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by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia

Who is a skeptic?
I totally agree with the late Professor Truzzi that a skeptic is one who ‘doubts’ NOT one who ‘denies.’ Why did the materialists unfairly hijack the word 'skeptic' to describe themselves?

OPEN MINDED SKEPTICS: are those (like me- I cannot be anything else) who question, doubt, investigate, query and do not come to any dogmatic conclusions until a phenomenon is investigated properly, empirically and impartially.

CLOSED MINDED SKEPTICS: those relatively few debunkers who technically are NOT 'skeptics' but negatively minded materialists whose conclusions are based on their own negative defeatist prejudice. Some are motivated by career promotions, money, power, domination, for funding from materialists or for other material self interest. Read more...

CRITICAL THINKING... It is very important to keep on asking questions, to doubt, to be open to new ideas, new concepts, newly discovered phenomenon - especially if any or all of these are empirically presented. Scientists and psychic researchers who accept the evidence for the afterlife and other evidence for psi not only apply 'critical thinking' but have to apply strict 'scientific method.'

The biggest baloney $1m offer by the closed minded skeptic in U.S. history!

Read why nobody can win the biggest baloney offer in history made by materialist, closed minded skeptic J. Zwinge Randi - JR. Why is it that gifted psychics are obtaining information with amazing odds of one in 3 trillion - and more! (see below) that their information is being obtained by chance and yet this JR is actively preventing a public testing of these gifted psychics? Yes, you are right, because the offer is absolute rubbish! Read more...


Why is it that J Zwinge Randi (JR) refused to meet gifted psychic Chris Robinson LIVE on television? Chris Robinson was successfully investigated by scientists and tested on television for his psychic gifts. Chris Robinson stated that he is willing to demonstrate his psychic skills LIVE to millions of viewers - NOT be examined PRIVATELY by JR where JR could manipulate circumstances to adversely affect Chris Robinson. Why is JR refusing to meet Chris LIVE on television? Is JR a coward? Or is this closed minded skeptic's offer a bogus offer, full of deceit and full of wilful misrepresentations? JR 'begs' for money for his 'charity' from the Americans and others ... ought not there be accountability to test if what he is doing is legitimate? Read more...

The 'EXPERIMENTER EFFECT.' The negatively minded skeptical experimenter will obtain negative results in psychic experiments notwithstanding other empiricists considered to be 'neutral' obtain positive results doing the same experiments. This is most relevant for those who genuinely want to test gifted psychics. See a most interesting example of the EXPERIMENTER EFFECT > Dr. Marilyn Schlitz neutral experimenter obtained positive results and Dr Richard Wiseman, who has a historical track record of finding against psychics - doing the same experiment as Dr Schlitz consistently obtained negative results - see the the University of Freiburg Studies and Mick O’Neil’s analysis of Wiseman’s experimental style - last time was seen on:


In the laboratory, comparisons (meta-analysis) of 309 studies of precognition (telling the future) in the laboratory have demonstrated that the subjects showed their ability to see the future against odds of TEN MILLION BILLION BILLION to ONE that they could have done it by chance. This INEVITABLY means that the information did NOT come by chance and that psychic phenomenon of recognition is real, repeatable and testable! See Dean Radin’s CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE 114. I've asked the materialists to rebut these experiments - funny how materialists, closed minded skeptics CANNOT cope with 'scientific' proof or with those who have the skills to present empirical evidence for psi/afterlife evidence!


John Edward has really puzzled the closed minded skeptics. I am taping John Edward's CROSSING OVER everyday - it is being shown two and at times three times a day on FOXTEL - and some 600 television stations inside and outside the United States. I suggest that the debunkers obtain the services of a neutral, independent professional statistician and ask him/her what the mathematical probability is of John Edward obtaining the information he claims he is getting by chance. Then ask the statistician to take into consideration a cumulative month's viewing: the result? Unequivocally, trillions to one! Translated, this means John Edward IS getting his information from those who crossed over. This evidence is consistent with 23 other areas of evidence for the afterlife.

-- Victor Zammit, Feb 2003


One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for the afterlife. Read more...

Closed-minded skeptics and other materialists: some of those whom are psychologists, ex-magicians, biologists, physicists and others, have miserably failed to technically rebut the expressly stated evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

By contrast, more scientists, more physicists, more psychologists and more people in the professions and others are conceding the empirical evidence for the afterlife is just irrefutable.

THE closed minded skeptic clock now:


The Miami materialist JR Clock began in April 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic has refused to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife. I will be adding another TWO areas of objective evidence in the New Year - the modern 'new scientists' argument for the afterlife - QUANTUM MECHANICS and MATHEMATICS.


The 'TWISTED SPOON' award for the year goes to the greatest closed minded skeptical coward materialist in the world - the negatively entrenched defeatist and a loser, D Hawley/B Williams from Australia. This coward materialist Hawley(some say he is the same negative person as B Williams) who shows he has no substance has attacked me using 'dirty' language without rebutting any one of the 23 different areas of my objective evidence for the afterlife- intentionally and blatantly violating the rules of debate. Colossal cowards! The technical onus is on anyone who does not accept the expressly stated afterlife empirical objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife - some of it accepted by the Courts- to rebut it - not to descend to name-calling and the idiocy of gutter level negative 'descriptive' scurrilous expression.

DEPENDENT VARIABLE? When J Zwinge R who claims to have been a stage magician emailed me a couple of years ago he implied that he was qualified to do experiments and test psychics using empirical methods. I tested him by asking him what was a 'dependent variable' in empirical testing. He said he would reply to me. Two years later, I am still waiting for his answer!!!!!!


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