How obstinate....
        Wed, 11 Aug 1999 19:17:29 -0400
        James <>
        Alain <>, happy dog <>,
        Syd Baumel <>, Benneth <>

I'm told that Benneth is planning on going to Goldman Sachs to get
information on the account.  Yeah, I'm sure that they're going to hand out
information on a million-dollar account.  What a dreamer the man is.  He
knows precisely how to get an official statement on the account, written
by Goldman Sachs at my request.  But he won't do that.  Everything in his
life has to be a problem, and he just won't go the easy way.  His life must be
miserable -- and I have a feeling that he enjoys it that way.  After all,
if and when he does the test, it will all come crashing down around him --
except that he'll be safely away behind the looking-glass by then.  And,
I'm sure he'll continue to be the hero of those who desperately want the
challenge to go away so they can back to lotus-land.

Alain, I've been very busy for the past few days and haven't gotten back
to you on the 8/9/99 posting you sent me.  I'm off to Las Vegas this weekend,
but I'll try to get around to an answer by tomorrow.

The "proving" stuff continues to pour in, 12 to 20 messages a day, and it
all goes into the trash can.  He never tires, like a man on PCP.



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