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Have you found that the majority of Internet Service Providers do not properly support Macintosh users? How many times have you called into Technical Support and were told the Mac expert was not available or you sat on-line for over an hour while a PC technical support expert configured your computer incorrectly and you still can't get on-line? Would you have prefered to have a Macintosh expert attend at your residence or business to show you exactly what your problems are?

Well, look no further!!!

Macintosh On-Site Technical Support Services is staffed with highly experienced Macintosh Internet and Intranet personnel who are experts on Internet Connectivity, System Software Configurations, Intranet Hard-ware and, all major Software Applications. We guarantee you that our personnel will not only get you on-line, teach you how to use the basic Internet Applications, configure and install your system software if needed and, all our expertise is completed right in your own home or business office.

Our Macintosh On-Site Services

Re-configure your internet Macintosh Connectivity Applications to access your Internet Service Provider without complications or problems.

If needed, we will completely re-install your designated Macintosh System Software or Up-grade your Macintosh System Software with the latest Apple Software products. (Commercial Software costs are extra.)

Scan your Macintosh System Software and installed Macintosh Applications for viruses and defragment your hard-drives.

On-Site System and Internet Applications Training

System and Internet Connectivity Up-grade Consulting. (Recommendation services only)

On-line After-Market Software Technical Support. (Three month contracts available at a minimum cost.)

System and Internet Connectivity Up-grade Consulting. (Recommendation services only)

No hidden costs. (All costs are pre-quoted prior to services rendered.)

24 hour services for qualified clients.

Creation and placement of personal and business web sites on your respective ISP.

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