My name is John R. Benneth. Did you know you have a Grand Alignment with the rest of Mankind?
I used to be a skeptic about astrology. Then I discovered that when a group of anti astrology fanatics tried to debunk it, they ended up proving it! So I started studying it, and I discovered that everyone has a cosmic relationship with one another that has been pre-determined.

I now have this system that tells you what your relationship with everyone else is in love, work, marriage, friendship and family.

I can identify for you who in the zodiac are your natural adversaries and who are your native allies.

And it really works. You will begin to see friends and family in a different way.

Just tell me your birthdate and I can tell you what kind of relationship you have with a spouse, a parent, child, sibling or friend, past, present . . . or future.
This program was a real eye opener for me when I first developed it.. It taught me a few things about the people I thought I knew, and quite a bit about about people I found out I don't know. And it is based on statistical evidence that has met the test of fire.

I would now like to offer this program to you. For a special introductory price of only $49.95 I'll consult with you by phone, send you your personalized Grand Alignment Horoscope and enroll you free in my Grand Alignment Introduction Network where you can meet meet your People Of Destiny.
Call me today toll free. There's no charge or obligation to hear me reveal to you some important facts about who you are and your what your relationship with everyone else is. This could be the most important phone call you'll ever make, and it's totally free, there's no obligation. Or send me, by e-mail, your name, birthdate and telephone number and the best time to reach you and I'll call you

Ask me about my new Spiritual Medicine program for personal growth and healing. I have found the scientific evidence that demonstrates that

Man is connected energetically, so that when you heal yourself spiritually, you are actually helping to heal everyone within the energetic body of Man. Evidence shows that change begins first on a spiritual level, then on a mental and emotional level and shows itself last on a physical level. So I don't care what the problem is, personal growth or healing of any problem  for anyone occurs first on the spiritual level, and Spiritual Medicine is designed to help you make that change. Call me and hear my remarkable testimonial of how this program helped me and others overcome incredible, life threatening problems.

         You can do it!