Date:  Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:25:07 -0500
  From: Happy Dog <>
 Organization:  Milkbone
 To:  John Benneth <>, Syd Baumel <>

   Date:  Thu, 21 Jan 1999 16:38:18 -0500
   From: James Randi <>
     To:   "" <>

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John Benneth wrote:
> . . .  if I can produce a method for distinguishing potentized homoeopathic
> substances from similar non potentized substances, will this win the $1.2
>million dollars offered in the JREF challenge?<

James Randi wrote:
YES! Dammit, YES!  How many times am I going to be asked this question?
Surely, that is the ONE, most important, non-arguable aspect of whether
there is anything to homeopathy!  Just DO IT, and take the prize!


Oops!  I just went through some backed-up e-mail and found out who "John"
is.  My, my, he does run on, doesn't he?  And he's got it all wrong.  We
pay the one million IMMEDIATELY, now that we have the money in the
Goldman/Sachs account in NYC.  John just isn't up on his facts.  He might
well be one of those who wanted to get special rules and allowances, and
would not sign the form.  Others at my office handle that sort of dunce.
He signs the agreement, or we don't talk.  And he won't sign.  Them's the
rules.  No exceptions.