Januray 24th, 1998
Mr. James Randi
201 East Davie Boulevard (S.E. 12th Street)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-1815 U.S. A.

Dear Mr. Randi:

     Here are the two paragraphs requested as a part of your “Psychic Challenge”, as administered through the James Randi Educational Foundation, to which I am applying. Three copies of the Psychic Challenge, bearing my signature, are enclosed. Please sign all three and return two.  A self addressed stamped envelope is enclosed.
     My claim is to be able to distinguish homoeopathically potentized substances from non-potentized substances. In other words, if I am given a pellet, pill, ampoule or drop of water that has been prepared and charged through the traditional method of homoeopathic dilution and succussion, as discovered by homoeopathy’s founder, Samuel Hahnenmann, and/or refined by recognized authorities on homoeopathy, I can distinguish for you said item or substance from a similar uncharged or non-potentized item or substance.
     This is in reference to items that are commonly used by homoeopaths throughout the world, manufactured and packaged by the homoeopathic industry. A fair and impartial trial or inquiry may be administered through “double blinds” so that there are no other indicators to me as to which are the true homoeopathic substances and which are controls.


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