[theproving] Response to the APS
        Wed, 21 Jul 1999 18:45:07 -0400
        James <>
        "" <>,
        Bob <>

Benneth:  I thought I'd made my point of view very clear to you, but I
guess not.  Now, I do not speak for Bob Park, of course.  But for myself,
I will say that "nobody gives a rat's ass for Benneth and his claims" --
when much bigger game is in sight, Benveniste and Josephson.  Mind you, they
seem to be elusive targets, but I believe that Bob will stay the course,
until they either refuse to be tested, or are tested and fail.

On the other hand, since neither B nor J are at all interested in my
million-dollar prize, I believe that the time has come to offer it to you
by default.  Thus, if you will be kind enough to send me the "yeast"
protocol, I will submit it to my people for examination, and we'll move on
from there.  It's my understanding that this would not be an expensive
test to conduct, so it will be easy on you as a financial burden.

If, by the 11th day of August, three weeks from now, Benveniste and
Josephson have not agreed with Bob Park on a protocol for an APS-sponsored
test, I will accept your bid to do a preliminary test, using the "yeast"
method, providing of course that it is an appropriate test of the
homeopathic effect.  (Proceeding with a test of your claim should not in
any way compromise any APS test, I would hope.)

I add to that this statement: you are a very small fish in this fish-fry.
But you are a very noisy fish, and you annoy me.  I know that real
homeopaths out there are going to object that your failure does not
indicate that homeopathy has been disproven.  And I agree with that
statement, entirely.  But I have to get this noisy fish into the net, into
the batter, and into the frying-pan.  I'm sure you will assist me in this

I am forwarding this posting to Bob Park, for his information.  And I'm
quite sure that it will be distributed far and wide.  Please be bombastic
about it, roar with delight, and build yourself up for a crescendo of
wailing.  The more noise you make now, the deeper the silence that will

So please send the paperwork on the "yeast" test -- AND SPARE ME THE
THEORIES!  Just the facts, please.  No long-winded notions, inspirations,
or crackpot ideas.  Just the protocol.

I await your response.
                                Signed, James Randi.
James Randi Educational Foundation
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Fort Lauderdale, FL   33316-1815

phone: (954) 467 1112
fax: (954) 467 1660

[Incidentally, Bob Park is not the Director of the APS.  I know it's
difficult for you, but try to get your facts right.  Of course, if you had
your facts right, we would not be in this discussion, in the first