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Dear James, [Randi]

          Your latest "article" has so many mistakes, deceptions, and example of arrogance,
          that I must respond in detail. I am inserting comments for all interested parties to
          read. I am passing this along widely, so that people can circulate the information
          through the web.

          My perception of your tactics is that they lack understanding and integrity. Since
          you purportedly represent the skeptic community, you do them a great disservice.

          As I have said before, and will repeat again, when you are right, I applaud you, and
          when you are wrong, I attempt to educate you. Thus far, you have shown little sign
          of being educable.

          My major comments are in Arial 16 bold font below – the insert uses VERITAS – Harvard’s
          motto which means "Truth."

          Best, Gary [Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona]

Click here for the complete rebuttal which follows the text quoted above.

"Randi, white-bearded and slightly but delightfully manic, told a packed house that
 frankly he, himself, is a fraud, a cheat, a dispenser of illusions...the discussion lasted
 well into the night."

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