernews.com
                PZ Myers                      myers@netaxs.com
                Bill Keesing                   uce@ftc.gov
                Paul Schlyter                 pausch@saaf.se


                Dan Kettler                          dan@psicounsel.com
                Lucianarchy                          robbinroberts@dial.pipex.com
                Charles Gregory
                Ron Bobo
                Tom Ray                               tomeleven@aol.com
                Br. Kurt Van Kuren
                Raymond Karczewski           arkent@cdsnet.net
                Edmond Wollmann                EHW@astroconsulting.com
                David Lindhauer                    camille@bluegrass.net
                Aldarow                                aldarow@zahav.net.il
                Kimberland                           jgriffin@interlog.com
                Pamela Gross                        beep@ix.netcom.com
                Alan Williams                        alco@pentile.demon.co.uk
                Amos Keppler
                KAYFOLSON                    kayfolson@aol.com
                Thomas Hunter
                Jack Sarfatti                         sarfatti@well.com
                John Benneth
                Flagship1 of the Paranormal  flagship@epix.net
                Pete Stapleton                      majak@earthlink.net
                David Lindauer                     camille@bluegrass.net

You may wonder why so many people who are not proponents of the paranormal are posting in alt.paranormal?

Get some indication of that at:



Here's another category:

They are called "afa-b bullies" by Raymond Karczewski, and I quote him here:

             June/July 1998:

             ...misdirecting ploy...<snip>
             used by the AFAB bullies.  It
             is thrown out for no other purpose
             than to misdirect reader attention
             away from the issue of the post and
             redirect it onto some irrelevant

             Their tactic is to deceive and misdirect
             reader attention with  "taken out of
             context" remarks and/or by the pointing
             out of irrelevant phrases having no direct
             bearing upon the core of the issue being

             Their purpose is to keep the momentum of
             dualism alive in the conditioned consciousness
             of human beings to insure their control through
             the medium of psychological confusion and

             ...cowardly predators known as the AFAB
             Bullies...demand that their prey lay down
             quietly while they "gorge" themselves in
             their predatory psychological "feeding frenzy."

             Actually, nonresponse is the greatest enemy
             of the AFAB Bullies, for they must have the
             words of their prey to twist, distort, and
             take out of context so their own lack of
             originality does not begin to exhibit itself.

             ...word twisting, misdirection, character assassination
            and libel the AFAB bullies habitually engage in.



They are also known as coming from an organization called "skepticult."  I coined the word, as signifying those who are pseudo-skeptics -- described on these pages:


"Skepticult" came from the "afa-b" bullies.  Not all members, however, are the original persons involved in the movement to dominate afa-b.

For the most part they are deceptive, and degenrate liars about people, writing all sorts of vile lies and forging posts.  They also attempt to censor people with FAQs, and by cancelling posts.  Their origin is from a group that made life so unbearable for the fans of Art Bell:


             (paranormal topics on the radio)

...that the fans left the newsgroup and started a "mailing list," and the founder deleted afa-b.  Then it was started again by Tim Hill, and his followers continued to make the environment unfriendly to "fans" of Art Bell.


The best way to verify activities of "afa-b bullies" is to look for posts by Raymond Karczewski, and trace Raymond's accusations to their original posts for vefification, in the archives at:


Other persons listed here, also may be checked for past activites by the same method, using DEJANEWS.

I have been accused of many things such as supposedly being incoherent and a pornographer.  Click here to go to a page which covers many of these accusations, specifically, with proofs of their untruth.  I have answered and proven the accusations wrong repeatedly.  I do not continue to reply to these accusations every time.  Deja has a search function that gives the power to a person to check all past posts
by subject, words of text, author, newsgroup, and a period of time.  Use the "power search" function.

Some accuse me by taking my words out of context, and thereby conveying an innacurate meaning.  It is helpful to look at the complete version of the statements quoted by accessing DEJANEWS.

I am obviously a target of such deception because I expose these people. Others, such as Edmond Wollmann and Raymond Karczewski, who do thesame, are targets.  The CULTISTS think that by discrediting us, readers will not believe us.

Click here for postings in years previous.

If you cannot find any posts after clicking at the button below, usually that is because I have not posted for months. Then, just click at the above reference for "years previous."

If you read accusations about me, Dan Kettler, and you wish to check my side of the controversy...

Click here to search for Dan Kettler's posts.

Use http://www.deja.com to check the background after reading my rebuttals, to see that the accusations about me had been false. Be sure and use the "power search" function.


Some of the "afa-b bullies" are:

               digger (aka Blaine Henry) bhenry@ptialaska.net -- it was necessary for this
                            person to identify himself completely when he placed his phoney
                            "spam report" to my Internet Service Provider

               Tim Hill (aka "DrTim") (self-proclaimed
                                       "Ruling Monarch"
                                        of afa-b) (Aug.15,98<6r4o19$aln@enews2.newsguy.com>)
               "Reverend Doctor Tim, BsD, McC" <Dr_Tim@Cowards.Use.Cancelbots.newsguy.com>
               <above -- December 1998 -- along with "extra.newsguy.com"
               and 7474hk$fe4@enews2.newsguy.com" >

               Jon Walsh                    prophet@skepticult.org
               Phil Harrison
               postman                      jamiemps@mindspring.com

               EMPATH (Aug. 14, 1998  <35d6e243.7461890@news.alt.net>)

               Lou Minatti (Aug. 14. 1998  <35D4FD82.6123@yahoo.com>
                                      newsfeed.wli.net )
                                      newsfeed.concentric.net (Dec. 1998)

               Dan Pressnell         dpressne@ns.vvm.com
               Hugh Morles
               Bob Officer
               Joseph G. Mitzen (Aug. 14. 1998 <MPG.103ecde5bcd484c1989860@enews.newsguy.com>
               Nolan (Aug. 15, 1998 posted as <6r5feq$gum$2@samba.rahul.net>
               Jason Matthews (Aug. 15, 1998 NNTP posting host:

               Lady Nidiffer Aug 17, 98 <8AZB1.139$ZQ5.2586958@news.abs.net>
                                                           newsm.ibm.net   news.maxwell.syr.edu

               widdershins                      sinistre@concentric.net
               Bill Keesing                       uce@ftc.gov

At times, these people post under other names.  As an example, "General Christian" is actually Tim Hill.  These are known as "sock puppets" in Internet language.  Often enough, one cannot know who the people actually are, and finding who their Internet Service Provider is, can be difficult.

...and they all call themselves "dr" which means, to them,  a "dr of bells**t"

See more on cults on the Internet at: