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Watch the free 5 minute video on this page, showing masses of Mexican illegals taking to the streets, demonstrating.

One U.S. Citizen peacefully demonstrated against the illegals, and was assaulted.  His vehicle
was damaged.  He was also brutalized by the police, and arrested.   The Seattle Washington USA police cheered to celebrate the Mexican illegal's victory over the American Citizen.

Video is available at click here

Do the Mexican illegals know why they have been lied to and baited to come to the U.S.?  Do they understand the Globalist rulers of the U.S. and Mexico have a trap set for them after they have been used?   "Divide and conquer" is a method the globalists have used against all people of the planet.

Turn the tide against the globalists.  Brown, black, white, and red skinned people, wherever you come from, if we don't unite, if we don't "hang out" together, we'll all hang separately - from ropes.

Mexican illegals have come to the United States to share in the "American Dream." That dream is for greater wealth and liberty. The wealth and the liberty is being gradually stolen from United States Citizens. The Mexicans will not enjoy an "American Dream" if it is turned to a nightmare. They will also be victims of the poverty and tyranny unless we all work together to stop the Globalist thieves and murderers.

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By "skeptic," when used in quotes, I am most definately not referring to those who exhibit actual skepticism. As it has been said, skepticism is "healthy." Actually, we are all skeptical. With present world conditions if everyone believed all they heard or read we'd experience much misery.

Brainwashing is common with cults, and it's typical for such cultists to attribute very different meanings to the words they use.  It's often quite different than both the dictionary and general public's interpretation.

Not all who call themselves "a skeptic" do this, but, typically, the label "skeptic" means a cult member who is not skeptical of "claims of the paranormal," but rather one who is very sure that no-such thing as the paranormal exists. The word "investigation" in the actual practice of these people means, to them, an attempt to prove preconceived ideas, not to find out if the claims are based upon real evidence.

Words have connotations, and the publicly understood meanings change with contribution from the media. As an example, "cult" no longer has just the old common dictionary meaning, but it conjurs up some very negative associations now, not just amongst a small group, but in the minds of the general public.

If a certain cult type of so-called "skeptics" are not really skeptics what name can be accurately attributed to them?

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