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Earl Gordon Curley, King of alt.paranormal, Memorial pages

brought to you by Bruce Kettler

Please do not send e-mail asking about Earl Curley, or his material.  We know nothing other than what is reported below.

This is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT OF WHAT EARL CURLEY TAUGHT.  It is to provide a historical reference.

Click here for the Earl Gordon Curley WEB PAGES.

In the newsgroups, Earl Gordon Curley showed himself as a prominent proponent of the paranormal for many years.

It has been reported that he died June 26, 1998.

It was reported that Earl Gordon Curley succumbed to alcohol toxicity according to "The Toronto Globe" obituary.

Before his death, there was constant deception and abuse from pseudo-skeptics that is their habit to place on USENET to all proponents of the paranormal and other related subjects.

Considering his contribution to the newsgroups, and that he had interesting information on his web pages, they are here placed, as a memorial.

The changes being made to the WEB pages, are deleted references for pages not obtainable.  Most dead links (links that lead to inactive sites) have been deleted.  The web counter data is being revised.

To the best of my knowledge, no legal and proven heirs of Earl Gordon Curley have indicated any objection to this, or the many other copies of Earl's web site on the WORLD WIDE WEB.

This is an informal title (King) I'm giving him.  I consider it appropriate because he devoted so much energy and wisdom toward the liberation of the newsgroup alt.paranormal, and he did it for so many years.  He is one of a precious few.  As far as I can tell, he accomplished more than anyone else who has tried, and he did so facing much violent opposition.  His experiences can be witnessed in the GOOGLE archives, and though I don't follow all of his methods, the one's I do find valid, have been effective.  People can find value in some of his experiences.

May others continue, and if they have even a fraction of the fortitude, wisdom and knowledge of Earl Gordon Curley, there is a good chance of success.

More words on this movement toward liberation, and what it is to "reclaim" are in the links from  here.

Now, here are the Earl Gordon Curley Memorial World Wide Web pages.  As Earl would say, "Enjoy."

While you are there, click to the "Anomalous Phenomena" page.  Then click at the "Anomalous Phenomena Discussion Group."